Wilkins Pellet Pouch Review.

Wilkins Pellet Pouches have been in stock for some time now yet sales have been really slow so that has prompted me to do a review of them. These Pellet Pouches are extremely well made and will last a lifetime, even with roughnecks like myself. I am stocking both the small and large Wilkins Pellet Pouches in 3 colours, being Black, Dark Brown and Tan.

Wilkins Pellet Pouch Construction.

The Pellet Pouches come in 3 sizes though I only stock the small and the large. They are made from high quality leather that has been moulded into shape, stitched, sealed, the flap cut into shape and the securing band then added. One look at the access flap and the extremely neat fit of the leather that has been cut at an angle and you will recognise quality. The fitment and seal of this flap is crucial in keeping out the elements and obviously keeping the pellets in.

Of course, these Pellet Pouches are not restricted to storing just pellets as you can store hearing plugs, pellet magazines, in fact any small objects that you want to carry in safety when out shooting.

Each Pellet Pouch comes with a lanyard that allows one to hang it from your neck or with a bit of improvising, you can secure it to your belt. Whichever way you choose, you need to bear in mind that easy access is the key to getting the best benefit from the Pellet Pouch.

Pellet Pouch

Wilkins Brown Pellet Pouch

I have been asked on occasion, why use a Pellet Pouch? Well….. let me list some of the key fundamentals that come to mind.

  1. Pellets held in a Wilkins Pellet Pouch are protected from the elements such as rain, dust and general debris such as you would find in your pocket where most people tend to carry their pellets. Carrying them in your pocket allows the pellets to get contaminated with dirt, dust, fibres and so on, and there is also the likelihood they will get deformed to some degree as your pockets lack any structural integrity to protect them.
    Remember that most pellets are coated with chemicals of one sort or another, be it a lubricant, anti-oxidising agent, wax or some proprietary coating that aids in manufacturing. These coatings can pick up contaminates such as small particles in your pocket and transfer them into your barrel.
    You wouldn’t put a pellet into your air rifle that had just fallen into the dirt without first cleaning it but don’t think about inspecting a pellet out of your pocket before putting it into the barrel…..
  2. Keeping your pellets in a Pellet Pouch also protects them from getting crushed or having the pellet skirts deformed which will not be of any help with accuracy.
  3. Keeping your pellets in a tin is fraught with problems such as crappy fitting lids that spill out into your car when you least need it – I just picked up a tin of 500 .177 pellets from a box on the front seat of my Ftruck only to have the lid slip off and pellets go everywhere, so I am speaking from experience. Furthermore, keeping them in a tin is noisy if you are out hunting and you need two hands to get a pellet out each time.

When keeping pellets in a Pellet Pouch you will need to not over-fill the pouch and leave enough clearance for you to use your fingers to extricate a pellet without dislodging half a dozen or so in the process. I have a chart of recommended pellets per pouch further into this article.

Pellet Pouch sizes.

The small Pellet Pouches are 68mm outside diameter, 40mm thick and have a triangular opening under the flap of 44mm wide by 36mm high with an interior depth of 26mm for the pellets. The Pellet Pouch weighs 44 grams complete with the lanyard and ready for use. This Pouch will suit .177 and .20 calibre pellets, but due to the opening size, you guys with heavy fingers may find the opening a bit on the small side.

Wilkins Pellet Pouches

Large and Small Wilkins Pellet Pouches

The Pellet Pouch leather is 2.8mm in thickness and has been formed within a mould so it holds its shape very well while being able to sustain some serious abuse and neglect without affecting it’s structure and the ability to protect the contents.

The large Wilkins Pellet Pouches are 88mm outside diameter, 54mm thick and have a larger triangular opening under the flap of 58mm wide by 43mm high. The interior depth is 42mm that will hold the larger pellet types and calibres up to .25 cal and even .22LR Bullets.

Pellet Pouch Videos.

Pellet Pouch Capacities.

The small Wilkins Pellet Pouch will comfortably hold the following number of pellets allowing for room to select each pellet with your fingers without spilling them out of the pouch.

Recommended Pellet capacity (NOT to overflowing…) is between:

100 – 120 of .177 Calibre Pellets depending on size, shape and weight.

70 – 100 of .20 Calibre Pellets depending on size, shape and weight.

Pellet Pouch with Pellets

Small Wilkins Black Pellet Pouch

The large Wilkins Pellet Pouch will hold the following:

280 – 350 of .22 Calibre Pellets depending on size, shape and weight.

160 – 200 of .25 Calibre Pellets depending on size, shape and weight.

50 of .22 LR Bullets (Max capacity)

Wilkins Pellet Pouch and Bullets

Dark Brown Pellet pouch – Large

So, we are on the same page here guys, the above pellet capacities are based on what I have personally placed in each Pellet Pouch. It is the capacity I feel would suit someone shooting in the field or hunting as this would allow the user to withdraw a pellet without looking into the Pellet Pouch or spilling some but relying on muscle memory and the easy access to the Pellet Pouch.

For those of you target shooting whereby you have the advantage of a shooting bench or rest, then you could comfortably fit more pellets into each Pellet Pouch as you have the benefit of a working area where you can literally just tip a pellet or two into your hand.

Guys going air rifle hunting are usually in an environment where any spillage of pellets will result in some loses and contamination with the surrounds. Furthermore, when stalking game or vermin, diverting your eyes to select a pellet is not what you want as you generally only have one hand free, and so with the smaller number of pellets in the Pellet Pouch, selection is easier and less likely to result in spillage.

Pellet Pouch Maintenance.

Being made of leather and subjected to the elements, the Wilkins Pellet Pouches will need some maintenance and TLC. I would recommend that you periodically polish the Pellet Pouch with ordinary shoe polish that will protect it from drying out. How often you would do this would depend on the frequency of use and the conditions in which you use the Pellet Pouch.

If you are a target shooter and shoot from a protected position your Pellet pouch may need a polish only once a year. A hunter for example, who hunts in all weathers and is likely to get his Pellet Pouch wet or even muddy, would need to clean and polish his or hers Pellet Pouch more regularly. Be careful not to polish or wax the inside of the Pellet Pouch as this will transfer onto the pellets and ultimately into your barrel.

A word of caution here with regards Polishes. To protect and treat leather, Dubbin comes to mind as this is an exceptional leather treatment and waterproofing product that I have used with remarkable success in the Services. However, it has the tendency to make the leather very soft and subtle and overuse could see the Pellet Pouch losing it’s rigidity and deforming as a result. This would in turn compromise the sealing ability of the otherwise exceptionally well fitting access flap. I don’t think I would use it more than once a year and then only a light polish and buff.

Wilkins Pellet Pouch Summary.

These Wilkins Pellet Pouches I get in from England, they are not cheap by the time I get them due to freighting costs and middlemen, but they are worth every cent. From the heavy-duty lanyard to the brass fittings and high-quality leather and construction, you are looking at a lifetime purchase with one of these Pellet Pouches. If you have watched the videos, one guy makes issue about the lanyard material, well if you look at the images above, you will see that Wilkins has replaced the lanyard with a quality product.

So for those of you serious about maintaining the cleanliness of the pellets you are using and the ability to easily access the pellets during the course of your air gunning, then do yourself a favour and get a Wilkins Pellet Pouch as you won’t regret it.

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