Hawke Scopes and Accessories.

Hawke Scopes are now in stock at Gunroom together with a range of Hawke Accessories on this site that are available ex-stock as listed. While we deal predominantly in Air Rifles we are also catering across the board for all firearms when it comes to supplying Hawke products.

Hawke’s Range of Scopes

Hawke Range of Scopes

Should you be searching for a Hawke Scope that you do not see on our list of products then I urge you to email me directly or call me on 0421 733 818 or Land Line 07 3279 0031.

Hawke Scopes for Rifles and Air Rifles.

We are building up our stock of Hawke Scopes and Accessories that cater for all rifle types with a range of obscure scope mounting rings (reach forward, cantilever and tactical), adapter bases and sun shades always in stock. So, if you have one of those awkward to mount scopes that just wasn’t meant to fit your rifle without some serious after-market mounts, then please check our products section under Hawke Scopes.

As demand increases along with turnover we shall introduce additional scopes and accessories to meet demand while at present we are keen to meet the demand of the air rifle fraternity initially. To those of you reading this that would like to see us stock a scope or accessory, then please reach out to me as I would like to hear about it.

Hawke Airmax EV

The most popular Hawke Scopes would be the Airmax range which have been developed by Hawke specifically for Air Rifles and come with a 20% wider field of view. To assist Air Rifle enthusiasts Hawke have developed the MAP6 that you can use with Hawkes Ballistic Reticle Calculator (BRC) that you can download here on BRC. Another download that may well interest you as the reader here, is the ChairGun Pro which is Pellet Trajectory Software that you can download here on CGP.

The Hawke Airmax range of scopes are very well priced and well suited for the average air gunner who is into target or field hunting of small vermin. The Airmax Scope right out of the box will do everything you ask of it in these circumstances as these scopes work well on springers as well as PCPs. If you want to take your accuracy up a notch, then I seriously suggest that you download the Hawke BRC and have a play with it.

The Airmax 30 IR SF Scope released here in Australia has been very popular and without fault so far. Looking at the specs this looks to be an ideal field hunting scope for small vermin. If you go to the Downloads section of this site, you will find a PDF file called Airmax 30 IR SF (1).pdf that you can view or download/print.

Hawke Vanguard in HW77KSE

Weihrauch HW77KSE with Hawke Airmax 4-12 x 50 Scope.

Sidewinder 30

For those Air Rifle enthusiasts that are into long range shooting, competition or serious hunting, then providing you have a quality springer (like the long range Weihrauch HW77/HW77SE) or PCP Air Rifle (Weihrauch HW100S/T/K for example), then I think you need to look at a Hawke Sidewinder 30. These Hawke Scopes have a large 4-inch (100mm) Range wheel that provides accurate and easy focusing with your fingers while on target. The range wheel can be left off should you be concerned about damaging it while in the bush.

Sidewinder on HW100T

Weihrauch HW100T with Hawke Sidewinder 8-32 x 56 Scope.

Hawke Sidewinder on HW77KSE

Weihrauch HW77SE with Hawke Sidewinder 8-32 x 56 Scope.

These Hawke Sidewinder Scopes are suitable for most rifles and are not restricted to Air Rifles. They used to come packaged in an aluminium box complete with the focus wheel and lens sunshade, but that has now given way to a sturdy cardboard box. The Sidewinder Scope has an IR Reticle (Illuminated Reticle – Red/Black/Green) and comes with 1⁄2 Mil Dot or SR Pro versions.

Hawke Vantage IR

A very nice all round scope that is not bulky yet is full of features well suited to the larger Air Rifle enthusiasts or the rim and centre fire guys. I have matched this scope up with the Weihrauch HW60J and HW66 as a great field scope combination.

What is even more surprising about the Hawke Sport Scopes is their price, which makes them an attractive proposition for those of you chasing a quality scope and a lean budget.

Hawke Vanguard on HW60J

Weihrauch HW60J and Hawke Vantage 4-12 x 50 Scope.

Nite-Eye Digital

For the hunter who is serious about his shooting, this is an obvious choice due to its ability to perform well in low light conditions, such as early morning, evening and overcast environments. Available in MAP 6A, 1⁄2 Mil Dot, SR6 and SR12 this scope has you covered and when used with Hawke’s BRC you have an environmentally conditioned hunting scope.

NE Digi-IR 4-16x44 Scope

Hawke NE DIGI-IR 4-16 x 44 Half Mil Dot

Hawke Varmint SF

A long range hunting and target scope with 1⁄2 Mil Dot reticle with a side focus wheel and 44mm lens on a 1” tube that is rated for all firearm calibres. We recommend this scope for the rim and centre fire enthusiasts with its low profile and slim lines that make it a great field scope.

Varmint scope on HW66

HW66 Production and Hawke Varmint 4-14 x 44SF Scope

Hawke Scopes and Accessories

As you know, carrying scopes is not the full package and one has to supplement the scope stock with supporting accessories such as scope mounts, sunshades, lasers and mounts, Picatinny and Weaver rails and shooting accessories such as software, all available at Gunroom. This said, we do carry a good range of Hawke Match Mounts presently to cater for some of those obscure mounting issues that are cropping up with regularity.

Hawke Accessories Range

The NEW Hawke Scopes 2018

Hawke have upgraded their entire range of scopes by dropping the Sport range and introducing the Vanguard series in its place. There is the line-up of Hawke Airmax scopes with the AMX reticle while Hawke also maintains its Airmax 30 and Sidewinder 30 ranges of scopes.

I will be doing a series of short blogs on each of the Hawke scopes that I carry and will supplement the series with a more in-depth article on the new range of scopes.

The Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50×60 Scope.

This Hawke Sidewinder ED scope is the latest release that we have purchased from Hawke and it is every bit as good as they claimed, in fact I think it is better. This is one large scope with 60mm objective in a 30mm tube that houses the new TMX reticle.

I think this scope is very well suited to long range shooting from some of the better PCP Air Rifles like the Weihrauch HW100, Brocock, Daystate and of course AirForce.

Hawke Sidewinder ED

Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50×60 TMX showing the Airmax 30SF style Illuminator and Dust Caps

Hawke have learned lessons from the Airmax 30SF as one can clearly see some of the same componentry used in the Sidewinder ED. Some of this is no doubt due to the benefits derived by economies of scale and commonality of parts but also because these components work well in the 30SF. The adjustable illuminated step-less angled turret and the alloy dust covers that are locked in with the help of ‘C’ tools that are supplied, are already used in the Airmax 30SF.

Hawke Sidewinder and box

A Hawke Sidewinder ED on Packaging Box

What rifles would use the Sidewinder ED?

There are going to be those who react and say, ‘who needs a scope that powerful?”. Answer, me for one, my eyes aren’t like they were 40 years ago….. However, I like shooting out at distances of 100 metres or more using a PCP and at the end of the day, magnification, clarity, an excellent thin etched glass reticle and a large objective all contribute to accuracy and visible shot placement.

Weihrauch HW100TSE with Hawke Sidewinder

Hawke Sidewinder ED fitted on a Weihrauch HW100TSE with FX Air Tank and Air Shredder.

Try hitting a 5-cent coin at 100 metres with a wire reticle scope as used on some cheaper designs and you will find the coin is eclipsed by the thickness of the reticle. Not so with this scope as the optics are first class and makers of established scopes should be looking over their shoulders as Hawke scopes are fast coming of age and quality.

As I predominantly sell air rifles/PCPs this scope is perhaps too large for most them; but if you own a quality PCP like Weihrauch, Brocock, Daystate or AirForce, and you intend shooting out to the next level where a degree of skill is required, then maybe you should look at a Hawke Sidewinder. Anyone reading this who has a centre-fire will immediately see the advantage of using a x50 ED scope on distances out over 400 metres. I wouldn’t fit it to a springer due to the limited range of a spring gun and the cost ratio of the scope versus the cost of the spring air gun, as this is not a cheap scope in price or construction.

Hawke Sidewinder on HW100TSE

Weihrauch HW100TSE with Sidewinder ED

The Scope un-boxed.

As can be seen from the image below, the Hawke Sidewinder scope now comes in a well made cardboard box and not in the Aluminium box of the past that used to house the Sidewinders of yesterday. In the box there are two ‘C’ tools for adjusting the flip up alloy dust covers and a 2-pin knob used for tightening up the low profile knurled nut that secures the side-wheel. There is also a sunshade extension and a 100mm side-wheel that can be fitted to allow very small adjustments to be made taking out parallax, due in part to the large diameter of the wheel that also hosts distances in yards.

Hawke Sidewinder ED un-boxed

Hawke Sidewinder ED un-boxed.

There is no point in fitting the side-wheel if you are comfortable just using the left side turret cap to focus but serious target shooters have come to realise its advantages. In some of these images you will see that I fitted the optional side-wheel that is 150mm in diameter, as this allows even smaller adjustments to be made with pin-point accuracy. The larger diameter allows for very precise adjustment to eliminate parallax error with greater accuracy, a key factor when tuning a PCP Air Rifle for distance shooting.

Note: Due to the size of the 150mm side-wheel, care must be taken not to load the side-wheel by leaning it against something while attached to the rifle or lying it down whilst under the rifle. As there is a large leverage effect that the wide side-wheel can impose on the turret shaft when supporting a rifle’s weight, damage may result. The same can be said about protecting the scope’s objective, especially when fitted with a sunshade: this poses a long unsupported scope tube that will transfer any load on it by several multiples that can’t be good.

Side View of Hawke Sidewinder Ed

Side view of the Hawke Sidewinder ED

The Sidewinder ED Reticle.

The etched glass reticle harbours some very fine lines and numbers not found on many other scopes. Buying a scope of this quality and expense dictates that you should understand the reticle and just how to use it to the best advantage possible.

TMX Reticle Hawke Sidewinder

Hawke Sidewinder ED TMX Reticle

The Sidewinder ED comes with ¼ MOA geared turrets and optional 1/8th MOA or 1/10th Mrad can be purchased separately for those guys who shoot to 5 decimal places.

1/8th MOA Turrets for Sidewinder ED

Replacement Geared 1/8th MOA Turrets

1/10th MRAD Turrets for Sidewinder ED

Replacement Geared 1/10th MRAD Turrets

Suitability of the Sidewinder ED.

This Hawke Sidewinder ED will likely find its’ niche with bench-rest shooters of PCPs and centre fire rifle owners who participate in extreme range targets. For myself, shooting a good group at 100 metres takes skill, a good PCP and a great scope in that order. I know quite a few of my customers who will dig deep to buy one of these scopes for the advantages it offers apart from cosmetic.

As for the zoom factor, one doesn’t need to run around all day with the scope zoomed up to the max as 10 power if quite OK for much of the shooting done today as it is.

Hawke Sidewinder Summary.

At the end of the day the Hawke Sidewinder ED fitted with a 150mm side-wheel makes an imposing sight that is in fact in keeping with its impressive performance. Having not fired too many shots using this Hawke Sidewinder ED scope I can say this, ‘what I have fired has impressed me no end’, to the point I will buy one for myself.