Can you give me a specific time frame that it will take to tune my rifle?

No, sorry.

Each rifle is different. In the past I have tried to quote times and only got myself into trouble.

  • A typical full rifle tune requires the rifle to be stripped, degreased, parts inspected and some polishing done.
  • The spring and seal are replaced and the trigger sears polished.
  • The rifle is then assembled without shims.
  • After test firing about 20 shots to ‘bed’ in the seal, a number of pellets are selected (dependent on the Tune selected by the customer). These are then fired into targets at 6 shots per pellet type.
  • All Chronograph readings are recorded.
  • The rifle is then stripped again and 2 shims placed behind the spring.
  • The shooting process is repeated.
  • The shimming is repeated and so on.
  • This is done to find the best performing pellet group, be it H&N Baracudas or JSBs.
  • After a specific pellet type has been selected due to performance, it is then fine tuned in 1 shim increments both up and down.

This full tune can take between 10 and 14 rifle strips to get it right and possibly more, so putting a time frame on it is difficult.
Furthermore, as the tune exceeds the allotted time so other aspects of doing business come into play, such as answering the phone, quoting, invoicing, ordering, pricing, accounts, customers etc, etc. Hence I cannot give you a definite time frame.