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Blog #34 Introducing Kral Air Rifles

Kral PCP Air Rifles at Gunroom.

Kral PCP air rifles are making waves within the pcp air rifle community. Why? Because they are affordable, realistically priced, well finished, accurate and reliable.  However, there is another reason why they are selling and that is that the factory cares about its customers and supports us in supporting you, the buyer: something that Gunroom cannot do alone.

I am dealing with Mr. Fatih SEKERCI at Kral who is giving us great service, something that I am not used to in this air rifle business of late, with only a few exceptions, one being Air Arms. This is a far cry from a couple of recent brands that Gunroom used to represent (try connecting the dots…) and so Kral is a welcome partnership for Gunroom.

Our other key partner and supplier is Air Arms, who have also proven their worth in pursuit of customer relations. Air Arms is a family owed business and occupies the top tier of expensive and sought-after air rifles at Gunroom.

For this series of articles, I am going to cover the Kral PCP range and in another series,  I will cover Air Arms and then Weihrauch. In this series of articles, I want to provide the reader with technical aspects, design features, flaws, performance data, specifications and hands-on critiques. Those who know me will know that I tell it as it is, without the bull.

Buying an Air Rifle.

Guys, I’ve been doing air rifles longer than some of you have been alive and yet I still get this question on a weekly basis:

“Hi, I have just purchased a XXXXX from XXXXX and it shoots like sh*t…”  Tuff. I don’t want to sound mercenary here but that is not my problem, take it back to where you purchased it from. I am way too busy to sort out air rifles sold by my competition.

When you go shopping for a Ford for example, my guess is you don’t call into a Holden dealership looking for one (hold that though for a moment, I’ll rephrase it…). When SOME of you who go shopping for a Ford (example only guys, don’t get excited) I would like to think that you would not buy the Ford of your dreams from a Holden Dealership, OK? Then why do you buy an air rifle from a powder burners Gun Shop that know zip about air-guns? I need some help understanding this.

Getting back to your dream Ford, let’s say by chance you ended up in a Ford Dealership, I would like to think that SOME of you would take the car of your dreams for a test drive prior to buying it. I’m probably dreaming a bit here. So why do you buy an air rifle that hasn’t been tested defies logic.

Those of you in Brisbane and surrounds can come into our shop and test fire the gun you are looking at before purchasing it. Regardless of the brand and the cost, even guns costing $3,960 come with the occasional problem as I recently found out when testing this expensive rifle. Better it gets fixed here than sent back and forth, or as in most cases it gets returned to the dealer who fumbles it.

If you are interstate, then guess what, either Jason or I will test the gun for you and you will get it with the correct pellet choice and any issues with the gun will be corrected PRIOR to shipping.

Try before you buy guys, same as getting married, buying a car or TV set. If you don’t get your gun tested prior to buying it then you need help. Seriously.

The Kral Puncher Mega PCP Air Rifle.

The Puncher Mega comes in a choice of three calibres, .177, .22 and .25 calibres. I consider the Mega as the baseline of the Kral PCPs with a price at the time of writing this at AUD$760. That is below many spring rifle prices and lends itself to packaging with a Mk IV (aka Mark 4 or as one clown called it, a ‘mark one vee’ – help me here guys, did I hear that right?) High Pressure Compressor, Mk IV Rings and Mk IV 6-24×56 side focus scope, testing and action polished, all for around AUD$1600. You will find it hard to match both the price and performance of this package and to that I will give the gun and scope 3 years warranty and the compressor a year!

Now just a few words on the Kral Mega W in .22 cal. I recently shot a 6-shot group inside a  7.1mm circle at 25 mtrs. I can just hear some of you saying “I do that all the time…”, well guess what, we have put through over 140,000 shots down range and I have yet to see a gun, any gun, beat that. I am including FX Crowns, Impacts, Brococks, Red Wolfs, Wolverines etc. All that with a $900 Kral Mega W PCP air rifle! It goes to show that you do NOT have to spend thousands of dollars to get accuracy when the base model Kral currently holds the tightest group shot at our range!!!

The Kral Mega will be the first of the Kral PCP air rifles to be reviewed and I am hoping to do one a week at this stage. In the interim, check out the review below for one opinion on this awesome budget PCP rifle now available in Australia.

Next Kral Order in December 2019.

I have an 80-gun order due January 2020 of Kral PCP air rifles. Included in this order are the following PCP air rifles:




Kral Puncher Pro 500 air rifle walnut stock.

Pro 500 Turkish Walnut .177 – 10 units

Pro 500 Turkish Walnut  .22 – 20 units


Kral Puncher Kral Puncher Knight Synthetic

Kral Puncher Knight in Synthetic Stock

Knight Synthetic .22 – 10 units

Kral Puncher Mega Wood stock PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher Mega Wood stock

Mega W .22  Turkish Walnut – 10 units

Kral Reaper / (Dazzle in camo)

Reaper (Black or Camo) .22 – 10 units

Please note that the Reaper will come with 2 air tanks as standard to allow swapping in the field.

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP air rifle

Super Jumbo .22 Turkish Walnut – 10 units

NP-500 Synthetic .22 

NP-500 .22 Synthetic – 10 units


Kral Pro 500

We will be offering the Pro 500 in 3 models:

Pro 500 Standard. Tested and any 3 calibres with either aluminium or carbon shrouds. $1049.00

Pro 500 ‘S’ Pack. Set up for hunting with polishing, air dam etc. .22 or .25 calibres only and aluminium shroud. $1262.00

Pro 500 Match. Set up with strained barrel, aluminium shroud, regulator, ported and polished etc. .177 & .22 calibres only. $1618

The 80 gun Kral order is coming via Emirates Air, hence the increase in stock.

This December order will be followed by another 120-gun order in late January with the following guns in it including the new Throne by Reximex. You will see immediately that it is regulated and looks strangely familiar…:

Kral’s new model, the Reximex Throne.

Guys, here is the latest PCP from Kral/Reximex, it is called the Throne. I have 12 units on our January order, and should you be interested in this, please let us know so we can increase the order number accordingly.

reximex Throne PCP rifle

Reximex Throne .22 (see image above)   10 units

The following Kral PCP air rifles are coming with our 150-gun order in February. Express your interest early rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Space .22 – 10 units

Mega W .22 – 20 units

Big Horn .22 – 10 units

Auto Marine .22 – 10 units

Breaker .22 – 10 units

Knight Syn .22 – 10 units

Reaper .22 – 10 units

Pro 500 .22 – 20 units

Other   50 units

Kral Summary.

Kral PCP air rifles are and will be a large part of our inventory and our hope is that their performance will shine through by way of value for money and ultimately, sales. Admittedly Kral guns do require some finishing, I am well aware of that and this is the exactly reason why I strip and polish the action assembly prior to testing and sale.

If you are new to air-gunning or you are well established as an air gunner, Kral has a model for you. If you are keen on tuning, then this line of PCPs lends itself to performance increases through the simplicity of the design. Air rifles purchased through Gunroom or another dealer who has obtained the gun from us, are welcome to use our test facilities here in Sumner. Alternatively, as we only work on guns we have sold and not just Kral, we are prepared to test your gun should you make some modifications to it.


Ian McIntosh