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Blog #43 Gunroom Australia Update

Gunroom Australia Update.

Gunroom Australia is going to move to Yanchep, north of Perth in Western Australia this month where I will reposition this brand. The move has become necessary due to the gross mismanagement of the “Major” when he was working here. The list of erroneous activities that he managed to get away with for the one year he “worked” here, is staggering. It would take a ream of paper to divulge everything. The result is that Gunroom Pty Ltd is now insolvent and not trading. How do you thank a guy that does that?

However, the most important screw-up he made was to not complete the firearms registers. In fact, when he left there were a few guns sold without paperwork, with the ripple still evident today. I have spent in the region of $80,000 in wages trying to un-cook the books, only the list is getting larger and not smaller. We have many missing invoices, orphaned files and payments, a bank balance of $66,000,000 if you want to believe his entries into Xero. You would stand a better chance of finding Keyser Söze than managing to connect all the dots left by the Major.

Benjamin Marauder at Gunroom Australia

Benjamin Marauder PCP with a synthetic stock

Guys, this is just a pre-amble, the real problem is Weapons Licensing have refused to renew my Dealers License as they hold me responsible for his cock ups and fraud. Good job the Major didn’t kill someone, or I would probably get the chair… I just love this country, isn’t it just a fair place to have a business in?

When dealing with Weapons Licensing, remember this guys, everything to them is either Black or White, there are no 50 shades of grey. The fact that the Act was written by a public servant and not by God is lost on some people. The Act cannot allow for all variables that could and often do apply when weighing up a case such as this. My advice is to tread carefully.

Benjamin Armada from Gunroom Australia

Benjamin Armada PCP air rifle facing forward

Western Australia.

OK, so I am heading back to WA where I will continue to trade as Gunroom Australia under another Dealer License. The big difference here is that I am going to downsize the range of what I will be selling, this way I can work alone.

For your reference guys, the following is what you can expect to see me marketing as of December this year:

  1. Kral (of course!) 60% of the stock
  2. AirArms 20% of the stock
  3. Armstar 10% of the stock
  4. Weihrauch 10% of the stock              I anticipate holding 400 air rifles in stock.
  5. JSB Pellets
  6. Sniper III range of scopes
  7. Hawke Scopes and accessories
  8. Rhino Scope Accessories
  9. H&N Pellets
  10. Vortek Kits
  11. Mark IV Water Cooled Compressors
  12. New Warrior Gen II Air Cooled 12-volt Compressors
  13. PCP Foster Fittings, hoses and filling stations
  14. Carbon Wrapped 300 Bar 6.8 litre bottles
  15. Filter systems, HP whip hoses and spares
  16. Gun Bags and a new range of heavy Plastic Gun Cases with wheels at one end, towing handle and heavy-duty locking lugs. Similar quality to the Daystate and FX boxes, only thicker and heavier than some of them.
Umarex Gauntlet facing forward

Umarex Gauntlet with shroud fitted

That now raises the question, what about the stock you have left over that is not any of the above? Well, I am going to quit a LOT of stock that is slow selling and use these funds to assist in relocating and paying for new stock. There are not that many guns that fall into this category, but here they are if you are interested:

  1. Benjamin Marauder
  2. Benjamin Armada
  3. Umarex Gauntlet
  4. Diana 52, 54 and 56 springers
  5. Weihrauch HW100S, 100T and Bullpup *
  6. Weihrauch HW110 *
  7. AirArms Galahad *
  8. Cometa Springers
  9. Diana Rotax RM8

The guns with a * after them, are going to be discounted as we have too many of those models. If you want any of these, please email, please do NOT phone as we are flat out stripping the shop and trying to make it in time for the freighters.

Those of you who buy any of these guns , will need to wait until mid-December before I send them out. I think given the discounts, the wait is well worth it.

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup with a Gunroom Bullpup stock

Mark IV Compressors.

Compressor from Gunroom Australia

Yong Heng PCP Air Rifle Compressor

I have a large consignment of Mark IV Compressors and the Air-Cooled New Warrior 12 volt compressor that is their Gen II model. For comparison between the 2 compressors you need to factor in the following:

Mark IV Compressor                           New Warrior Compressor

240 volt only                                            12 volt DC air 240 volt

Needs a water tank  & water                   Needs nothing

Weighs 22 Kilos                                      Weighs 8 kilos all up with Transformer

Has a larger water trap/filter                     Has the standard small filter

Has a long HP whip lead                           This has a single HP lead that is shorter

Fill rate test on empty HW cylinder of 175 cc in a room temperature of 26 degrees C:

0-200 Bar in 1 minute and 5 seconds         0-200 Bar in 4 minutes and 42 seconds

You can expect that ratio across the board.

With the New Warrior air cooled compressor, you can buy the larger water trap and longer hoses if you wish. I have omitted them to keep the price affordable.

Water filter for high pressure Compressor

Large High Pressure compressor filter

If you are in the market for a new compressor, then I seriously suggest that you buy one now or in the next week, at least before November 10. Why? Because shipping the compressors from WA is quite expensive and until I get there, I have no way of bargaining a good rate. I have been discounting the compressors a bit as we are also limited for room in the containers. We have limited room in the 2 Containers and the fewer Compressors we take back the better.

Sale Prices.

To get a sale price on any of the above discounted PCP Air Rifles please email me on ian@gunrrom.com.au as I do not have time presently for phone calls as we are down to the wire packing up the shop. You can text me if you like but please do NOT call for the rest of this month. Thank you, Ian.

Air Rifle warranty with Gunroom Australia

I have been asked about air rifle warranty and how it will be handled. Well try this: if you have a leak, drop the stock and remove the barrel. This will leave you with the breech and where the leak is. All you need do is put the breech in an overnight Express bag ($15), well padded and send it to me. If the cylinder has an issue, send it by mail in one of the cardboard tubes they sell at the post office.

In my new Business Plan for Gunroom Australia, I have noted that I will not work on any gun that has not originated from us in the first place. I will also NOT work on eBay Compressors so please stop sending them here. My focus is going to be on tuning air rifles for sport shooting and competition work.

There you have it guys, Gunroom Australia is still trading after 1 year that saw Covid and the “Major” unleash themselves, and we are still standing.

Ian McIntosh