Gunroom Ranger D3 PCP air rifle

Blog #41 New Air Rifles and 16 new Models

New Air Rifles and Pricing

New air rifles and pricing we can expect within a couple of months. Prices are on the rise in view of the Covid19 epidemic and that is what we can all look forward too. What I am covering here applies to all air rifles, accessories, pellets, and compressors etc., etc.

At Gunroom we are getting some static from inpatient customers who are unaware of the Covid19 and the problems it is causing, with pricing just one of the effects. So, if you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, let me give you some breaking news.

There is a virus sweeping the world, and it is called Covid19 or as some more correctly call it, the CCP virus. This virus has infected over 21 million people, 13.8 million have recovered and nearly 800,000 have died. As a result, many factories have closed down for varying time-frames, thus affecting delivery dates and prices for products. The virus has also effectively shut down a large portion of the airways and so air freight prices have skyrocketed. That is the short story. So abusive phone calls, threats to cancel orders and demands for refunds seem to be the order of the day, unfortunately.

Gunroom’s current position with new air rifles.

Those of you who have ordered new air rifles and paid a deposit, if you want your deposit refunded just let us know without the veiled threats. We will refund you immediately.

Those of you who are prepared to wait will get the products as they arrive and at the agreed price, regardless of our final costs. I will guarantee that you will receive the product at a discounted price as agreed on.

So you understand guys, one of our suppliers is rumoured to have received a 100,000 gun order for new air rifles and shotguns. So, our pissy order for 300 guns gets shelved for a while. That is beyond my control guys, whichever way you want to look at it.

As for accessories, let me give you an example: we ordered and paid for some regulators in January, after 7 months they have just arrived. Again, it is beyond our control so no amount of whining or threats will help either of us. However, luckily for my stress level, the majority of you guys have heard about the virus and accept the effects it has imposed on all consumer goods – just look at the empty shelves at Coles and Woolworths.

New PCP Air Rifle models.

As we are experiencing delays in getting several of our orders through, totalling over 300 guns, we have sourced new air rifles and new models from several other manufacturers. These will be marketed under Gunroom as these guns will be modified, tuned and tested beyond the norm. The range we are importing will feature on the Homepage slider very shortly. Pricing is indicative and will only be secured with a 30% deposit, otherwise it will be a case of wait and see.

The Ranger D5

The Ranger D5 PCP air rifle 

To understand some of the logistical issues we are facing, one of our air freight costs has jumped from $3.60 USD a Kilo to $12.90 USD a Kilo. We have all seen prices jump for one reason or another, but I am betting they won’t drop back to pre-virus days, you can bet on that.



The Ranger D1 PCP air rifle

The Ranger D1 PCP

The Ranger D4 PCP

The Ranger D4 come in several guises for you tactical shooters out there.

Gunroom’s New Air Rifles & Shotgun Growth Forecast.

This is to let you know that Gunroom Australia will be importing Shotguns in the coming months as the demand from this sector has risen quite sharply. Further to this, we will be carrying shotgun ammo as well. By the end of next month, I will post a slider featuring the range of shotguns that we will import and give indicative pricing for you.

As one would expect after venturing into Shotguns, we will follow this with a range of rim and centre-fire rifles too. Presently I am in discussion with 2 overseas suppliers and hopefully we will get a resolution within a month or so. In the meantime we will be introducing 16 new air rifles, these are completely unseen in Australia.

Please Help me here.

Those of you who have shopped with us in the past will notice that Heather no longer works here, that is as far I am prepared to say as there is an ongoing investigation in process. Two people in a row, you couldn’t write this stuff.

Can I ask that those of you who have shopped here since January 2020, help me track down some invoices, payments and deposits made from January through to 20/7/202.

  1. Please let me know if any invoice you may have from Gunroom has ANY bank details on it with the exception of:
    1. Commbank BSB: 06 2692
    2. No: 3962 9822


    1. Westpac BSB : 034-108
    2. Acc.No: 634385

If you have a GENUINE Invoice from Gunroom it should have either of the above bank accounts.

It appears that there are some Invoices out there with a fraudulent bank account. I need that account number the for the Police.

  1. All our Invoices START with a 0’ i.e., 0682 for example. If you have ANY invoice from ‘Gunroom’ starting with ANY number other than 0 (zero), please scan or photocopy it for me.
  2. If you have paid CASH to anyone other than myself between January and July 20th please email or phone me. This applies especially to new air rifles.
  3. If you are waiting for an Invoice for any reason, please contact myself. By that I mean you may have purchased something, by cash or who knows just how, but you have not been invoiced for it. It may be a clerical issue here but if it looks like dog poo, smells like dog poo, it probably is dog poo.
  4. Some people have paid too much for an invoice when paying cash, usually to the tune of $200+/- What happens here is the invoice has been doctored but not saved on the Xero Accounting program. So, if you pay cash and it is $200 over the invoice on Xero, the invoice you are handed is NOT saved and so the correct amount is credited to your invoice at $200 less. The perpetrator can then pocket the difference with the books balancing. If you think this has happened to you, please call me. I am basing this on several isolated occurrences that were bought to my attention by diligent customers.
  5. I am also looking for the following invoices that have “disappeared”:

0665      0678      0679      0698      0718      0735      0748      0755      0756      0760

0762      0771      0772      0776      0777      0781      0789      0790      0791      0792

0793      0794      0795      0796      0797      0798      0799

All the 0800 invoices up to 0888 (yup, all 89 invoices…)

0897      0900      0901      0905      0914      0925      0933

There may be a simple reason that all these invoices are missing, and there again, the reason my not be that simple.

I would like a copy by scan or phone camera so I can follow the money. If it turns out that any of you have paid for something, including a gun, and the money hasn’t hit my bank, DO NOT WORRY. The loss is mine alone and title will still be yours.

That is about all guys, I just need to find the missing money as I cannot keep this bull up much longer.

Anyway, young Luke has taken over and is in the process of putting into place safeguards and systems that will hopefully prevent any further issues down the track. In the workshop, we now have Kurt Offen who is taking over that side of the business from myself. You will find Kurt both diligent and honest in his position pre-delivering guns, testing sand tuning them.

The Hunter Carbine air rifle

This is a customised PCP carbine of excellent quality

Scout CX PCP

The Scout CX PCP air rifle will come from Gunroom fully reworked, tuned and tested

New Air Rifles Summary

However, we still only work on guns we have imported or sold ourselves. Please do NOT bring in any Chinese or old crappy guns for repairs, because at $90/hour, it makes them technical write offs. The other issue is that we have 3 suppliers who used to source crappy gun parts and we were often sent the wrong parts with $50 or more courier fees. Do the maths… The other thing here is I do not like getting static about how long a crappy gun is here waiting for parts. I suppose that buying the parts themselves would be too easy. Enough.

There you are guys, we are still breathing here and are actually going through an unprecedented growth cycle in brand new models of air rifles that have saved our butts while other businesses have suffered greatly. Our office is struggling to keep pace with the enquiries and phone calls let alone ‘follow the money’. So please bear with us here, we are doing our best and remember both Luke and Leslie are new to this and still learning.

I look forward to testing and reviewing the new air rifles and the brand new models of Kral Series II when they arrive here eventually. Those of you waiting on the compressors, they should be here around the 1st week of September. Until then, take care.

Author: Ian McIntosh