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Blog #36. Kral PCP Air Rifle Orders

Kral PCP Air Rifle Ordering.

Guys, when ordering Kral PCP air rifles, scope, compressor or accessories, PLEASE email whereby you will receive a Quote. If the quote is OK, please hit the “Accept” button and it will come back to us and you will then be issued an Invoice. This is the ONLY way it will work, trust me guys. Please do not place verbal orders, phone orders or orders in the Comments section of various articles. They will get lost among the high volume of phone calls we get, as I may be shooting, working on a gun or talking to customers. OK? Please email us and if you want to discuss something, great, by all means call.

Kral Big Horn

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP Air Rifle

Order Process for an Air Rifle.

When I order guns from overseas, we try and buy in volume to reduce the cost per gun. As orders can vary from 30 to 100 or more, clearing customer orders from the bulk arrival takes time. How we do it is like this:

  1. The orders that get tested first are the orders that were paid for prior to shipping. These will be processed in the order that they were paid. Orders that are paid for prior to shipping, also get a pick of the walnut stocks.
  2. Next in line are the orders that only had a deposit paid and they will be processed following the paid up orders in (1.) above. These will be tested in the order that they were received.
  3. Lastly, we have the accepted quotes for a new air rifle that had no deposit made, again, in the order that they were received.

With orders for Scopes and Accessories, the testing and shipping from here follows much the same procedure.

Side view of Mark IV PCP air rifle HP Compressor

A Mark IV HP Compressor suitable for PCP air rifle filling.

Testing each Kral PCP Air Rifle.

This may surprise some of you, but testing is NOT a 5 minute task. On occasions I have spent a whole day sorting out an air rifle for a customer. Did it cost him anymore, no, that is the way it is. Some you win, others you lose. That said, this Kral PCP air rifle order of 80 guns, has in it, 8 Puncher Pro 500 Match rifles and 8 Pro 500 S Models, all of which take time to assemble.

Both these models require machining (the Match especially) and the fitting of custom parts. Therefor I am not able to customise a Match rifle in under a day and the S pack version, probably 2 a day. I tell you this because testing Krals requires a strip down, de-burr, polish and some basic custom work, whereby I can do 3 a day on a STANDARD airgun.

There is no way this can be rushed and threats of a bad review will not speed up the job as it cannot be sped up. It is what it is and I do my best to get the guns out on time. If you have to threaten someone, please leave Heather out of it and threaten me instead, I can handle it. I cannot tell in advance how many phone calls I get or how many customers I have to assist: that is the reason I cannot guarantee a time for completion. I do my best to get these Kral air rifle orders out of here, but I wont rush it as this only leads to cock-ups. No gun is sold that goes out un-tested.

Mark IV Legend 3-18x50 Scope

Mark IV Legend 3-18×50 Second Focal Plane Scope

Kral PCP Air Rifles, Accessories and Mark IV Compressors.

Scopes, mounts and pellets we have in stock and do the best we can to ship them out each day. The holdups come from walk-in customers, phone and text messages, all that have to be attended to.

Compressors are probably the slowest to ship from here as I have to strip and do some modifications prior to doing the pre-delivery. After that is done, the compressor is test run checking for leaks, over-heating and output pressures. Time to do this, 2 hours. Compressors are not “off the shelf”, and that is due to the demand does not give me enough time to catch up.


The system we have put in place just recently when Heather joined me, still has some bugs in it and be assured that we are all over it, trying to improve the work flow. So please, when ordering an air rifle, give us as much information as you can on the day you order. This simplifies things and means we don’t have to chase you around asking basic questions. Note that there are others out there that have orders for Kral PCP air rifles too. They also consider themselves as a priority, not just you.


Ian McIntosh

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