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Blog #45 06

Gunroom Australia Update. 06

Hi guys, well as most of you know I have now moved to WA and back to the Yanchep region where I will be working with my long-time buddy Peter Watson. Those of you who knew me prior to 2017 would remember Peter as the guy who tested most of our guns prior to shipping.

At the time of writing this, 7/12/20, I have just got out of quarantine and am scrambling to get on top of missed phone calls, texts, orders,  quotes, Paypal and emails, so please give me time. I have both my containers in storage as we presently look for new premises to work out of and a new Dealers License.


Guys, this is the position as of 16/12/20. I have selected another new unit and we hope to be in it around Xmas time. By in it, I mean I will have the keys and the containers will be moved in and in the PROCESS of being unpacked. That will take care of all our pellet orders, Compressors and accessories to be shipped out. Guns will be later.

Guys, I have a new warehouse that I am STILL waiting for the real estate agent to get off his arse and present the lease etc. This has been going on for 5 weeks at least and Xmas period has not helped. I am guessing he is on holiday but has not given the task to someone else in his office to get on with it. I am emailing him daily as I have 2 containers FULL of stuff sitting in the sun (41 degrees today…) that should be under cover.

The compressors that were bought across by myself in the Uhaul trailer, have turned out to be new compressors but UNTESTED and UNMODIFIED, hence I cannot send them out and will have to try and extricate some tested units from one of the containers.

We are going out this afternoon and will attempt to open a container and pull out 10 Compressors that are already tested. If successful, they will go out tomorrow, that is the 17th of December. Posted 1:28 WST (Perth, WA).

I have the new order of compressors removed from the containers and ready to go out. Those of you who may be waiting for a compressor, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP as the numbers of units I have at present are diminishing quite quickly. I can send them out the same day that they are paid for and any that have already been paid but not sent, remind me. I am too stressed to dig through hundreds of orders as most of this stuff is in the containers and on my PC in the same place.

I have a list of orders that have to go out ASAP and believe me here, I want them out probably more than you do. Presently we have been frustrated by the fact the containers were dropped off here in the wrong way around, having the doors against the fence! Not what I had asked for but there again, what goes to plan these days…? The containers have all the compressors, scopes, air fittings and accessories in them. The air rifles will be held by a dealer associate of ours until our Dealer License is approved and when that will be is anyone’s guess, though I will be on their case. Trust me there!!!

I  am taking 50+ calls a day and just cannot answer everyone, so I am sending the queries here. All the orders will go out as quick as I can get them out. No amount of threats will help either you or myself.

Those of you who will stand by me with your orders, will get a Discount Voucher as listed below. If you cannot wait, let me know and I will refund you, simple, as I cannot make things happen any quicker than they are. FYI, I am burning big time here as I try and lease a property that can warehouse guns without going to the expense of making a Change of Use application that will take 60 – 90 days! (

That is the position guys, so please give me time as this move to WA was not planned by me, by Weapons Licensing maybe, but not me. It has caught me off guard.


I got a call from a clown who made the comment “nobody puts a container up against a bank so the doors cannot be opened, there is probably another reason you are not unloading your containers…’

Well dude, grab a load of this… these are containers, are they not???

Ok, here is a close up of my Yellow Container next to a bank:

Container 01

Container up against bank

So I had them containers moved around by RESPONSE Equipment Hire, namely Joel Fraser. Joel couldn’t do enough for me, great guy and great service at an affordable price.

Container 3

Putting the Blue Container back around the right way

Container 5

Taking out the Yellow container to turn it around.

Container 5

Same container being put back the right way around

Container 6

Both containers in view

Container 4

Dropping off the Yellow container.

Now I can at least get to my compressors, 240 volt water cooled and 12 volt air cooled.

It is getting closer to when I can get into a unit, but nothing finalised just yet. With Xmas in a few days I cannot see anyone breaking the sound barrier this week… :(

I am still answering a few texts and emails in-between doing the books for Gunroom Pty Ltd that I am under pressure to produce. Hoping to finish within a week another few weeks and that will be another milestone done. Then comes the unloading of the containers and warehouse fitout…yuk…

Closing Down my Shop.

Tasked with closing down the shop and packing everything into 2 containers, Kurt and I had our hands full. Then out of the blue comes Peter Wagner who put in a full day for no reward. After Peter came the 2 brothers, Paul and Rusty Gilbert, David Foster and Peter Kratz, all who also worked with Kurt and I for no reward. Very humbling indeed.

Peter Kratz went beyond what could be asked of him, cleaning up, removing rubbish, taking down cameras and PIRs etc. Days of work even after I had left, all for zero return. You just cannot tell who will turn up on your team in an hour of need, and then they are usually the unexpected who do.

Trip across to the West.

I made the trip across here in a hurry to get through the border while it was still open. Part the way across they closed the border again and only permitted those with permits through. However, South Australia then closed their borders starting 6pm on Thursday 19th November.

This resulted in my pushing it the whole 5340 kilometres back to Yanchep in 5 days, with only 6 hours sleep – too stressed to sleep for starters. I got through the boarder 5 minutes before it closed.

The next drama was being followed by some guy for 40 klicks who was convinced that I had stolen his motorbike at 2 am Friday morning when I drove through his town. This ended with 3 Police cars descending on us both and them looking in the Uhaul furniture trailer I was towing. No bigee, just more drama. BTW, I didn’t steal any motor bike in case you were going to ask…

I arrived home at 4:00 am dehydrated and delusional with a blood disorder that saw me in hospital a few hours later followed by a Covid swab. Altogether, not a great trip and lucky to still be alive after 3 very near accidents and 3 blow outs – nothing to do with the near accidents. All my fault, too tired, too stressed and at the end of my string, period.

What did I learn that I can share with you, is this:

  1. On a long trip keep your windscreen CLEAN as trucks come up very fast and seeing them first is critical.
  2. Next is keep your rear vision mirror clean for the same reasons. All three near accidents can be partially attributed to poor vision forward and aft.
  3. You need to STOP every few hours and stretch for 15 minutes, even though you think you don’t need to.

I drank plenty but did not eat enough nor did I rest enough. Poor judgement on my part.

Mobile Phones.

Guys, if you have a mobile phone with Optus, whatever you do, do not leave the house if you want coverage (providing you have coverage in your house). In fact, I would recommend you use Telstra (who I hate with a passion – poor service, expensive and very slow shop staff) even if you are going out to the garden. Optus works all right if you are sleeping with your wife or girl friend and you are in the same bed, you can call each other without too many drop outs, maybe…

Once I left Brisbane, Optus was inconsistent for 200 klicks and then nothing for most of the journey (5,000 klicks!) Even GPS dropped out. At the WA border there was no coverage and I had to drive back 450 klicks to Ceduna to make a call. Great coverage Optus!

I did manage to buy a $30 SIM card in Ceduna and finally had coverage. So if you have to stay with Optus because you are on a plan, buy yourself a Telstra SIM so when you go out hunting, you can at least use your phone. Don’t say I never warned you…


Guys, I think I am onto something here, really, and if you are a current Optus customer, listen up.

This new phone system I have modified, consists of 2 tin cans with a string tied between them (knotted through the middle). It is similar to what I had as a kid but this is MUCH improved. Look at the benefits:

  1. The Tins are NEW and CLEAN. Available in Silver, Black or White.
  2. The string in waxed Office string – available in white only.
  3. The range is 25 metres which well and truly rivals Optus for range and price.
  4. Cheap. The Basic Plan is $2.00 a month with unlimited calls. If you supply your own can, there is a Plan for $1.20 a month.
  5. This new brand of phone will be marketed as Uptos at a shopping centre near you.

Don’t ever say I don’t look out for you guys. I am working on a long range model that will go out to 50 metres, so watch this space.

Current Orders in the pipeline.

I am having trouble keeping abreast of the orders coming in and should start shipping out Compressors and accessories etc. by the end of next week. Guns cannot be shipped until we get our Dealers Licence which we shall be pushing if that helps.

So we are on the same page here, I will be giving out Vouchers to ALL you guys who have been inconvenienced by my move to WA and the delays it has caused. For Compressors, I will pay the difference in freight from normal WA to inter-state down to $63 tops (from WA Compressor freight varies from $86 to $142). Accessories will go out air express at the same rate as before.

Guns ordered and deposits paid, will be discounted by a Voucher, and this includes quotes going out the next few days.

So if you have ordered anything and not cancelled the order, you will also get the following to make up for the inconvenience and delays:

Pellet orders     You will get an 8% discount Voucher on ANYTHING ordered between now and June 30, 2021 (this includes a new gun).

Compressors     You will get the compressor shipped to you for $63 and I will carry the balance and a voucher for 10% on ANYTHING ordered between now and June 30, 2021 (this includes a new gun).

New Air Rifles   You will get 12% off your order of a new gun and in the case of Special offers, you will get 8% off the gun on top of the discount, between now and June 30, 2021.

Miscellaneous   You will get 10% discount Voucher on ANYTHING ordered between now and June 30, 2021 (this includes a new gun)


As I have said previously, I am cutting back stock to only hold AirArms, Kral/Milton, Seneca and Weihrauch, together with Compressors, a new range of Scopes, JSB and H&N Pellets and a range of accessories. I will hold only a few Seneca’s when I can get them and order in other brands as special orders only.

I am arranging freight for the new shipment of JSB Pellets so if there are some specific JSB pellets you or your club are considering using, please let me know ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Compressors are still in stock though fewer than I had expected, that is we only have 12 Water Cooled Compressors and 16 Air Cooled Compressors left. Those of you who have ordered compressors, do NOT worry, you are covered along with subsidized freight. Any of you who are looking at getting a new Compressor, I suggest you act now as I believe that the next order is being delayed as Australia and China play this stupid import/export game. My supplier is going to let me know when he thinks he can get the next shipment away.

I will add to this Blog #45 as things develop here, so be sure to check back now and again. This Blog is numbered Blog #45 04 so you can see when I add to it with a 05 following.

Take care.

Ian McIntosh.