Posting Parts

Q: Can you guarantee a delivery time?

A: No. Delivery times are out of my control as the Post Office takes that responsibility. If you want goods by a certain date then I suggest that you specify Express Post.

Q: Are goods insured?

A: No. If you want insurance then you will need to advise me so I can authorise it and get the required paperwork done and invoiced to you respectively.

Q: What happens if my goods go missing?

A: I replace them after I have satisfied myself that they have in fact not been delivered.

Q: Are all goods that are posted out supplied with Tracking Numbers?

A: Most of the time. I live in the country and we have had instances where there is no internet available when I am posting goods. During these times the goods go out without tracking.

Air Rifle Tuning

Q: Can you give me a specific time frame that it will take to tune my rifle?

A: No, sorry.

Q: Why not?

A: Each rifle is different. In the past I have tried to quote times and only got myself into trouble.

  • A typical full rifle tune requires the rifle to be stripped, degreased, parts inspected and some polishing done.
  • The spring and seal are replaced and the trigger sears polished.
  • The rifle is then assembled without shims.
  • After test firing about 20 shots to ‘bed’ in the seal, a number of pellets are selected (dependent on the Tune selected by the customer). These are then fired into targets at 6 shots per pellet type.
  • All Chronograph readings are recorded.
  • The rifle is then stripped again and 2 shims placed behind the spring.
  • The shooting process is repeated.
  • The shimming is repeated and so on.
  • This is done to find the best performing pellet group, be it H&N Baracudas or JSBs.
  • After a specific pellet type has been selected due to performance, it is then fine tuned in 1 shim increments both up and down.

This full tune can take between 10 and 14 rifle strips to get it right and possibly more, so putting a time frame on it is difficult.
Furthermore, as the tune exceeds the allotted time so other aspects of doing business come into play, such as answering the phone, quoting, invoicing, ordering, pricing, accounts, customers etc, etc. Hence I cannot give you a definite time frame.

Ordering Parts

Q: Can I order parts for a Weihrauch from you and what is the procedure?

A: I can order in what you need based on your enquiry, however, there are some caveats:

  1. If the parts come in from overseas, you will need to pay for them in advance and
    then pay the freight/customs/taxes etc. once the parts arrive prior to delivery.
    done that and have been stuck with crap I do not want or need.
  2. For parts purchased within Australia there is a 10% restocking fee and freight
    charges on any parts returned.
  3. Do not use part numbers obtained from overseas parts catalogues as some of
    these are region orientated and do not fit the FAC versions of Weihrauchs
    imported into Australia.
  4. Make sure that you actually want and need the parts before you order them to
    save any drama.

Q: How long does it take to get in parts or accessories?

A: There is NO set time frame I am afraid.

  1. Expect goods to take a long time over the Xmas period.
  2. Goods coming from the UK generally take 10 – 15 days from WHEN THEY ARE
    SENT, NOT from when I order them. Air Rifle parts are notoriously difficult to
    procure per complete order (that is, when a number of parts are ordered to
    facilitate a repair, I request that they NOT be sent until the complete order is on
    hand, enabling the repair to be completed). This also saves on freight; as parts
    coming over in dribs and drabs will blow out cost wise while the repair cannot be
    completed until all parts are on hand.
  3. Tuning parts are built to order and can take months to get made and sent over

Spare Parts

Q: Can I buy spare parts from you for another brand of air rifle?

A: No. I do NOT get involved with ANY other make of air rifle other than Weihrauch.

Air Rifle Servicing and Repairs

Q: Do you Repairs Air Rifles.

A: I ONLY repairs Weihrauch Air Rifles.

Q: Do you repair other makes of Air Rifle apart from Weihrauchs?

A: No. I ONLY repair Weihrauchs.


New Gun Pricing

Q: I have found a dealer that is prepared to sell me a HW77k (for example) at $75 cheaper than you.

A: Go buy it.

Q: Why should I buy a Weihrauch from you?

A: There are a number of reasons and advantages that you should perhaps consider when buying a
Weihrauch from Gun Room and here is a list for you:

My price is based on the cost INTO stock for me. I am in the country (Yanchep, WA)
and it costs more to freight guns from Perth to Yanchep than from Melbourne to
Perth. I cannot absorb that cost so I try and minimise it by picking up the freight
personally (3 hour round trip in a F250 Ford). This final freight price is passed on to
the customer. Hence it is not financially practical or even possible to sell a rifle at the
same price as a dealer in Melbourne who doesn’t even carry stock. I am not even
going to try as this is my livelihood and I want to be in business in a few years time.
Consider this:

  • I am available 24/7 literally. I have even sold a HW77K to a guy at 3:30am while
    in bed – the customer was in Queensland and forgot about the time zone
  • You can call me on anything Weihrauch related any day, including Sundays. I am
    here to help you.
  • I also stock the entire range of Weihrauch Air Rifles and some Rimfire rifles in
    STOCK, yes, that is in STOCK on the floor in my armoury. Unlike some of these
    discount gun dealers who do not hold stock but buy it in from Alcock & Pierce
    when they need it.
  • I also test fire EVERY Weihrauch Air Rifle before it leaves my Dealership. If there
    is an issue then I fix it before you get it. I also preselect a pellet type for you. This
    once resulted in me replacing the Weihrauch spring for a V-Mach spring as the
    grouping was not up to standard and re-shimming the existing spring just wasted
    time. The solution was a V-Mach spring at no cost to the customer, just myself
    and my time. Please don’t expect me to do this to a gun that has been purchased
  • You are getting my expertise, experience and support when you buy through Gun
  • I personally handle any warranty issues with Weihrauchs that I sell to minimise
    any time delays or associated expenses to you, my customer. I do NOT do
    warranty on Weihrauchs purchased elsewhere.

Buyers of Weihrauch Rifles from Gun Room also get 6% discount on their
accessories and consumables such as pellets. With my custom stocks for Weihrauch
Air Rifles, they will only be available to new customers buying air rifles from Gun
Room and those customers who have purchased their existing air rifles from me in
the past. Bottom line is – Support me and I will support YOU.