Guns packaged for storage

Warehousing Firearms for Long or Short Term.

Warehousing firearms in Brisbane for the long or short term is now available at Gun Room and this does not just apply to air rifles, but to the following classes of firearms: A, B, C, D and H class weapons. If you are inter-State and looking for long term gun storage, then look no further than here.

All guns are wiped down, inspected and catalogued before being placed in heavy-duty plastic tubular bags and sealed. They are then placed within a safe with a clearance between EACH gun ensuring that no frictional or collision damage will be done to your firearm. Handguns are placed within cardboard boxes after sealing in a plastic bag.

Those of you who send in a gun within its own box will still undergo the above storage protocol apart from handguns, whereby they can remain in their respective boxes. Should you want to include several accessories for safekeeping when warehousing firearms, then I ask that you call me first and we reach an understanding of just what is to be stored, that is size, weight and value.

Firearm Storage of guns

Guns packaged for storage

Understanding Long and Short-Term Storage.

Warehousing Firearms Short-Term, also known as short-term gun warehousing, is where we store a gun for a total of under 2 months, be it in days or weeks if it is less than a couple of months it is short term. Short term also applies to those of you who would leave a firearm or firearms with us and yet use them periodically for club events or vermin control, whatever.

So we are on the same page here, a customer may have (for example), 4 handguns in storage and may want to attend the club events 3 times a month. He can visit me and withdraw what weapon(s) he wants on (say) a Saturday morning, then return the gun(s) late afternoon and pick them up again Sunday morning for a return Sunday evening. There is no additional charge for this pickup and return service.

Warehousing Firearms Long-Term is where the gun(s) are left with Gun Room for extended periods of time, say due to sickness, house moving, overseas holidays or deployment etc. If the weapon(s) is withdrawn more than once a month then it is classified as Short-Term Storage and hence the rate is dearer. Long-Term Storage is where a weapon is left with us for more than 2 months at a time.

AirForce Talon air rifle

AirForce Talon with Hawke Airmax 30 6-24 x 50 Scope.

Intermittent Warehousing of target Rifles.

There are a number of people who shoot at clubs on weekends or even go hunting during these times. Well, for you guys, I can warehouse your target or hunting rifles whereby you can remove them over the weekend and return them Sunday evening for example. I am sure we can work around any problems you have with regards to accessing your guns at any time. This includes Hand Guns and Ammo that can be left here and used periodically as required. Please NOTE: Warehousing at Gunroom is NOT restricted to Air Rifles, basically any weapon covered by the classes A, B, C, D & H can be left here for safekeeping. I can arrange a pickup and delivery within reason on the odd occasion that an emergency arises, and you need to vacate your guns from your premises.

Daystate Red Wolf Air Rifle

Daystate Red Wolf Left Facing

Warehousing Firearms includes Air Rifles.

Where the weapon is an air rifle and quite possibly a very cheap air rifle, then storage fees are reduced proportionately. This will also apply to old firearms that have little intrinsic value other than family history.

Any air rifles purchased from Gun Room will get the first 3 months storage per annum, totally free.

Ammunition left for storage.

There are going to be times where ammunition comes in with the weapon. This is stored free of charge providing it is considered as what we would term ‘fair use’. A .308 Tikka with 400 rounds would be termed ‘fair use’ while the same gun with 1200 rounds would be stretching it and probably cost you a one-time fee of $25 regardless of storage time.

Warehousing Firearms Charges.

The following charges include paperwork, insurance, packing and conditioning each gun.

Costs are $25 per gun per month or part of a month.

3% discount is applied to invoices paid monthly in advance.

Gun Room customers who have purchased a rifle from me in the past get 5% discount on all the above.


Warehousing Firearms Storage Safes at Gunroom

Storage Safes at Gunroom

Who does Warehousing Firearms apply too?

In my time as a gun dealer in West Australia, I met quite a large number of customers who rented homes and were restricted from installing safes within the home. There were also customers in units that had restrictions on safes and/or firearms, not to mention those families who did not want firearms, particularly handguns around children.

Warehousing Firearms at Gunroom in Spine St, Brisbane

Gunroom in Spine St, Sumner, Brisbane

If this applies to you then warehousing firearms may ease your dilemma and give you a safe alternative. Should you be considering warehousing for more than a year due to your rental or child restrictions, then please talk to me as I will negotiate a long-term plan for your firearm warehousing.

If affordability is an issue, there again, talk to me and I am sure that there is an avenue whereby we can work out a compromise.

Inter-State customers can send their guns directly to me from any State for safe-keeping. I feel that in the cases of inter-State customers, that we should discuss your options first, so we are on the same page. Where-ever you are, please keep me in mind for warehousing firearms as I am gearing up to expand this service at Gun Room.


Ian McIntosh