Kral Superduty PCP Air Rifle

Blog #38. New Kral PCP Air Rifles

New Kral PCP Air Rifles for this year.

There are new Kral PCP air rifles coming into stock and on line once we have jumped this CCP virus hurdle. I will short list them below and I want to remind you guys that want one, please ensure that you order it in time!

In the last order from Kral, the Reapers sold out within days and a number of you missed out. I cannot hold an air rifles without an order, that is based on the economics of scale.

Pricing will obviously be affected by this CCP Virus as the Government cannot hand out millions of dollars to Qantas and the big end of town, without us paying for it. I would be surprised if the GST doesn’t take a hike. Brace yourselves guys.

New Krals on the next order.

The first of the new models is the Kral Superduty that takes PCP Air Rifle hunting to a new extreme. Because of this I have loaded 4 images as I know quite a few cowboys out there will want one.

Kral Puncher Superduty Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Superduty PCP Air Rifle with 3 cylinders


Kral Superduty with bipod

Kral Superduty with handle/bipod

Kral Superduty PCP Air Rifle

Kral Superduty PCP Air Rifle with maximum air capacity

Kral Superduty

Kral’s Superduty PCP air rifle with 3 cylinders.

That Guys, is the new Superduty from Kral. I am bringing them into the country so please register your interest now.

Next I have the new Ekinoks S – Semi Auto:

Kral Puncher Ekinoks PCP Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Ekinoks Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

followed by the new Puncher Jumbo S which does resemble the Kral NP500 to a degree:

Kral Puncher Jumbo S PCP Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Jumbo S PCP Air Rifle in synthetic

Please do NOT leave it to the last minute to show interest or order. The more orders I get the more guns I will bring in, simple.

Posting Air Rifle Images on this website.

Guys, I am going to put in another Header that reads Customer Forum, whereby I would like you to send me images that are on topic that you may want to share with others. Give a statement as to what it is about and providing it’s clean, I won’t have to edit it. Image from your phone are the smallest I want and images around the same size as this one below will do nicely.

Ian and F truck

Ian and F Truck Toy – Largest Image. This truck is a beast and virtually unstoppable but Qld licensing not amused, so I sold it.

Smallest image below:

Ian hunting with Camera and Rifle

Ian hunting with Camera and Rifle

As we are onto posting images, here is a target sent to me by David Abood using a Kral Puncher Mega in .25 cal at 25 metres:

Test Target by David Abood

Test Target by David Abood. Shot using a Kral Mega in .25 cal at 25 metres. You guys with $3 and $4k guns weep now…

If we can keep the images and text you post on topic this could end up being a well visited forum.

The following images show the changes we have made to the shop to accommodate more air rifles – excuse the poor quality as this has been done in a rush… :(




Gunroom Shop 06

Gunroom Show showing island 40 gun rack

Gunroom Shop 9

Gunroom Shop rear left hand side

Gunroom Shop 03

Gunroom Shop showing left hand Centre air rifle racks

Gunroom 02

Gunroom Shop left hand air rifle racks

Summary of new Kral PCP Air Rifles stocked.

I am repeatedly asked why I stock Kral PCP air rifles, one reason is the target above that was shot using the base model of Kral PCP air rifles. Yup, the cheapest PCP that Kral make presently. This model also holds the target grouping record here with a .22 at 7.1mm outside ring. Next question?

The other reason I stock Kral is the SERVICE I get, it’s impeccable. The only other air rifle dealer that comes close is Air Arms who I would say are just as diligent with their agents, well me anyway. The story is this guys, IF I cannot get good service from my supplier, then HTF am I going to supply good service to you? Pray tell me that.

At the time of writing this, 28/4/20, we are still on lock-down, unable to sell guns or ammo except to other dealers in Australia with the exception of WA – they are also locked down. Those of you in the other States, feel free to contact me or Heather. I am here all the time and Heather is working 2 days a week only – I can’t afford her full time while locked down. If we ever get any assistance from the Government, things will change so in the meantime, please email us rather than phone. Heather is your best bet as I am on the workshop floor getting some 18 guns sorted out ready for delivery. Heather accesses the sales at gunroom dot com dot au from her home after hours, so she will keep me in the loop.

So providing the CCP Virus doesn’t get me, I will be back next week with a test report on a Kral Mega on our test range. Until then guys, good luck.


Ian McIntosh