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Blog #42. High Pressure Compressors are here

High Pressure PCP Compressors are here!

The High-Pressure PCP Compressors have finally arrived after many months being held up in China following the CCP Virus outbreak. In fact, many of our orders from China, Europe and the USA are taking up to 7 months to arrive here, so expect delays on accessories and air rifles.

New High Pressure Compressors

New High Pressure Compressors from Gunroom Australia

Arrived are 50 of our popular water-cooled Mark IV (Mark 4) High PCP Pressure Compressors along with 25 air-cooled high-pressure compressors (New Warrior) running on 12 volts. These air-cooled units come with a 240volt inverter to 12 volts for use when at home. By 12 volts, I mean clamped to the battery of your car when idling, using large alligator clamps. This is NOT a compressor that can be run of a cigarette lighter outlet on your car! The price for the New Warrior Air Cooled PCP Compressor is $715 including GST plus an extra HP Hose and Foster Fitting.

Air Cooled Compressor

Air Cooled Compressor from Gunroom Australia

Air Cooled PCP Compressor

Air Cooled PCP Compressor from Gunroom

Air Cooler PCP Pump

300 Bar Air Cooler PCP Pump by New Warrior

12 Volt PCP Pump Invertor

12 Volt PCP Pump Invertor for New Warrior

The air-cooled PCP compressors are available for delivery now.

Existing orders for high-pressure PCP compressors.

Those of you who have put in orders and paid either a deposit or paid in full, please contact me and I will arrange a delivery date. All these high-pressure PCP compressors must be pre-delivered and modified, then tested prior to delivery. So please give us time to do this. At the time of writing this, 18/10/2020, we have 12 units ready for delivery and will manage 10 units per day with two of us working on them. Price of the MkIV Water Cooled PCP Compressor is $635 including GST, this includes a long secondary HP hose and Foster fitting.

Mk IV PCP Compressor

Mark IV (aka Mark 4) High Pressure Compressor

Deliveries will be made on a first to order – first to deliver basis, then onto new orders and sales.

PCP Compressor

PCP Air Rifle Compressor

Hire PCP Compressors.

I will be making available 2 water-cooled and 2 air-cooled high-pressure compressors for daily or weekly hire for those of you who cannot justify the expense as you do limited shooting. As for day and weekly rate, these have yet to be calculated but will appear on the website and added to this Blog when done.

Carbon Wrapped 300 Bar Scuba Tanks.

With the compressors we also have a number of 6.8 litre carbon wrapped tanks rated at 300 Bar. These are very lightweight and ideal for transporting to the range or out hunting, rather than lugging around a high-pressure PCP compressor. On the flip side, I should mention that these are carbon wrapped and so will damage easily if knocked around, even though they come with protective boots and hoods. Below is an image of a tank fitted to a custom made wooden box for protection. Prices are $547 including GST.

Carbon Wrapped Scuba Bottles

Carbon Wrapped Scuba Bottles from Gunroom Australia

PCP Scuba Bottles

Carbon Wrapped PCP Scuba Bottles

Filling Stations for Tanks.

I have a limited supply of 300 Bar Filling stations in the Chinese Rhino brand and am out of the more expensive British MDE stations. I expect to receive some of these rugged MDE units sometime next month. So if you want either of these Filling Stations, please get back to us early rather than later to avoid disappointment.

300 Bar MDE Filler Station

300 Bar DIN PCP Filler by MDE

I have mentioned these two Filling Stations as they are very well made, safe and easy to use, but there is another unit that we sell which I would classify as a ‘budget model’. It is made by Kral and is half the price of the other two stations, though it is not as heavily built. That said, it still works OK, is safe and quite compact. So, if you are someone who really looks after his gear, this unit could quite possibly save you some money.


As products start to arrive following the factory closures of manufacturers, expect to see a gradual increase in stock over the coming months as companies catch up with orders. Freighting is getting expensive too, so we can expect an increase in that department and whether it subsides to pre-Covid days has yet to be seen.

On another note, we do not do warranty on Ebay or other sourced PCP compressors and nor do we sell spare parts for these units unless they have been purchased or originated from Gunroom. This is purely a matter of putting our customers first that have supported us by purchasing their high-pressure PCP compressors from Gunroom.


Ian McIntosh