Kral Knight

We have new PCP Air Rifles in stock at Gunroom now, so visit us now to get a package deal. Whether you are into target shooting or hunting with a PCP air rifle, we have the air gun for you.

PCP air rifles require filling with a very high pressure of compressed air, usually between 200 and 300 Bar. To obtain this pressure for filling your PCP air-gun, you have 3 choices.

The first choice is to decant from a Scuba bottle. This system relies on you getting your bottle filled and tested periodically and can cost you more in the long run.

Next option is a hand pump specifically for filling PCP air rifles. While cheaper, it is hard work on a hot day and takes many pumps and a good degree of fitness to fill your rifle.

Last option is a dedicated high pressure compressor from Mark IV that will fill your PCP air rifle quickly and efficiently. This is the best option available in my opinion.

Please call me at Gunroom if there are any questions that you may have regarding filling your PCP. Make the wrong choice and you will have to spend more to rectify the situation and that will get expensive. If you live near Brisbane, please call in and I will demonstrate the Mark IV High Pressure Compressor for you.

Please note that this High Pressure Compressor is suitable for all makes of PCPs and connection is done with a Foster fitting adapter available from us.