PCP Compressor

Blog #42. High Pressure Compressors are here

High Pressure PCP Compressors are here!

The High-Pressure PCP Compressors have finally arrived after many months being held up in China following the CCP Virus outbreak. In fact, many of our orders from China, Europe and the USA are taking up to 7 months to arrive here, so expect delays on accessories and air rifles.

New High Pressure Compressors

New High Pressure Compressors from Gunroom Australia

Arrived are 50 of our popular water-cooled Mark IV (Mark 4) High PCP Pressure Compressors along with 25 air-cooled high-pressure compressors (New Warrior) running on 12 volts. These air-cooled units come with a 240volt inverter to 12 volts for use when at home. By 12 volts, I mean clamped to the battery of your car when idling, using large alligator clamps. This is NOT a compressor that can be run of a cigarette lighter outlet on your car! The price for the New Warrior Air Cooled PCP Compressor is $715 including GST plus an extra HP Hose and Foster Fitting.

Air Cooled Compressor

Air Cooled Compressor from Gunroom Australia

Air Cooled PCP Compressor

Air Cooled PCP Compressor from Gunroom

Air Cooler PCP Pump

300 Bar Air Cooler PCP Pump by New Warrior

12 Volt PCP Pump Invertor

12 Volt PCP Pump Invertor for New Warrior

The air-cooled PCP compressors are available for delivery now.

Existing orders for high-pressure PCP compressors.

Those of you who have put in orders and paid either a deposit or paid in full, please contact me and I will arrange a delivery date. All these high-pressure PCP compressors must be pre-delivered and modified, then tested prior to delivery. So please give us time to do this. At the time of writing this, 18/10/2020, we have 12 units ready for delivery and will manage 10 units per day with two of us working on them. Price of the MkIV Water Cooled PCP Compressor is $635 including GST, this includes a long secondary HP hose and Foster fitting.

Mk IV PCP Compressor

Mark IV (aka Mark 4) High Pressure Compressor

Deliveries will be made on a first to order – first to deliver basis, then onto new orders and sales.

PCP Compressor

PCP Air Rifle Compressor

Hire PCP Compressors.

I will be making available 2 water-cooled and 2 air-cooled high-pressure compressors for daily or weekly hire for those of you who cannot justify the expense as you do limited shooting. As for day and weekly rate, these have yet to be calculated but will appear on the website and added to this Blog when done.

Carbon Wrapped 300 Bar Scuba Tanks.

With the compressors we also have a number of 6.8 litre carbon wrapped tanks rated at 300 Bar. These are very lightweight and ideal for transporting to the range or out hunting, rather than lugging around a high-pressure PCP compressor. On the flip side, I should mention that these are carbon wrapped and so will damage easily if knocked around, even though they come with protective boots and hoods. Below is an image of a tank fitted to a custom made wooden box for protection. Prices are $547 including GST.

Carbon Wrapped Scuba Bottles

Carbon Wrapped Scuba Bottles from Gunroom Australia

PCP Scuba Bottles

Carbon Wrapped PCP Scuba Bottles

Filling Stations for Tanks.

I have a limited supply of 300 Bar Filling stations in the Chinese Rhino brand and am out of the more expensive British MDE stations. I expect to receive some of these rugged MDE units sometime next month. So if you want either of these Filling Stations, please get back to us early rather than later to avoid disappointment.

300 Bar MDE Filler Station

300 Bar DIN PCP Filler by MDE

I have mentioned these two Filling Stations as they are very well made, safe and easy to use, but there is another unit that we sell which I would classify as a ‘budget model’. It is made by Kral and is half the price of the other two stations, though it is not as heavily built. That said, it still works OK, is safe and quite compact. So, if you are someone who really looks after his gear, this unit could quite possibly save you some money.


As products start to arrive following the factory closures of manufacturers, expect to see a gradual increase in stock over the coming months as companies catch up with orders. Freighting is getting expensive too, so we can expect an increase in that department and whether it subsides to pre-Covid days has yet to be seen.

On another note, we do not do warranty on Ebay or other sourced PCP compressors and nor do we sell spare parts for these units unless they have been purchased or originated from Gunroom. This is purely a matter of putting our customers first that have supported us by purchasing their high-pressure PCP compressors from Gunroom.


Ian McIntosh

Gunroom Ranger D3 PCP air rifle

Blog #41 New Air Rifles and 16 new Models

New Air Rifles and Pricing

New air rifles and pricing we can expect within a couple of months. Prices are on the rise in view of the Covid19 epidemic and that is what we can all look forward too. What I am covering here applies to all air rifles, accessories, pellets, and compressors etc., etc.

At Gunroom we are getting some static from inpatient customers who are unaware of the Covid19 and the problems it is causing, with pricing just one of the effects. So, if you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, let me give you some breaking news.

There is a virus sweeping the world, and it is called Covid19 or as some more correctly call it, the CCP virus. This virus has infected over 21 million people, 13.8 million have recovered and nearly 800,000 have died. As a result, many factories have closed down for varying time-frames, thus affecting delivery dates and prices for products. The virus has also effectively shut down a large portion of the airways and so air freight prices have skyrocketed. That is the short story. So abusive phone calls, threats to cancel orders and demands for refunds seem to be the order of the day, unfortunately.

Gunroom’s current position with new air rifles.

Those of you who have ordered new air rifles and paid a deposit, if you want your deposit refunded just let us know without the veiled threats. We will refund you immediately.

Those of you who are prepared to wait will get the products as they arrive and at the agreed price, regardless of our final costs. I will guarantee that you will receive the product at a discounted price as agreed on.

So you understand guys, one of our suppliers is rumoured to have received a 100,000 gun order for new air rifles and shotguns. So, our pissy order for 300 guns gets shelved for a while. That is beyond my control guys, whichever way you want to look at it.

As for accessories, let me give you an example: we ordered and paid for some regulators in January, after 7 months they have just arrived. Again, it is beyond our control so no amount of whining or threats will help either of us. However, luckily for my stress level, the majority of you guys have heard about the virus and accept the effects it has imposed on all consumer goods – just look at the empty shelves at Coles and Woolworths.

New PCP Air Rifle models.

As we are experiencing delays in getting several of our orders through, totalling over 300 guns, we have sourced new air rifles and new models from several other manufacturers. These will be marketed under Gunroom as these guns will be modified, tuned and tested beyond the norm. The range we are importing will feature on the Homepage slider very shortly. Pricing is indicative and will only be secured with a 30% deposit, otherwise it will be a case of wait and see.

The Ranger D5

The Ranger D5 PCP air rifle 

To understand some of the logistical issues we are facing, one of our air freight costs has jumped from $3.60 USD a Kilo to $12.90 USD a Kilo. We have all seen prices jump for one reason or another, but I am betting they won’t drop back to pre-virus days, you can bet on that.



The Ranger D1 PCP air rifle

The Ranger D1 PCP

The Ranger D4 PCP

The Ranger D4 come in several guises for you tactical shooters out there.

Gunroom’s New Air Rifles & Shotgun Growth Forecast.

This is to let you know that Gunroom Australia will be importing Shotguns in the coming months as the demand from this sector has risen quite sharply. Further to this, we will be carrying shotgun ammo as well. By the end of next month, I will post a slider featuring the range of shotguns that we will import and give indicative pricing for you.

As one would expect after venturing into Shotguns, we will follow this with a range of rim and centre-fire rifles too. Presently I am in discussion with 2 overseas suppliers and hopefully we will get a resolution within a month or so. In the meantime we will be introducing 16 new air rifles, these are completely unseen in Australia.

Please Help me here.

Those of you who have shopped with us in the past will notice that Heather no longer works here, that is as far I am prepared to say as there is an ongoing investigation in process. Two people in a row, you couldn’t write this stuff.

Can I ask that those of you who have shopped here since January 2020, help me track down some invoices, payments and deposits made from January through to 20/7/202.

  1. Please let me know if any invoice you may have from Gunroom has ANY bank details on it with the exception of:
    1. Commbank BSB: 06 2692
    2. No: 3962 9822


    1. Westpac BSB : 034-108
    2. Acc.No: 634385

If you have a GENUINE Invoice from Gunroom it should have either of the above bank accounts.

It appears that there are some Invoices out there with a fraudulent bank account. I need that account number the for the Police.

  1. All our Invoices START with a 0’ i.e., 0682 for example. If you have ANY invoice from ‘Gunroom’ starting with ANY number other than 0 (zero), please scan or photocopy it for me.
  2. If you have paid CASH to anyone other than myself between January and July 20th please email or phone me. This applies especially to new air rifles.
  3. If you are waiting for an Invoice for any reason, please contact myself. By that I mean you may have purchased something, by cash or who knows just how, but you have not been invoiced for it. It may be a clerical issue here but if it looks like dog poo, smells like dog poo, it probably is dog poo.
  4. Some people have paid too much for an invoice when paying cash, usually to the tune of $200+/- What happens here is the invoice has been doctored but not saved on the Xero Accounting program. So, if you pay cash and it is $200 over the invoice on Xero, the invoice you are handed is NOT saved and so the correct amount is credited to your invoice at $200 less. The perpetrator can then pocket the difference with the books balancing. If you think this has happened to you, please call me. I am basing this on several isolated occurrences that were bought to my attention by diligent customers.
  5. I am also looking for the following invoices that have “disappeared”:

0665      0678      0679      0698      0718      0735      0748      0755      0756      0760

0762      0771      0772      0776      0777      0781      0789      0790      0791      0792

0793      0794      0795      0796      0797      0798      0799

All the 0800 invoices up to 0888 (yup, all 89 invoices…)

0897      0900      0901      0905      0914      0925      0933

There may be a simple reason that all these invoices are missing, and there again, the reason my not be that simple.

I would like a copy by scan or phone camera so I can follow the money. If it turns out that any of you have paid for something, including a gun, and the money hasn’t hit my bank, DO NOT WORRY. The loss is mine alone and title will still be yours.

That is about all guys, I just need to find the missing money as I cannot keep this bull up much longer.

Anyway, young Luke has taken over and is in the process of putting into place safeguards and systems that will hopefully prevent any further issues down the track. In the workshop, we now have Kurt Offen who is taking over that side of the business from myself. You will find Kurt both diligent and honest in his position pre-delivering guns, testing sand tuning them.

The Hunter Carbine air rifle

This is a customised PCP carbine of excellent quality

Scout CX PCP

The Scout CX PCP air rifle will come from Gunroom fully reworked, tuned and tested

New Air Rifles Summary

However, we still only work on guns we have imported or sold ourselves. Please do NOT bring in any Chinese or old crappy guns for repairs, because at $90/hour, it makes them technical write offs. The other issue is that we have 3 suppliers who used to source crappy gun parts and we were often sent the wrong parts with $50 or more courier fees. Do the maths… The other thing here is I do not like getting static about how long a crappy gun is here waiting for parts. I suppose that buying the parts themselves would be too easy. Enough.

There you are guys, we are still breathing here and are actually going through an unprecedented growth cycle in brand new models of air rifles that have saved our butts while other businesses have suffered greatly. Our office is struggling to keep pace with the enquiries and phone calls let alone ‘follow the money’. So please bear with us here, we are doing our best and remember both Luke and Leslie are new to this and still learning.

I look forward to testing and reviewing the new air rifles and the brand new models of Kral Series II when they arrive here eventually. Those of you waiting on the compressors, they should be here around the 1st week of September. Until then, take care.

Author: Ian McIntosh





Covid 19

Blog #40. Gunroom update after the Virus.

Air Rifles sales have increased at a level unseen in 16 years I have had Gunroom. Those of you with orders for air guns pending, rest assured that I am getting through them at the rate of 2 guns a day.

Heather only works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays each week and some Saturdays.

Kurt works Mondays through to Fridays in the workshop and on the test range.

Business Hours.

Monday > CLOSED. Texts and emails only.

Tuesday to Thursdays >             7:30 am ~ 5:30 pm

Fridays >                                     7:30 am ~ 3:00 pm

Saturdays >                                7:30 am > 12:30 pm

Sundays Closed

Air Rifle Sales, Orders, Parts and Accessories.

Guys, please do NOT phone through orders to me, you need to email them to me as I am in the workshop most of the day. Air Rifle sales are currently causing issues as the orders are coming in at a rate faster than we can pre-deliver, strip, rebuild and test them. Once Kurt comes on-board on Wednesday 24th June, I will have an uninterrupted daily process of setting up new air rifles to meet the demand.

On the days that Heather works you can phone her as she is on the desk. My preference is that all orders and confirmations be done in writing so we can follow a timeline. The days of sticking yellow STICK IT notes all over the desk as the Major used to do, are gone. No wonder we had so many things fall through the cracks.

I am turning this business around now that Heather is onboard and any assistance, comments or complaints that are genuine and constructive, we would like to hear them. We have a tough road ahead to climb out of the damage the Major did and the 8 week hiatus caused by the CCP virus. I do not need anymore crap for a while at least so we can reconstruct this business.

As you can see from Blog #39, my emphasis is on selling our slow moving stock and staying with AirArms, Kral and to a lesser extent, Weihrauch for our air rifle sales. We are also taking on a new range of PCP air rifles in the coming months, so watch this space as we test each model. In the meantime stay safe.


Ian McIntosh

Kral Big Horn PCP

Blog #39. Gunroom update

Blog #39. Gunroom Australia

Those of you who have followed Gunroom over the past years, will be aware of the fact that our experiment with Captain Australia as a partner did not go well. I will be introducing Gunroom Australia over the coming months as a result of what has happened here. We are 5 months on and still finding errors, omissions, missing funds, gun register errors, incomplete invoicing and controls, etc. The mother of all cockups. Weapons Licensing went through us due to the fiasco with the gun registers, resulting in us having to re-enter most of the guns sold and bought: several months to sort out that mess alone!. We have escaped prosecution by Weapons Licensing, through luck rather than good judgement, but there won’t be a second chance. This has resulted in me promoting Captain Australia to Major, as in major f*ck up!

Please do not email the Major as he has no physical presence in the running of the company, in fact it appears to me he is doing all he can to derail Gunroom Pty Ltd. As the Major is impossible to work with, I am going it alone as I have done since 2004. I am now trading as Gunroom Australia. I will continue to market stock owned by Gunroom Pty Ltd, but will only be injecting funds into Gunroom Australia. Anyway, enough of this crap and let me get on with what I hope will interest you guys, and that is new guns and products.

Agencies have come and gone over the last few years and I note that quite a few of you have asked about Daystate and Brocock. After discussing these agencies with the Owner (in Italy), I discovered that the Major was the reason they dumped us. Another medal heading his way. I have been offered the agencies back again, but until I can clear the deck of the Major and the fiasco he has left us, I will stay with what I have.

As you are aware, we have stocks of Umarex, Benjamin, Cometa and Sam Yang (aka Seneca). I will be moving these out over the next few months to make room for additional stock coming in for Gunroom Australia. You will see new pricing for these under the Specials heading on the Homepage in due course.

Gunroom Australia will stay with Kral, AirArms and Weihrauch as the backup I receive from these companies is outstanding, unlike several others I could mention here… For me to give you good service, I must get good service from our suppliers, it is as simple as that. Waiting 4 months for spare parts after numerous emails is not going to get traction with me.

Kral PCP Air Rifles under Gunroom Australia.

We have a reasonable stock level of Kral PCPs and all their Springers in Gunroom Pty Ltd. However, the new stock on order is under Gunroom Australia, though this will not effect the selling or Kral guns here. The ownership is but a paperwork exercise and it should not effect sales as pricing will be the same.

The following are the next order of Kral guns to be ordered, 170 of them, 10 of each PCP.




If you are considering getting a new Kral PCP then please do NOT leave it too long to express your interest. Contact Heather ASAP – she works Monday, Thursday and Fridays.

With our last stock order, the Kral Reapers went out the door in under 10 days leaving quite a few of you frustrated at missing out.


I have an order coming together for AirArms so if any of you guys are looking for an AirArms PCP, get onto Heather. Note: I think I could have worded that better, hmmm….

The AirArms order is small in comparison to that of Kral, but it will keep us fluid with most models of PCPs and all the spring models currently in stock.

Gunroom PCP Compressors.

I have on order 50 new Water Cooled High Pressure Compressors, not the Mark IV Compressors but a model being built specifically for Gunroom Australia.

I also have 25 Air Cooled Compressors that run on 12 volts DC. They also come with an inverter that will drop 240v AC to 12 volt DC. I have a test unit being used presently with good feedback.

Both Compressors will have different Filters and whip leads are also longer. Spare parts have also been included in the order. We also have some 6.8 carbon Wrapped 300 Bar bottles in the order as well. Needless to say, if you are interested, get onto Heather to secure your product.


I am currently negotiating with China for some new Scopes but with the second wave of the CCP Virus raging through China, doing business there is getting increasingly difficult. As I find out more, I will post it on this site.

We have 90 Mark IV scopes at the Major’s house as he was storing them there as room is a premium here at present. Well no prizes for what he is doing now and that is refusing to return them. So much for a company director’s responsibility to support the Company. Another medal heading his way.

I have around 37 PCPs to go out over the next 20 days now we can get back to work. I do not have enough Mark IV scopes to go around so I will be offering those customers MTC scopes in lieu of the Mark IV scopes being with-held. The MTC scopes are more expensive but will not cost you anymore as we will take a financial hit on this. Another medal for the Major… Life is just great at present.

Warranty and Repairs.

Guys, I can ONLY work on guns that we have sold or that have originated from Gunroom Pty Ltd or myself, trading as Gunroom Australia. This applies to warranty issues with the exception of Weihrauch where I have an understanding with Alcock & Pierce: I do any Weihrauch warranty issues that come my way. That is WARRANTY but NOT service or repair work unless you purchased your gun from me or are an established customer.

To give you an example, I have a Marauder here that has been with me for over a year. The parts required have been incorrectly sent twice and third time lucky. Maybe now you will understand why I only want to work on what we sell.

Guys, until the next blog, stay safe and hopefully stay employed.


Kral Superduty PCP Air Rifle

Blog #38. New Kral PCP Air Rifles

New Kral PCP Air Rifles for this year.

There are new Kral PCP air rifles coming into stock and on line once we have jumped this CCP virus hurdle. I will short list them below and I want to remind you guys that want one, please ensure that you order it in time!

In the last order from Kral, the Reapers sold out within days and a number of you missed out. I cannot hold an air rifles without an order, that is based on the economics of scale.

Pricing will obviously be affected by this CCP Virus as the Government cannot hand out millions of dollars to Qantas and the big end of town, without us paying for it. I would be surprised if the GST doesn’t take a hike. Brace yourselves guys.

New Krals on the next order.

The first of the new models is the Kral Superduty that takes PCP Air Rifle hunting to a new extreme. Because of this I have loaded 4 images as I know quite a few cowboys out there will want one.

Kral Puncher Superduty Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Superduty PCP Air Rifle with 3 cylinders


Kral Superduty with bipod

Kral Superduty with handle/bipod

Kral Superduty PCP Air Rifle

Kral Superduty PCP Air Rifle with maximum air capacity

Kral Superduty

Kral’s Superduty PCP air rifle with 3 cylinders.

That Guys, is the new Superduty from Kral. I am bringing them into the country so please register your interest now.

Next I have the new Ekinoks S – Semi Auto:

Kral Puncher Ekinoks PCP Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Ekinoks Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

followed by the new Puncher Jumbo S which does resemble the Kral NP500 to a degree:

Kral Puncher Jumbo S PCP Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Jumbo S PCP Air Rifle in synthetic

Please do NOT leave it to the last minute to show interest or order. The more orders I get the more guns I will bring in, simple.

Posting Air Rifle Images on this website.

Guys, I am going to put in another Header that reads Customer Forum, whereby I would like you to send me images that are on topic that you may want to share with others. Give a statement as to what it is about and providing it’s clean, I won’t have to edit it. Image from your phone are the smallest I want and images around the same size as this one below will do nicely.

Ian and F truck

Ian and F Truck Toy – Largest Image. This truck is a beast and virtually unstoppable but Qld licensing not amused, so I sold it.

Smallest image below:

Ian hunting with Camera and Rifle

Ian hunting with Camera and Rifle

As we are onto posting images, here is a target sent to me by David Abood using a Kral Puncher Mega in .25 cal at 25 metres:

Test Target by David Abood

Test Target by David Abood. Shot using a Kral Mega in .25 cal at 25 metres. You guys with $3 and $4k guns weep now…

If we can keep the images and text you post on topic this could end up being a well visited forum.

The following images show the changes we have made to the shop to accommodate more air rifles – excuse the poor quality as this has been done in a rush… :(




Gunroom Shop 06

Gunroom Show showing island 40 gun rack

Gunroom Shop 9

Gunroom Shop rear left hand side

Gunroom Shop 03

Gunroom Shop showing left hand Centre air rifle racks

Gunroom 02

Gunroom Shop left hand air rifle racks

Summary of new Kral PCP Air Rifles stocked.

I am repeatedly asked why I stock Kral PCP air rifles, one reason is the target above that was shot using the base model of Kral PCP air rifles. Yup, the cheapest PCP that Kral make presently. This model also holds the target grouping record here with a .22 at 7.1mm outside ring. Next question?

The other reason I stock Kral is the SERVICE I get, it’s impeccable. The only other air rifle dealer that comes close is Air Arms who I would say are just as diligent with their agents, well me anyway. The story is this guys, IF I cannot get good service from my supplier, then HTF am I going to supply good service to you? Pray tell me that.

At the time of writing this, 28/4/20, we are still on lock-down, unable to sell guns or ammo except to other dealers in Australia with the exception of WA – they are also locked down. Those of you in the other States, feel free to contact me or Heather. I am here all the time and Heather is working 2 days a week only – I can’t afford her full time while locked down. If we ever get any assistance from the Government, things will change so in the meantime, please email us rather than phone. Heather is your best bet as I am on the workshop floor getting some 18 guns sorted out ready for delivery. Heather accesses the sales at gunroom dot com dot au from her home after hours, so she will keep me in the loop.

So providing the CCP Virus doesn’t get me, I will be back next week with a test report on a Kral Mega on our test range. Until then guys, good luck.


Ian McIntosh

Kral Dazzle PCP air rifle

Blog #37 Kral Air Rifles

Our new Kral Air Rifles are being sold at a rate that has exceeded any other brand I have imported.  The orders have reduced our stock by half in 2 weeks and our new model, the Kral Puncher Reaper Synthetic has sold out completely! Our next order is already in awaiting permits etc., so if you missed out on a Reaper, please contact Heather on sales@gunroom.com.au and get your name on one.

Puncher Reaper Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Reaper PCP Air Rifle

The Kral Pro 500 stock is low on the Pro 500 Match, The Pro 500 S Pack stock level if good as is the standard PCP. Those of you who showed interest in the Pro 500 PCP please get onto Heather to guaranteed you supply. The stocks to the Kral NP500 are ok at present and so are the Kral Super Jumbo and Kral Mega W. We have more new Kral air rifles on order, so look for the list in Blog #38 that is going up shortly.

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP air rifle

Puncher Mega Wood stock air rifle

Kral Puncher Mega W (Wood stock)

Ordering New Kral Air Rifles.

I have been through this business of ordering an air rifle, be they Kral or any other brand. We give priority to those who have paid in full for their order, that is we give them 1st choice of stocks. Their orders are first to be pre-delivered, tested and shipped.

Those of you who put a deposit with your order come next with choosing your stock and getting your rifle pre-delivered and shipped. Last off the ranks are those who ordered but did not confirm their order with a deposit. Note that orders are actioned in the order in which they were received.

I know this has all been said before, but we still had customers coming in once the stock order arrived, wanting to select a stock. That is before those of you who had paid or put down deposits! Realistically guys, this is not fair to those who have paid all or some, this is why you were denied a selection priority. Please, if you want one of the next order, consider paying for it or at least a deposit which is 50%.0

Those of you who pay or put down a 50% deposit are guaranteed the reigning price from your quote. While I know the prices of the air rifles coming into the country, the handling fees vary drastically, and this impacts on the final pricing. The handling charges are out of my control.

The next order of Kral PCPs.

I have placed an order for the next stock shipment:

    1. 10 x Big Horn 7.62 cal
    2. 10 x Big Horn 9mm cal
    3. 10 x Dazzle  (camo) .22 cal
    4. 20 x Reaper (black) .22 cal
    5. 10 x Mega   W .22 cal
    6. 10 x Mega S .22 cal
    7. 10 x Breaker S .22 cal
    8. 10 x Auto .22 cal
    9. 10 x Reximex Throne .22 cal

The Big Horn and Reximex Throne are the 2 new Kral air rifles coming in.

Big Horn PCP air rifle

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP

Reximex Throne air rifle by Kral

Reximex Throne PCP air rifle by Kral and sold in Australia by Gunroom.

If you have missed out on a Reaper or some other model, please consider getting a quote now, fixing the price and paying a deposit. This will ensure that you get what you want and can choose your stock if it is in walnut.

The Reaper comes in black and the Dazzle comes in Camo as below:

The Dazzle PCP

Kral Dazzle PCP air rifle available in Camo and comes with 2 air cylinders for maximum shot count.

Ordering Summary

Getting Package deals with Krals is by far the most economical way forward so please consider this option. It also allows me to forward plan stock levels of not just air rifles, but compressors, scopes and accessories.

Compressors take a while to come in and so we need to identify orders ahead of time if possible. As Gunroom is currently sitting on around 280 air rifles with another 100 of Kral PCPs on order and some others from AirArms. We anticipate having in excess of 400 air rifles within 6 weeks or so. Due to the lead times I am already preparing our next Kral order (after this one above) along with compressors and scopes.

Kindly consider ordering and paying a deposit if you want to secure an order for a Kral air gun from the next shipment. In the meantime we have 120 new Kral air rifles in stock looking for homes.

Kral Puncher Kral Puncher Knight Synthetic

Blog #36. Kral PCP Air Rifle Orders

Kral PCP Air Rifle Ordering.

Guys, when ordering Kral PCP air rifles, scope, compressor or accessories, PLEASE email sales@gunroom.com.au whereby you will receive a Quote. If the quote is OK, please hit the “Accept” button and it will come back to us and you will then be issued an Invoice. This is the ONLY way it will work, trust me guys. Please do not place verbal orders, phone orders or orders in the Comments section of various articles. They will get lost among the high volume of phone calls we get, as I may be shooting, working on a gun or talking to customers. OK? Please email us and if you want to discuss something, great, by all means call.

Kral Big Horn

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP Air Rifle

Order Process for an Air Rifle.

When I order guns from overseas, we try and buy in volume to reduce the cost per gun. As orders can vary from 30 to 100 or more, clearing customer orders from the bulk arrival takes time. How we do it is like this:

  1. The orders that get tested first are the orders that were paid for prior to shipping. These will be processed in the order that they were paid. Orders that are paid for prior to shipping, also get a pick of the walnut stocks.
  2. Next in line are the orders that only had a deposit paid and they will be processed following the paid up orders in (1.) above. These will be tested in the order that they were received.
  3. Lastly, we have the accepted quotes for a new air rifle that had no deposit made, again, in the order that they were received.

With orders for Scopes and Accessories, the testing and shipping from here follows much the same procedure.

Side view of Mark IV PCP air rifle HP Compressor

A Mark IV HP Compressor suitable for PCP air rifle filling.

Testing each Kral PCP Air Rifle.

This may surprise some of you, but testing is NOT a 5 minute task. On occasions I have spent a whole day sorting out an air rifle for a customer. Did it cost him anymore, no, that is the way it is. Some you win, others you lose. That said, this Kral PCP air rifle order of 80 guns, has in it, 8 Puncher Pro 500 Match rifles and 8 Pro 500 S Models, all of which take time to assemble.

Both these models require machining (the Match especially) and the fitting of custom parts. Therefor I am not able to customise a Match rifle in under a day and the S pack version, probably 2 a day. I tell you this because testing Krals requires a strip down, de-burr, polish and some basic custom work, whereby I can do 3 a day on a STANDARD airgun.

There is no way this can be rushed and threats of a bad review will not speed up the job as it cannot be sped up. It is what it is and I do my best to get the guns out on time. If you have to threaten someone, please leave Heather out of it and threaten me instead, I can handle it. I cannot tell in advance how many phone calls I get or how many customers I have to assist: that is the reason I cannot guarantee a time for completion. I do my best to get these Kral air rifle orders out of here, but I wont rush it as this only leads to cock-ups. No gun is sold that goes out un-tested.

Mark IV Legend 3-18x50 Scope

Mark IV Legend 3-18×50 Second Focal Plane Scope

Kral PCP Air Rifles, Accessories and Mark IV Compressors.

Scopes, mounts and pellets we have in stock and do the best we can to ship them out each day. The holdups come from walk-in customers, phone and text messages, all that have to be attended to.

Compressors are probably the slowest to ship from here as I have to strip and do some modifications prior to doing the pre-delivery. After that is done, the compressor is test run checking for leaks, over-heating and output pressures. Time to do this, 2 hours. Compressors are not “off the shelf”, and that is due to the demand does not give me enough time to catch up.


The system we have put in place just recently when Heather joined me, still has some bugs in it and be assured that we are all over it, trying to improve the work flow. So please, when ordering an air rifle, give us as much information as you can on the day you order. This simplifies things and means we don’t have to chase you around asking basic questions. Note that there are others out there that have orders for Kral PCP air rifles too. They also consider themselves as a priority, not just you.


Ian McIntosh

Kral Big Horn

Blog #35 Air Rifles in 2020

Air Rifles in 2020.

Hi once more guys as I wish to introduce you to more Kral PCP Air Rifles. This year I am restructuring Gunroom and setting up agents across Australia to give better exposure to our products. We are dropping some agencies, not because there are problems with the products but because we cannot get good service, by way or parts and warranty. If I cannot get supported by a manufacturer, then supporting you is difficult. In saying this, I am talking to 2 more air rifle manufacturers with the view of bringing them into the mix.

Air Rifles on Order.

This story is the same each time I import air rifles, I ask that those of you who have ordered, please confirm your orders and pay a deposit. The last shipment of air rifles from Kral resulted in some of you missing out as you did not confirm your orders, hence this is a reminder for you.
Our new shipment of Kral will be here by mid-January and cleared by Customs hopefully within a week or so. The guns in this order are available for viewing at https://gunroom.com.au/kral-air-rifles/

We are currently representing AirArms, Kral, Umarex, Weihrauch and Seneca with which we hold stock, currently listing 186 air rifles in stock. This will be joined by another 80 Kral later this month (posted 9 January, 2020).

What new model PCP air rifles to expect this year?
Well we have on our next Kral order their new Big Horn PCP air rifle in 7.62 (.30) and 9mm calibres. With the excellent pricing of Kral I anticipate these PCPs to become very popular. The Kral Big Horn can be seen below.

Kral Big Horn air rifles

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP

The Kral Big Horn in 7.62 and 9mm calibres.

The following images of PCP air rifles are the Kral Big Horn in 7.62 and 9mm. If you have an interest in either of these calibres, please get back to me for a quote. Price is not yet established but should be available by Tuesday 14th January, 2020. Due to the overwhelming interest in Kral PCP air rifles of late, keeping up with demand is a bit tricky as some people put down deposits or full amount and other guys just order one without a deposit.

I am not trying to me a dick here, but priority is given to guys who have paid in full, followed by guys who have put a deposit down. This quite often ends up with some of you missing out because they either did not confirm the order or did not put down a deposit. I will be putting up a Special Offer in a few days for the Kral Big Horn that can be purchased with a MkIV or Hawke Compact Sidewinder, mounts and MkIV Compressor  . The guns will be tested as soon as they arrive here after the current 80 gun order which is expected next week.

Kral Big Horn PCP air rifles

Kral Big Horn side view forward

Kral Big Horn 9mm air rifles

The 7.62 and 9mm Kral Big Horn available at Gunroom

Kral Space and Throne PCP Air Rifles.

As the heading says, I am bringing in the Kral Space  together with the Reximex Throne sometime early February. Quite simply guys, I do not know these PCPs yet and so I am getting Kral to air freight these 2 PCPs together with 2 Big Horns so I can test them extensively and post the results here. Depending on results and final pricing will determine how many I order, though I can say with some authority, it will be no less than 10 of each of them.


Kral Puncher Space PCP Air Rifle

Kral Space in synthetic

reximex Throne PCP rifle

Reximex Throne PCP air rifle by Kral.

Other PCP Air Rifles for this year.

We will be bringing in the AirArms 510 models to add to their springer range we have in stock currently. If you have an interest in a 510 AirArms, please share that with me so we can increase the order.

We are well stocked with Weihrauch springers and PCPs, including 2 styles of the HW100 Bullpups, one being our own wood stock and the other being the new Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup on their own soft touch stock. This Weihrauch Bullpup in only 600mm long and therefore classified as a handgun, so I will need to put a shroud on it to reach the 800mm minimum length for a rifle if that is what you want..

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup air rifles

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup by Gunroom 

Weihrauch Bullpup

Weihrauch’s Bullpup in a carbine length that is under 800mm for a rifle in Australia

Talks are progressing with Huben for their new K5 PCP air rifle and I am talking with Customs regards bringing in a prototype for approval. We need to do it this way to reduce the chance of confiscation.
As you may know, Customs seized 8 Kral semi-autos from the last shipment. I believe this seizure to be unwarranted if not illegal and I am pursuing them for the return of these guns. They were seized on Customs’ favourite terminology, “an incomplete silencer”, which is crap and can incorporate anything they like. I have written to the Attorney General and Border Force without reply, and so we are taking up to then again. I will have no issues in testing this in Court if that is what it takes. These semi-autos have been bought in before but now we have a new guy here in Brisbane who evidently knows zip about semi-autos gas recoil loading systems and believes it to be an “incomplete silencer”. I am getting too old for this crap.

Current air rifles being tested.

Presently I am testing and completing a number of new Krals and Weihrauchs for delivery. If you are one of these customers, please bear with me as the Xmas season has screwed us up big time and we are struggling to sort out the financial and gun registry mess that Rob has left behind. This is consuming a lot of time and both Heather and I have been on it for 5 or more weeks, and hopefully, we should be clear by the end of the month. I am getting out new guns at 2 a day as testing does take time to do it right.

I am setting up a Hydrographics Water Transfer station here to allow us to customise air rifles with camo or any of more than 5,000 patterns. There will be more on this shortly.

Lastly, I am negotiating a large pellet order from JSB, including Hades pellets in .22 and .25. If anyone reading this in a club and can tell me what are the most popular pellets they use, please share this with me so I can include them in this next order. With air rifles now demanding a large variety of pellets to achieve their best performance, the range of pellets needed for stock is very large. So please help me here to identify what pellets you guys want for your air rifles.
Ian McIntosh

Kral Puncher Armour

Blog #34 Introducing Kral Air Rifles

Kral PCP Air Rifles at Gunroom.

Kral PCP air rifles are making waves within the pcp air rifle community. Why? Because they are affordable, realistically priced, well finished, accurate and reliable.  However, there is another reason why they are selling and that is that the factory cares about its customers and supports us in supporting you, the buyer: something that Gunroom cannot do alone.

I am dealing with Mr. Fatih SEKERCI at Kral who is giving us great service, something that I am not used to in this air rifle business of late, with only a few exceptions, one being Air Arms. This is a far cry from a couple of recent brands that Gunroom used to represent (try connecting the dots…) and so Kral is a welcome partnership for Gunroom.

Our other key partner and supplier is Air Arms, who have also proven their worth in pursuit of customer relations. Air Arms is a family owed business and occupies the top tier of expensive and sought-after air rifles at Gunroom.

For this series of articles, I am going to cover the Kral PCP range and in another series,  I will cover Air Arms and then Weihrauch. In this series of articles, I want to provide the reader with technical aspects, design features, flaws, performance data, specifications and hands-on critiques. Those who know me will know that I tell it as it is, without the bull.

Buying an Air Rifle.

Guys, I’ve been doing air rifles longer than some of you have been alive and yet I still get this question on a weekly basis:

“Hi, I have just purchased a XXXXX from XXXXX and it shoots like sh*t…”  Tuff. I don’t want to sound mercenary here but that is not my problem, take it back to where you purchased it from. I am way too busy to sort out air rifles sold by my competition.

When you go shopping for a Ford for example, my guess is you don’t call into a Holden dealership looking for one (hold that though for a moment, I’ll rephrase it…). When SOME of you who go shopping for a Ford (example only guys, don’t get excited) I would like to think that you would not buy the Ford of your dreams from a Holden Dealership, OK? Then why do you buy an air rifle from a powder burners Gun Shop that know zip about air-guns? I need some help understanding this.

Getting back to your dream Ford, let’s say by chance you ended up in a Ford Dealership, I would like to think that SOME of you would take the car of your dreams for a test drive prior to buying it. I’m probably dreaming a bit here. So why do you buy an air rifle that hasn’t been tested defies logic.

Those of you in Brisbane and surrounds can come into our shop and test fire the gun you are looking at before purchasing it. Regardless of the brand and the cost, even guns costing $3,960 come with the occasional problem as I recently found out when testing this expensive rifle. Better it gets fixed here than sent back and forth, or as in most cases it gets returned to the dealer who fumbles it.

If you are interstate, then guess what, either Jason or I will test the gun for you and you will get it with the correct pellet choice and any issues with the gun will be corrected PRIOR to shipping.

Try before you buy guys, same as getting married, buying a car or TV set. If you don’t get your gun tested prior to buying it then you need help. Seriously.

The Kral Puncher Mega PCP Air Rifle.

The Puncher Mega comes in a choice of three calibres, .177, .22 and .25 calibres. I consider the Mega as the baseline of the Kral PCPs with a price at the time of writing this at AUD$760. That is below many spring rifle prices and lends itself to packaging with a Mk IV (aka Mark 4 or as one clown called it, a ‘mark one vee’ – help me here guys, did I hear that right?) High Pressure Compressor, Mk IV Rings and Mk IV 6-24×56 side focus scope, testing and action polished, all for around AUD$1600. You will find it hard to match both the price and performance of this package and to that I will give the gun and scope 3 years warranty and the compressor a year!

Now just a few words on the Kral Mega W in .22 cal. I recently shot a 6-shot group inside a  7.1mm circle at 25 mtrs. I can just hear some of you saying “I do that all the time…”, well guess what, we have put through over 140,000 shots down range and I have yet to see a gun, any gun, beat that. I am including FX Crowns, Impacts, Brococks, Red Wolfs, Wolverines etc. All that with a $900 Kral Mega W PCP air rifle! It goes to show that you do NOT have to spend thousands of dollars to get accuracy when the base model Kral currently holds the tightest group shot at our range!!!

The Kral Mega will be the first of the Kral PCP air rifles to be reviewed and I am hoping to do one a week at this stage. In the interim, check out the review below for one opinion on this awesome budget PCP rifle now available in Australia.

Next Kral Order in December 2019.

I have an 80-gun order due January 2020 of Kral PCP air rifles. Included in this order are the following PCP air rifles:




Kral Puncher Pro 500 air rifle walnut stock.

Pro 500 Turkish Walnut .177 – 10 units

Pro 500 Turkish Walnut  .22 – 20 units


Kral Puncher Kral Puncher Knight Synthetic

Kral Puncher Knight in Synthetic Stock

Knight Synthetic .22 – 10 units

Kral Puncher Mega Wood stock PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher Mega Wood stock

Mega W .22  Turkish Walnut – 10 units

Kral Reaper / (Dazzle in camo)

Reaper (Black or Camo) .22 – 10 units

Please note that the Reaper will come with 2 air tanks as standard to allow swapping in the field.

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP air rifle

Super Jumbo .22 Turkish Walnut – 10 units

NP-500 Synthetic .22 

NP-500 .22 Synthetic – 10 units


Kral Pro 500

We will be offering the Pro 500 in 3 models:

Pro 500 Standard. Tested and any 3 calibres with either aluminium or carbon shrouds. $1049.00

Pro 500 ‘S’ Pack. Set up for hunting with polishing, air dam etc. .22 or .25 calibres only and aluminium shroud. $1262.00

Pro 500 Match. Set up with strained barrel, aluminium shroud, regulator, ported and polished etc. .177 & .22 calibres only. $1618

The 80 gun Kral order is coming via Emirates Air, hence the increase in stock.

This December order will be followed by another 120-gun order in late January with the following guns in it including the new Throne by Reximex. You will see immediately that it is regulated and looks strangely familiar…:

Kral’s new model, the Reximex Throne.

Guys, here is the latest PCP from Kral/Reximex, it is called the Throne. I have 12 units on our January order, and should you be interested in this, please let us know so we can increase the order number accordingly.

reximex Throne PCP rifle

Reximex Throne .22 (see image above)   10 units

The following Kral PCP air rifles are coming with our 150-gun order in February. Express your interest early rather than later to avoid disappointment.

Space .22 – 10 units

Mega W .22 – 20 units

Big Horn .22 – 10 units

Auto Marine .22 – 10 units

Breaker .22 – 10 units

Knight Syn .22 – 10 units

Reaper .22 – 10 units

Pro 500 .22 – 20 units

Other   50 units

Kral Summary.

Kral PCP air rifles are and will be a large part of our inventory and our hope is that their performance will shine through by way of value for money and ultimately, sales. Admittedly Kral guns do require some finishing, I am well aware of that and this is the exactly reason why I strip and polish the action assembly prior to testing and sale.

If you are new to air-gunning or you are well established as an air gunner, Kral has a model for you. If you are keen on tuning, then this line of PCPs lends itself to performance increases through the simplicity of the design. Air rifles purchased through Gunroom or another dealer who has obtained the gun from us, are welcome to use our test facilities here in Sumner. Alternatively, as we only work on guns we have sold and not just Kral, we are prepared to test your gun should you make some modifications to it.


Ian McIntosh




Air Arms Galahad Extra PCP in Black

Blog #33 PCP Air Rifles in Stock

Kral Air Rifles and Stock update October 2019.

Our much sought after Kral air rifles turned up in September and only now have we actually sorted and assembled enough of them to put on the showroom walls. Our stocks all turned up at DB Schenkers, the shipper, over the same month, meaning we had over 160 air rifles to get through Customs. This turned out to be a mammoth ask and it seemed to take ages while B709A import permits were gathered and new ones authorized. You need to remember that a majority of these air rifles and pellets were ordered in January of 2019 and paid for at the same time. However, once they have your money the urgency to deliver seems to evaporate.

JSB Air Rifle Pellets.

We also put in an order in February for 1.7 tonnes of JSB air rifle pellets, including the new Hades Pellets. Actually, getting them made was the easy part of the equation, while getting them shipped was a nightmare. We could not find a shipping company willing to ship them by LCL (that is a part contained load). We were forced to hire a container and in it place the 2 pallets of JSB pellets. Once over that nightmare, the container was shipped directly to Brisbane via Holland at a cost of $1100 which was very reasonable. However, getting the air rifle pellets from the port to our shop was an entirely different matter. I will check the costs, but I think it was around $9,000. I will edit this in the coming days and post a copy of the actual invoice. Whatever, the costs within this country were at least 4 or more times the cost of getting the pellets to Australia. No wonder the economy is going down the crapper.

If you haven’t seen 1.7 tonnes of JSB pellets at once, here is the shipment below>

JSB Pellets on pallet

1.7 Tonnes of JSB  air rifle Pellets

Currently they are unpacked and sorted out on shelving ready for orders by email and not by phone thanks guys.

PCPs, Spring Air Rifles and Pellet Shipment.

We had 3 air rifle shipments arrive in quick succession and they all went through Customs at the same time. That is the short story, however, we incurred a $2000 storage charge as there was a delay in getting a B709A  issued. The Weapons Licensing here in Queensland are under the pump and way behind in servicing B709As and PTAs. We have been told that future B709As will take a minimum of 1 month, yup, 1 month. My lips are sealed. OK, so with our shipments now in, the Customs only seized 70 shrouds and 8 air rifles under their pet clause, “an incomplete silencer”. That is bullshit in any language. Anyway, I am appealing it to both Border Force and the Attorney General’s Office, we will wait and see…

Below are several images of the air rifle shipment being sorted, which proved to be a longer task than we had hoped for as many of the accessories were mixed up.

Air Rifle Display Gunroom

Air Rifle pre-delivery checks being made at Gunroom.

What you do NOT see is the left-hand side of this image, just as well I am guessing.

USA PCP Air Rifle Order.

From the States we purchased Air Force Texans, Seneca’s (aka Sam Yang), Umarex Gauntlets, Benjamin Marauders and Armadas. Shrouds for the Benjamin’s and Umarex air rifles were seized and so we are fitting Carbon Shrouds, some in different colours such as these Umarex Gauntlets. Some of the coloured air rifle shrouds can be seen in this image below at top right:

Air Rifle Display Gunroom

Air Rifle Display at Gunroom featuring the Umarex Gauntlet

To update you on these stock levels from the USA order, the Texans have sold out, the Seneca Dragon Claw and Recluse remain and we have around 10 Umarex Gauntlets left in stock at time of writing this (7/10/19).

UK Air Rifle Order.

From the UK we purchased our first Air Arms air rifle order that consisted of the TX200, Pro Sport, Galahads and various 510s. Sales have been good leaving us with only the springers and some Galahads left in stock. Some of these can be seen below:

Air Arms air rifles on display

Air Arms air rifle display at Gunroom

The Air Arms PCP air rifles are straight ahead with a lone Daystate top right next to an Air Arms S510.

Turkey order of Kral air rifles.

We purchased most of the different models available including the semi-autos that got seized. Those of you who have owned any early model Kral air rifles or even read about them, will likely respond with the fact that they are roughly finished, have a fragile loading arm and one cannot get service or parts for them. What most people agree on however, is that they are pretty accurate, nothing wrong with these barrels.

So here goes: I strip the action of EVERY Kral we sell, I de-burr the 4-part loading group, polish the components, lube them and rebuild the action. I also go over the entire air rifle, checking screws, the fit into the stock, check for leaks etc. The rifle is then extensively shot over our SIUS test range prior to handing over the weapon.

The results: After rebuilding the action group the loading arm is very smooth to operate and a change of spring has also lessoned the effort required to load the gun. Immediately you can feel how smooth the action is once de-burred and polished, so I cannot foresee any problems in future arising regards the loading arm.

As for the accuracy, I will say this guys, and some of you are going to moan or even threaten to cut my nuts off, but this is what I am getting. The accuracy is extremely good, and the rifles tested tend to run different pellets without too much deviation. Currently, a Kral PCP Mega .22 holds the tightest group over 10 shots down this range, followed by a Weihrauch HW110 and then a Kral Puncher Pro 500 in .22. Following that is a Daystate Huntsman and then a HW100. Now we have tested just about everything, including Dianas, FX’s and Hatsans etc.

What does that tell you? Well it should tell you that purchasing an expensive PCP air rifle does NOT guarantee accuracy as many of the Kral air rifles are 1/5 the price of some of our high-end PCP air rifles. Guys, you cannot argue with the results as they are obtained over a SIUS target system and therefore a force of fact.

Had anyone asked me 12 months ago about Kral air rifles, I would have said don’t bother, save your money, but now, following the upgrades that are coming through, these are highly recommended and won’t embarrass you in a competition. Of course, we all should realise that most people cannot shoot and achieve the best accuracy that their air rifle is capable of delivering.

We have now been appointed the Australian Importers for Kral and as such we are currently purchasing in spare parts, tooling and supporting literature for Kral air rifles. We will be able to supply you with 3 different barrels (calibres .177, .22 and .25) in most models and the choice of aluminium or carbon shrouds. Check out the image below:

Kral air rifles on display

Kral air rifle display at Gunroom

Presently the Kral Pro 500 air rifle, together with the Mega and Maxi are the best-selling full-size PCPs with the Knight being a semi-bullpup air rifle, very close behind in sales. The Knights come in synthetic and walnut as below:

Kral Knight PCP air rifles

Kral Knight PCP air rifles on display

PCPs and Package Prices.

It is possible to buy a Umarex Gauntlet or a Kral complete with a Mark 4 (Mark IV) Scope and Rings, Mark 4 Compressor and cleaning kit at prices starting from $1700, tested and ready to roll. We will package any of our air rifles, be they PCPs or Springers, to give you the best buying for your buck.

Air Rifle Service and Repair Work.

I am doing the modifications, shroud supply and fitting to new air rifles, together with general repairs and maintenance. However, I am probably 4 months behind with work, something that I cannot do anything about as finding someone competent in PCP work is difficult. In an effort to catch up with the repairs lined up here, we have engaged Jason who will take over testing each air rifle and generally help out around the shop.

If you have an air rifle that needs repair and it did not originate from Gunroom, please do NOT send it to me for repairs. We can only repair the air rifles we have sold and do not have time to repair air rifles sold by another dealer. If this is you, please refer your air rifle to the business that sold it to you.

Air Rifle Shrouds on PCPs.

A lot of bull is circulating the internet with regards to shrouds and whether or not they are legal. Here is the position as laid out to me by Border Force Officers.

Shrouds that silence or reduce muzzle noise are ILLEGAL.

Shrouds that support the barrel and have a large clear exit for the pellet are LEGAL. By a ‘clear exit’, I mean that there is NOT an ‘air dam’ effect between the muzzle end and the exiting hole through the shroud end fitting.

I realise it is a lot of crap guys but getting through this has cost us serious money and a lot of time. Hopefully in the future a more definitive definition will emerge in place of the term “incomplete silencer’, a term that we know can be applied to anything you want it too.


I need to mention this guys, and that is please do NOT order over the phone as I am either shooting, repairing or with customers, all of which make it awkward to stop and take details. As for my memory, it is not good as I have not met most of my customers and having a limited stock range, isolating orders in my head is a problem. Just email me at ian@gunroom.com.au  and Heather will act on the order,

As for calling my phone, don’t bother leaving a message as I regularly look at my missed calls and respond from there, never do I listen to messages due to time constraints.

So, with our air rifle stock at capacity at present, expect to see a new order of Air Arms PCPs in the very near future together with Kral. Our stock of H&N, QYS and JSB is also complemented by Benjamin, RWS, Air Venturi, Air Arms and Snow Peak air rifle pellets, so I think we have you covered there. If you are in the market for a new PCP air rifle, please email me with your intended use if you do not have a specific air rifle in mind and I will get back to you.


Ian McIntosh