Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup

Weihrauch Air Rifle Videos

lection of Weihrauch air rifle videos

Weihrauch air rifle videos are presented below with a selection of the extensive range of Weihrauch air rifles we stock at Gunroom Australia, in our Brisbane premises.

At Gunroom I stock the entire range of Weihrauch air rifles that are bought into Australia; that is, I have them here in stock and on the floor 95% of the time.

The Weihrauch HW30s break barrel, spring piston Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW30s with steel sights

Weihrauch HW30s spring airgun with ambidextrous stock and steel sights

In the entry level for your first Weihrauch air rifle, I would probably recommend the HW30s for someone with a slight build or young, followed by the marginally larger HW50.

Weihrauch HW30s video:

Weihrauch HW30s .177 Review – Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea

The Weihrauch HW50s break barrel, spring piston Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW50 Spring Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW50 Springer with Hawke Scope

The next step up when looking for a Weihrauch from the HW30, is the Weihrauch HW50 – a great all around springer, be it target shooting or controlling vermin. It won’t let you down. This air rifle has been a favourite of mine personally and I highly recommend it. We also give you a 3 year warranty when purchased from Gunroom.

Weihrauch HW50s video:

Weihrauch HW50S – AOA Showcase – airgunsofarizona

The Weihrauch HW110 carbine PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW11ST-K Carbine

Weihrauch HW110ST-K FAC Carbine

Weihrauch HW110 is also available as a carbine that will suit a young shooter or a woman with a slight frame. While the HW110 does not have any recoil, this carbine version is very light given the reduced barrel and air cylinder length. So if you are looking for a Weihrauch PCP that shoots exceptionally well out of the box, take a look at this Weihrauch HW110. It also has a beautiful trigger that assists in accuracy.

Perfect in combination with the Mark IV Sentinal 5-30x56SF First Focal Plane Scope.

Weihrauch HW110K video:

Weihrauch HW110 Carbine .22 – FULL REVIEW – Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel

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