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Blog #35 Air Rifles in 2020

Air Rifles in 2020.

Hi once more guys as I wish to introduce you to more Kral PCP Air Rifles. This year I am restructuring Gunroom and setting up agents across Australia to give better exposure to our products. We are dropping some agencies, not because there are problems with the products but because we cannot get good service, by way or parts and warranty. If I cannot get supported by a manufacturer, then supporting you is difficult. In saying this, I am talking to 2 more air rifle manufacturers with the view of bringing them into the mix.

Air Rifles on Order.

This story is the same each time I import air rifles, I ask that those of you who have ordered, please confirm your orders and pay a deposit. The last shipment of air rifles from Kral resulted in some of you missing out as you did not confirm your orders, hence this is a reminder for you.
Our new shipment of Kral will be here by mid-January and cleared by Customs hopefully within a week or so. The guns in this order are available for viewing at

We are currently representing AirArms, Kral, Umarex, Weihrauch and Seneca with which we hold stock, currently listing 186 air rifles in stock. This will be joined by another 80 Kral later this month (posted 9 January, 2020).

What new model PCP air rifles to expect this year?
Well we have on our next Kral order their new Big Horn PCP air rifle in 7.62 (.30) and 9mm calibres. With the excellent pricing of Kral I anticipate these PCPs to become very popular. The Kral Big Horn can be seen below.

Kral Big Horn air rifles

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP

The Kral Big Horn in 7.62 and 9mm calibres.

The following images of PCP air rifles are the Kral Big Horn in 7.62 and 9mm. If you have an interest in either of these calibres, please get back to me for a quote. Price is not yet established but should be available by Tuesday 14th January, 2020. Due to the overwhelming interest in Kral PCP air rifles of late, keeping up with demand is a bit tricky as some people put down deposits or full amount and other guys just order one without a deposit.

I am not trying to me a dick here, but priority is given to guys who have paid in full, followed by guys who have put a deposit down. This quite often ends up with some of you missing out because they either did not confirm the order or did not put down a deposit. I will be putting up a Special Offer in a few days for the Kral Big Horn that can be purchased with a MkIV or Hawke Compact Sidewinder, mounts and MkIV Compressor  . The guns will be tested as soon as they arrive here after the current 80 gun order which is expected next week.

Kral Big Horn PCP air rifles

Kral Big Horn side view forward

Kral Big Horn 9mm air rifles

The 7.62 and 9mm Kral Big Horn available at Gunroom

Kral Space and Throne PCP Air Rifles.

As the heading says, I am bringing in the Kral Space  together with the Reximex Throne sometime early February. Quite simply guys, I do not know these PCPs yet and so I am getting Kral to air freight these 2 PCPs together with 2 Big Horns so I can test them extensively and post the results here. Depending on results and final pricing will determine how many I order, though I can say with some authority, it will be no less than 10 of each of them.


Kral Puncher Space PCP Air Rifle

Kral Space in synthetic

reximex Throne PCP rifle

Reximex Throne PCP air rifle by Kral.

Other PCP Air Rifles for this year.

We will be bringing in the AirArms 510 models to add to their springer range we have in stock currently. If you have an interest in a 510 AirArms, please share that with me so we can increase the order.

We are well stocked with Weihrauch springers and PCPs, including 2 styles of the HW100 Bullpups, one being our own wood stock and the other being the new Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup on their own soft touch stock. This Weihrauch Bullpup in only 600mm long and therefore classified as a handgun, so I will need to put a shroud on it to reach the 800mm minimum length for a rifle if that is what you want..

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup air rifles

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup by Gunroom 

Weihrauch Bullpup

Weihrauch’s Bullpup in a carbine length that is under 800mm for a rifle in Australia

Talks are progressing with Huben for their new K5 PCP air rifle and I am talking with Customs regards bringing in a prototype for approval. We need to do it this way to reduce the chance of confiscation.
As you may know, Customs seized 8 Kral semi-autos from the last shipment. I believe this seizure to be unwarranted if not illegal and I am pursuing them for the return of these guns. They were seized on Customs’ favourite terminology, “an incomplete silencer”, which is crap and can incorporate anything they like. I have written to the Attorney General and Border Force without reply, and so we are taking up to then again. I will have no issues in testing this in Court if that is what it takes. These semi-autos have been bought in before but now we have a new guy here in Brisbane who evidently knows zip about semi-autos gas recoil loading systems and believes it to be an “incomplete silencer”. I am getting too old for this crap.

Current air rifles being tested.

Presently I am testing and completing a number of new Krals and Weihrauchs for delivery. If you are one of these customers, please bear with me as the Xmas season has screwed us up big time and we are struggling to sort out the financial and gun registry mess that Rob has left behind. This is consuming a lot of time and both Heather and I have been on it for 5 or more weeks, and hopefully, we should be clear by the end of the month. I am getting out new guns at 2 a day as testing does take time to do it right.

I am setting up a Hydrographics Water Transfer station here to allow us to customise air rifles with camo or any of more than 5,000 patterns. There will be more on this shortly.

Lastly, I am negotiating a large pellet order from JSB, including Hades pellets in .22 and .25. If anyone reading this in a club and can tell me what are the most popular pellets they use, please share this with me so I can include them in this next order. With air rifles now demanding a large variety of pellets to achieve their best performance, the range of pellets needed for stock is very large. So please help me here to identify what pellets you guys want for your air rifles.
Ian McIntosh