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As of midnight on Friday May 15th we are OPEN for business.

Hi again Guys,

Those of you with orders for guns pending, rest assured that I am getting through them at the rate of 3 guns a day.

Heather only works Monday, Thursday and Fridays each week.

Business Hours.

Monday to Thursdays >             7:30 am ~ 5:30 pm

Fridays >                                     7:30 am ~ 3:00 pm

Saturdays >                                7:30 am > 12:30 pm

Sundays Closed

Ordering Parts, Scopes and Guns

Guys, please do NOT phone through orders to me, you need to email them to me as I am in the workshop most of the day.

On the days that Heather works you can phone her as she is on the desk. My preference is that all orders and confirmations be done in writing so we can follow a timeline. The days of sticking yellow STICK IT notes all over the desk as the Major used to do, are gone. No wonder we had so many things fall through the cracks.

I am turning this business around now that Heather is onboard and any assistance, comments or complaints that are genuine and constructive, we would like to hear them. We have a tough road ahead to climb out of the damage the Major did and the 8 week hiatus caused by the CCP virus. I do not need anymore crap for a while at least so we can reconstruct this business.

As you can see from Blog #39, my emphasis is on selling our slow moving stock and staying with AirArms, Kral and to a lesser extent, Weihrauch.

In the meantime stay safe,


Kral Big Horn PCP

Blog #39. Gunroom update

Blog #39. Gunroom – This ‘n’ that…

Those of you who have followed me over the past years, will be aware of the fact that our experiment with Captain Australia as a partner did not go well. We are 5 months on and still finding errors, omissions, missing funds, gun register errors, incomplete invoicing and controls, etc. The mother of all cockups. Weapons Licensing went through us due to the fiasco with the gun registers, resulting in us having to re-enter most of the guns sold and bought: several months to sort out that mess alone!. We have escaped prosecution by Weapons Licensing, through luck rather than good judgement, but there won’t be a second chance. This has resulted in me promoting Captain Australia to Major, as in major f*ck up!

Please do not email the Major as he has no physical presence in the running of the company, in fact it appears to me he is doing all he can to derail Gunroom Pty Ltd. As the Major is impossible to work with, I am going it alone as I have done since 2004. I am now trading as Gunroom Australia. I will continue to market stock owned by Gunroom Pty Ltd, but will only be injecting funds into Gunroom Australia. Anyway, enough of this crap and let me get on with what I hope will interest you guys, and that is new guns and products.

Agencies have come and gone over the last few years and I note that quite a few of you have asked about Daystate and Brocock. After discussing these agencies with the Owner (in Italy), I discovered that the Major was the reason they dumped us. Another medal heading his way. I have been offered the agencies back again, but until I can clear the deck of the Major and the fiasco he has left us, I will stay with what I have.

As you are aware, we have stocks of Umarex, Benjamin, Cometa and Sam Yang (aka Seneca). I will be moving these out over the next few months as the parts and back-up is extremely poor. We have not had the interest that we had hoped for either. You will see new pricing for these under the Specials heading on the Homepage in due course.

Gunroom Australia will stay with Kral, AirArms and Weihrauch as the backup I receive from these companies is outstanding, unlike several others I could mention here… For me to give you good service, I must get good service from our suppliers, it is as simple as that. Waiting 4 months for spare parts after numerous emails is not going to get traction with me.

Kral PCP Air Rifles.

We have a reasonable stock level of Kral PCPs and all their Springers in Gunroom Pty Ltd. However, the new stock on order is under Gunroom Australia, though this will not effect the selling or Kral guns here. The ownership is but a paperwork exercise and it should not effect sales as pricing will be the same.

The following are the next order of Kral guns to be ordered, 170 of them, 10 of each PCP.




If you are considering getting a new Kral PCP then please do NOT leave it too long to express your interest. Contact Heather ASAP – she works Monday, Thursday and Fridays.

With our last stock order, the Kral Reapers went out the door in under 10 days leaving quite a few of you frustrated at missing out.


I have an order coming together for AirArms so if any of you guys are looking for an AirArms PCP, get onto Heather. Note: I think I could have worded that better, hmmm….

The AirArms order is small in comparison to that of Kral, but it will keep us fluid with most models of PCPs and all the spring models currently in stock.

PCP Compressors.

I have on order 50 new Water Cooled High Pressure Compressors, not the Mark IV Compressors but a model being built specifically for Gunroom Australia.

I also have 25 Air Cooled Compressors that run on 12 volts DC. They also come with an inverter that will drop 240v AC to 12 volt DC. I have a test unit being used presently with good feedback.

Both Compressors will have different Filters and whip leads are also longer. Spare parts have also been included in the order. We also have some 6.8 carbon Wrapped 300 Bar bottles in the order as well. Needless to say, if you are interested, get onto Heather to secure your product.


I am currently negotiating with China for some new Scopes but with the second wave of the CCP Virus raging through China, doing business there is getting increasingly difficult. As I find out more, I will post it on this site.

We have 90 Mark IV scopes at the Major’s house as he was storing them there as room is a premium here at present. Well no prizes for what he is doing now and that is refusing to return them. So much for a company director’s responsibility to support the Company. Another medal heading his way.

I have around 15 PCPs to go out over the next 10 days now we can get back to work. I do not have enough Mark IV scopes to go around so I will be offering those customers MTC scopes in lieu of the Mark IV scopes being with-held. The MTC scopes are more expensive but will not cost you anymore as we will take a financial hit on this. Another medal for the Major… Life is just great at present.

Warranty and Repairs.

Guys, I can ONLY work on guns that we have sold or that have originated from Gunroom Pty Ltd or myself, trading as Gunroom Australia. This applies to warranty issues with the exception of Weihrauch where I have an understanding with Alcock & Pierce: I do any Weihrauch warranty issues that come my way. That is WARRANTY but NOT service or repair work unless you purchased your gun from me or are an established customer.

To give you an example, I have a Marauder here that has been with me for over a year. The parts required have been incorrectly sent twice and third time lucky. Maybe now you will understand why I only want to work on what we sell.

Guys, until the next blog, stay safe and hopefully stay employed.


Kral Dazzle PCP air rifle

Blog #37 Kral Air Rifles

Our new Kral Air Rifles are being sold at a rate that has exceeded any other brand I have imported.  The orders have reduced our stock by half in 2 weeks and our new model, the Kral Puncher Reaper Synthetic has sold out completely! Our next order is already in awaiting permits etc., so if you missed out on a Reaper, please contact Heather on and get your name on one.

Puncher Reaper Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Reaper PCP Air Rifle

The Kral Pro 500 stock is low on the Pro 500 Match, The Pro 500 S Pack stock level if good as is the standard PCP. Those of you who showed interest in the Pro 500 PCP please get onto Heather to guaranteed you supply. The stocks to the Kral NP500 are ok at present and so are the Kral Super Jumbo and Kral Mega W. We have more new Kral air rifles on order, so look for the list in Blog #38 that is going up shortly.

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP air rifle

Puncher Mega Wood stock air rifle

Kral Puncher Mega W (Wood stock)

Ordering New Kral Air Rifles.

I have been through this business of ordering an air rifle, be they Kral or any other brand. We give priority to those who have paid in full for their order, that is we give them 1st choice of stocks. Their orders are first to be pre-delivered, tested and shipped.

Those of you who put a deposit with your order come next with choosing your stock and getting your rifle pre-delivered and shipped. Last off the ranks are those who ordered but did not confirm their order with a deposit. Note that orders are actioned in the order in which they were received.

I know this has all been said before, but we still had customers coming in once the stock order arrived, wanting to select a stock. That is before those of you who had paid or put down deposits! Realistically guys, this is not fair to those who have paid all or some, this is why you were denied a selection priority. Please, if you want one of the next order, consider paying for it or at least a deposit which is 50%.0

Those of you who pay or put down a 50% deposit are guaranteed the reigning price from your quote. While I know the prices of the air rifles coming into the country, the handling fees vary drastically, and this impacts on the final pricing. The handling charges are out of my control.

The next order of Kral PCPs.

I have placed an order for the next stock shipment:

    1. 10 x Big Horn 7.62 cal
    2. 10 x Big Horn 9mm cal
    3. 10 x Dazzle  (camo) .22 cal
    4. 20 x Reaper (black) .22 cal
    5. 10 x Mega   W .22 cal
    6. 10 x Mega S .22 cal
    7. 10 x Breaker S .22 cal
    8. 10 x Auto .22 cal
    9. 10 x Reximex Throne .22 cal

The Big Horn and Reximex Throne are the 2 new Kral air rifles coming in.

Big Horn PCP air rifle

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP

Reximex Throne air rifle by Kral

Reximex Throne PCP air rifle by Kral and sold in Australia by Gunroom.

If you have missed out on a Reaper or some other model, please consider getting a quote now, fixing the price and paying a deposit. This will ensure that you get what you want and can choose your stock if it is in walnut.

The Reaper comes in black and the Dazzle comes in Camo as below:

The Dazzle PCP

Kral Dazzle PCP air rifle available in Camo and comes with 2 air cylinders for maximum shot count.

Ordering Summary

Getting Package deals with Krals is by far the most economical way forward so please consider this option. It also allows me to forward plan stock levels of not just air rifles, but compressors, scopes and accessories.

Compressors take a while to come in and so we need to identify orders ahead of time if possible. As Gunroom is currently sitting on around 280 air rifles with another 100 of Kral PCPs on order and some others from AirArms. We anticipate having in excess of 400 air rifles within 6 weeks or so. Due to the lead times I am already preparing our next Kral order (after this one above) along with compressors and scopes.

Kindly consider ordering and paying a deposit if you want to secure an order for a Kral air gun from the next shipment. In the meantime we have 120 new Kral air rifles in stock looking for homes.

Kral Puncher Armour Green PCP air rifle

Blog #30 Air Rifles at Gunroom

Air Rifle Evaluations.

Air rifle makes and models are popping up  every week with some manufacturer or other, making claims of excellence. We look at every air rifle that comes our way and most of them are either crap, over-priced or are not supported by a bona-fide company that will still be around when they eventually arrive here. As I look into new air rifle models I will keep adding them to the top of this article, so expect to see this article on top of the”Latest News” section for some time to come.

I mention  the Huben PCP air rifle further into this article, well for those of you who keep calling, we have them in Hong Kong ready to ship. They are waiting on a permit from the Chinese Government to ship them to us, once that happens they will come over air freight. Once they get here, expect to see a Slider mentioning it when you load this site. I will also do extensive testing on these beasts that are shooting out to 220 metres using slugs and H&N Pile-drivers. This is taking the PCP air rifle into new territory. Interesting…

Mark IV High Pressure Compressors.

The 1st batch of Mark IV High Pressure Compressors have arrived for those of you who have a PCP air rifle that you are filling with a hand pump. These PCP air rifle compressors have been built to our specification and come with 2 high pressure whip leads and a larger filter. The 2 whip leads allow you to fit the filter in-between them so you have hose to spare, thus making connection to your air rifle easier. The 2 issues I had with our past HP compressors was that the filter is too small (so it requires more maintenance) and the whip lead to short, meaning with some air rifle models, you had to lay them down to fill them. Not now, the compressors come with  2 leads and a larger filter for better water trapment.

Mark IV Compressor Right Side facing

Mark IV Right Side facing

Mark IV Scopes and Rings.

We are expecting our stock order on Mark IV air rifle scopes and rings to arrive any day now. These new scopes we signed them up at the Las Vegas Shot Show in January 2019. I am more than happy that they will fill a void that will allow us to package price air rifle models both effectively and economically. The scopes have a lifetime warranty.

We have one model specifically built for the spring air rifle fraternity and that is a 3-9×40 AO and comes with a compensated 1 piece scope mount.

Mark IV Accessories.

Other Mark IV accessories include some nicely packaged cleaning kits, Gun Bags, Gun Cases, 300 Bar Scuba Bottle Filling stations and the scope rings that I have already mentioned. We are totally committed to Package pricing new air rifle, scope and compressor packages and through bulk buying, we have managed to be able to reduce prices accordingly.

Air Rifle Pellets.

I have mentioned this previously but was unable to date the shipment. Well now we have a shipment of JSB pellets, currently in production as I write this and due to ship here mid June. The order is around 2 tonnes of JSB pellets.

We have an air rifle shipment from Air Arms that also includes a stock order of their pellets for those of you who keep calling us in search of them. The Daystate stock order is leaving the UK with Air Arms and we also have the Daystate marketed Kaiser pellets too.

From the USA we have air rifle pellets by Benjamin, Air Venturi and some other lesser known pellet manufacturers. From Europe we have some expensive custom made slugs in .22 and .25 to suit PCP air rifle owners that are still searching for that ‘special pellet’, well these could just be them.

Our new Bullpup stocks for Weihrauch HW100 air rifle enthusiasts are here as are the Benjamin Marauder Bullpup stocks in American Walnut. We can supply a bullpup kit for either the HW100 or the 2nd generation Marauders in American walnut complete with components. Alternatively, you can purchase a HW100 Bullpup or Marauder ready to go.

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup

Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup

Air Rifle Technology.

Air Rifle technology has seen massive changes since 2010, when new manufacturers started entering the airgun arena in a bid to gain a foot-hold on this emerging sport that has taken off. With almost daily shootings somewhere in the developed world, the noose around gun owners tightens inch by inch. This push against firearm ownership is presently aimed at semi-automatics and big bore centre fire rifles if they even slightly resemble a military weapon.

At present they are leaving air rifle owners alone (to a degree) but guys, please do NOT get complacent about this. Our battle has yet to start as soon as some tree-hugger realises that, “hey, these air rifles are available up to .50 cal… we can’t have that…”. We need to support the Shooters and Fishers party if we want to keep our sport. I have had my rant so let’s continue…

Spring Air Rifle Technology.

Spring air rifles, or ‘springers’ as they are usually referred to, have advanced at a slower pace than Pre Charged Pneumatics (PCPs), but advance they have. The most significant advances have been in piston seals that have moved from leather to plastics over the years. Now we have piston seals if PTFE that are significantly more suited to high powered springers, with yet another seal referred to as a Vac Seal (by Vortek) that is getting popular.

Calibres that were once restricted to .177 and .22, now have .20, .25 and even .30 available to the spring air rifle customer. Power has increased to carry these heavier projectiles, some using heavier springs and others by using Gas Piston technology. The use of synthetics has seen the emergence of what some would call “way out there” looking stocks, claims of 1250 Fps etc, aimed I’m guessing at our young shooters just starting out.

The emergence of cheap spring air rifles from China, Russia, Turkey, Spain and Czechoslovakia has fuelled the demand for spares and aftermarket tuning kits that have now come to prominence. This has led to the arrival of businesses like V-Mach in the UK, Vortek and Maccari of the US, all of whom supply custom springs and seals to improve the performance of these under-performing spring air rifles.

Due to the overwhelming number of different springer manufacturers, spanning many years, Gunroom has found it uneconomical to do repairs and servicing of these springers as obtaining parts is a nightmare. Hence we now only work on what we sell or those guns that have been imported by Gunroom.

PCP Air Rifle Advancements.

PCP Air Rifles have seen the most advances, due in part to there being more parts and a more complex system of high-pressure valving. Daystate and Brocock started using an inertia hammer rather than the more conventional solid hammer used by other manufacturers.  They called it the Slingshot Hammer and it produces consistent pressure resulting in flat bow curves that translate to better accuracy.

Brocock Compatto air rifle Cut-away

Compatto Cut-away showing internals.

Then there is the introduction of electronics that has seen Daystate for example, produce a number of PCP air rifles that now have a computer that regulates the power and shot count. What is more, is that the system is proving very reliable with great shot consistency, accuracy and higher shot count.

The cost of Walnut has risen over the years as logging  has taken its toll of this tree that is sort after for rifle stocks and furniture etc. This has led to the use of coloured laminates that are cheaper, stiffer and provide an ideal stock building material. The use of laminates has seen most manufacturers using them in assorted colours and stock configurations. Even the conservative Weihrauch air rifle company has produced excellent laminates in both PCPs and spring air rifles.

Bantam Magnum laminated PCP air rifle

The Bantam Magnum laminated PCP air rifle


Prices of air rifles have dropped thanks to the introduction of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) that are responsible for mass production of extremely accurate machining together with 3D CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) advances of late. This in turn reduces the cost through ‘Economies of Scale’, and where a manufacturer also uses similar parts on each different air rifle model, this commonality of parts saves money. The Minelli Group in Italy make most of the air rifle stocks you see today as they too are heavily invested in expensive CNC Machines and CAD.

Another advance I think we will see more of in the near future is the hammerless PCP air rifle as seen in the Huben Bullpup. This reduction in moving parts reduces recoil and action movement, however slight, to almost zero. Expect to see more air rifle manufacturers jump on this bandwagon in the next year or two.

Huben hammerless PCP air rifle

Huben K1 hammerless PCP air rifle

Air Rifle Summary.

Finally air rifles are following military examples such as semi-Bullpups (Brocock for example) and full Bullpups such a Daystate’s Renegade and Pulsar. Other air rifle examples that are capturing customers imaginations are the Benjamin Armada and the Kral Puncher Armour, with both their tactical appearances heavily indebted to military concepts.

Benjamin Armada PCP air rifle

Benjamin Armada PCP air rifle

Another military influenced PCP air rifle, the Kral Puncher Armour.

Kral Puncher Armour Black PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher Armour Black Bullpup PCP air rifle

Go back just 15 or maybe 20 years and look at what was available in the air rifle marketplace then and the reader will immediately recognise the technology jump over the last few years. Think about that and just where will the air rifle be in say, another 5 years, given the speed of technology that is driven by demand and competition; that is providing we are still allowed to own an air rifle then…


Ian McIntosh




Umarex Hammer .50 cal PCP air rifle

Air Rifle Sales

Our Air Rifle sales strategy has recently been ironed out in an effort to make buying an airgun, especially a PCP Air Rifle easier and cheaper than previously. A number of factors have come into play to achieve this, including volume purchasing, competitive shipping and close working ties with suppliers and manufacturers. In the end, you, as a potential customer will benefit in an easy transaction process with an extended warranty as well.

Shipping of air rifles.

In the past I have shipped air rifle purchases with who ever I could get to move them. This came at a cost of anywhere from $120/air rifle up to $450 a gun! If you have read ‘AIR RIFLE INVENTORY AT PRESENT’ would know that we now use DB Schenker to move our air rifles. They are also consolidating our shipments to reduce the cost per item. On top of this, we are bringing in more air rifles at once than ever before. We currently have 31 Brocock air rifles at Customs awaiting clearance and another 80 Kral PCPs on the way.

At the time of writing this, February 21, 2019, we have just received our Daystate order that includes Huntsman, Renegade, Wolverine, Tsar and Red Wolf in laminate and Walnut. Calibres include .177,  .22, .25 and .303 cal. Our USA order that was initialised in March last year has finally turned up (I sh*t you not…) with 2 x Sam Yang Dragon Claw in .50 cal, .25 cal Sumatra, Benjamin Marauders in .22 and .25 cal, AirForce Texan .308.

Shot Show 2019 in Las Vegas.

I spent a week in Las Vegas attending the January 2019 Shot Show that is open only to Dealers, Defence and Security Agencies. It was a massive show and given a week that I was there, I found it impossible to view all the stands. My good buddy Joe Tonga went with me and together we sourced some great products at the right prices.

I also met with numerous International Managers representing some big names in the airgun industry. One such a meeting was with my USA supplier who frigged me about for 7 months or more. The outcome now, is that upon receipt of the payment, the orders will be shipped to us within 7 days and not 7 months as presently. Let’s hope.

To capitalise on consolidating freight, we will be ordering from the USA every 3 months. So, you guys wanting to purchase an obscure air rifle will be assured of prompt delivery. Air rifle orders from the UK and Turkey will also be made every 3 months as well and notification will be given on this website some 4 weeks in advance. Air Rifle orders will require 50% deposit upon confirmation the order is available and ready to ship.

Air Rifle Scopes.

Currently we are carrying the complete range of MTC Scopes and their Rangefinders as well. We are going to supplement these scopes with a new brand that we signed up for at the Shot Show, called Mark IV. These are great scopes and newly developed with Side Focus, Illuminated Reticle, Etched Glass and ED lenses in some models. The initial range of Mark IV scopes are:

5-30x56SF 1st Focal Plane. 30mm Tube, ED Lens.

3-12x44SFIR    2nd Focal Plane. 30mm Tube, Illuminated  Reticle, ED Lens.

6-24x56SFIR    2nd Focal  Plane. 30mm Tube, Illuminated  Reticle, ED Lens.

8-32x56SFIR    2nd Focal Plane. 30mm Tube, Illuminated  Reticle, ED Lens.

3-9x40AO    2nd Focal Plane. Multi coated lens. (Suit Spring powered air rifles).

All the Mark IV scopes have a lifetime warranty.

Mark IV First Focal Plane Air Rifle Scope

Mark IV First Focal Plane Scope 5-30×56.

Kral PCP Air Rifle Packages priced to sell.

Putting together customised PCP purchases is a time-consuming exercise that we are attempting to overcome.  To do that, we have bulk ordered 100 compressors from China together with a large order of Mark IV scopes to establish better pricing that we can pass on to you in a package deal. To that we have 96 Kral PCP air rifles coming in together with parts and accessories.

The package deals on PCP air rifles will be priced from $1535 upwards, depending on the rifle chosen. Kral PCPs will be the fore-runners allowing you to buy a Kral PCP, Mark IV Electric Compressor,  Mark IV 2nd Focal Plane scope, Gun bag, cleaning kit, 3-year warranty  and 3-year service plan on the air rifle. All that with prices starting at $1535. Tell me where you can equal that deal in Australia and I will bare my bum in Spine street…

The PCP air rifles will be pre-tested with a spreadsheet and scanned targets. This has been made possible by a friend of mine, Nick Green, who wrote a program for me that integrates Photoshop, Excel and SIUS software into one package. This effectively saves me over an hour of post editing on photoshop which has caused many delays in the past.

Each Kral will have a couple of modifications done to it prior to testing and shipping. On that note, I need to remind the reader that only air rifles sold or originating from Gunroom will be serviced or repaired from herein due to commitments to our own customers. We have reached that point in the road where service work is not viable for work done on air rifles originating from other dealers.

If you are one of those guys who has unfortunately purchased a PCP or spring air rifle elsewhere and you need work done on it, you will need to take it up with your supplying dealer. Sorry about  that, but we did try and assist everyone who came here and got burnt a few times in the process.

Big Bore Air Rifle Models.

You read that right, big bore air rifle sales are where we are currently moving too. While we have in stock the Sam Yang Dragon Claw in .50 calibre, aka Seneca Dragon Claw, we have on order the new Umarex Hammer 50 cal that we are told will be available in late March to ship to us. This Umarex PCP air rifle is a beast and boasts 700+ Fpe making it the most powerful PCP in the world presently, eclipsing the AirForce Texan .457 cal.

Hammer PCP Air Rifle

Umarex Hammer .50 cal PCP Air Rifle

What is exciting is the price, that makes this a really affordable PCP big bore air rifle. Once we confirm the freight, we will put this online. However, if you are interested, please email and he will contact you once the product is shipped and he can confirm the price. We have 6 units only as demand has rationed supply somewhat.

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle

Umarex Gauntlet air rifle in .22 cal

The Umarex Gauntlet above will in all likelihood be the smallest of the Umarex PCP range that we aim to carry.

Seneca Dragon Claw .50 cal PCP Air Rifle

Seneca Dragon Claw .50 cal PCP Air Rifle

We shall also be stocking the Sam Yang big bore PCPs in .50, .45 and 9mm, tother with the AirForce Texan in .308, .357 and .457 calibres. I shall be reviewing each of these big bore air rifles as time allows, so watch this space.

AirForce Texan .457 PCP Air Rifle

AirForce Texan .457 cal air rifle.

Testing Big Bore Air Rifles.

Presently our back-stop maybe insufficient to repeatedly stop the Umarex Hammer’s 700 Fpe so we are fitting intermediate slug cushions to slow down the slugs and dissipate their energy. So, it will not be until March, 2019, that we can target test these hard hitting PCPs, so those of you buying a big bore air rifle before then will only be getting a comprehensive Pro-Delivery of the air rifle.

Future Air Rifle Shipments.

Our next shipment of PCP air rifles is from the UK where we have a current order of Air Arms, both spring and PCP air rifles. Close to that shipment will be another from Daystate and some of the Patagonia laminated PCPs from Brocock.

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle facing left


Daystate Red Wolf .303 cal air rifle.

If you have an interest in any of the 3 air rifle manufacturers above, please get onto us earlier rather than later so we can get your rifle made. That is correct, most of the PCPs by these big three in the UK are only made to order. True story.


Air Rifle Pellets.

We have yet to ship an order of JSB pellets due to shipping and handling costs on an order weighing up to 2 tonnes. Airfreight is not an option and so we are looking at various options presently together with DB Schenkers.

While we will continue to hold H&N and JSB pellets in .177 cal, our main thrust will be from .22 upwards where we want to cater for the big bore fraternity up to .50 calibre. We will of course be stocking the Air-Arms Pellets and Daystate Pellets (Kaiser) up to .303” cal.


Daystate Air Rifle Pellets

Daystate air rifle pellets up to .303 cal.

Air Rifle Warranty.

At the time or writing this, we have in stock the full range of Brocock PCPs, the Daystates mentioned above together with Sam Yang, Marauders, AirForce, Weihrauch PCPs and springers and a few orphaned air rifles like the Walther Rotex.

Given my introductions at the Las Vegas Shot Show, there are few air rifles that I am unable to purchase overseas, with FX being one (though Hermann’s sell FX to me anyway, so not a big deal). At this point I want to reiterate our Warranty Policy for all air rifles bought into this country, unless otherwise specified, is 3 years. If you buy an air rifle from or through another dealer, providing it has originated from Gunroom, the 3-year warranty will apply.


Ian McIntosh


Daystate Genus PCP Special Edition

New Air Rifles

Air Rifles update.

Air Rifles ordered this last year has been a nightmare, both for the customers that ordered a Brocock PCP and us at Gunroom. Our UK order took 7 months and USA order; though still not here after 8 months, was due to leave the wholesaler by December 30. They didn’t say which year so maybe they mean 2018.

Air Rifle Freight from the USA has gone up from $120/gun to about $480/gun. This has resulted in us using DB Schenker who have come in and slashed the prices from both the USA and UK to Australia rates. You will see these price reductions when we upload the new pricing in January – ignore earlier prices that are on the website at the time of writing this (December 21, 2018).

We currently have a shipment of Daystate and Brocock air rifles in Customs right now. These air rifles include the Daystate Huntsman, Renegade, Red Wolf, TSAR and Wolverine plus the complete range of Brococks including the Snipers and Commanders. This stock order has only taken 2 months and a bit, which is good by historical standards.

Daystate’s Special 40th Edition Air Rifles; the Genus.

We have 2 of the Daystate Genus PCP air rifles allotted to us with a possible additional 2 units should we get orders for them. If you are interested in getting one of these numbered 40th Edition PCPs, please contact either Rob or me by email.

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Edition Air Rifles

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Edition

This PCP air rifle comes complete with Gold trim, shroud and silencer. However, any that we sell here will be modified so that the shroud is only cosmetic with a blank silencer – it will look identical but will provide no noise reduction. Sorry about that guys…

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary PCP Air Rifles

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary PCP

Current PCP Air Rifles in Stock Order.

The following are currently in Customs (22nd December 2018) and are the line up of PCP air rifles we wish to stay with for a while at least.

Daystate Huntsman PCP Air Rifles.

The new Daystate Huntsman is in the stock order in both .22 and .25 calibres. This PCP air rifle is by far the most popular Daystate available presently, partly popular due to its’ price that allows it to compete with Weihrauch ‘s HW100 and Brocock’s Sniper and Commander, but also due to its accuracy and reliability.

Daystate Regal HR PCP

Daystate Regal HR PCP

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifles

Alongside the Huntsman air rifles, we also have the now famous and sought after Red Wolf after its outstanding debut in the USA. While this is a rather expensive PCP air rifle, it does NOT disappoint in looks and performance. Having sold our first Red Wolf to Darren Burgess, the interest it aroused while it was here was unbelievable.

I am part way through an article on the Red Wolf and should have it published by mid-January. It is a multi-part article with a heap of images that should keep you interested. With great accuracy and a shot count of 270, these PCP air rifles will take some beating. We now have the Red Wolf in Black (70%) and Red (30%) laminate and also in the Walnut for the conservative buyer. Calibres coming into stock are the .22, .25 and .303 cal.

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifles

Daystate’s much sought after PCP air rifles, the Red Wolf in laminate and also in Walnut.

Daystate Red Wolf in Walnut

Daystate Red Wolf in Walnut

We have both the Wolverine R in High Power format and standard FAC, together with the laminated versions of the Wolverine R and Wolverine P in both .25 and .303 calibres.

Daystate WolverineR Grey Laminate PCP Air Rifles

Daystate WolverineR Grey Laminate PCP Air Rifle

Daystate TSAR (12 Fpe)

No Daystate line-up is complete without the Daystate TSAR, with each gun named after a Russian Emperor. This is only available in .177 and 12 Fpe, though I think I can probably re-rate it to 18 Fpe if someone wants to go that way.

The gun has obviously been designed, if not built, by Ataman rifles out of Russia. The similarities between the Daystate TSAR and the Ataman M2S Match can be seen here.

Daystate TSAR PCP Target Air Rifles

Daystate TSAR PCP Target Air Rifles

Ataman M2S Match PCP Air Rifles

Ataman M2S Match Laminated Air Rifle

Daystate Renegade PCP

Last on the list from Daystate is the Renegade HP HR in .25 cal. HP stands for High Power obviously with HR refers to the PCP having a Huma Regulator.

Daystate RenegadeR HP PCP Air Rifles

Daystate Renegade HP HR .25 cal

As can be seen, the Daystate Renegade PCP air rifle pictured here is in a dark green synthetic. Presently at the time of writing this, I am not sure whether the stock order has a green or black synthetic. I do have a Pulsar stock in a green laminate that should fit this gun if a customer so wishes to swap the stocks. The calibre of this air rifle is .25 cal and power is stated as 60 Fpe.

Daystate Pellets.

We are also carrying a range of Daystate pellets in .177, .22, .25 and .303 calibres. Due to the high cost of air freighting these pellets, we will limit the number per order to 5 tins.

Daystate Pellets for quality Air Rifles

Daystate Pellets for quality Air Rifles in  .303, .22 and .177

Brocock PCP Air Rifles.

Currently in Customs are the following Brocock PCPs:

Brocock Compatto MKII and Compatto Sniper.

These 2 Brocock Compatto PCP air rifles are definitely the best volume sellers we have. Why? Simply put, they are short, slim, well balanced, reliable and accurate, on top of that they are also cheap in the big picture.

Brocock Compatto MkII PCP Air Rifles

Brocock Compatto Sniper

Brocock Bantam Sniper PCPs.

This model of the Bantam Sniper is producing great shot counts coupled with accuracy as it is basically a Compatto with a large air tank, different stock and Huma Regulator.

Bantam Sniper MKII PCP Air Rifles

Brocock Bantam Sniper with MTC Scope

Brocock Commander Air Rifles.

The Commander is the all-new model from Brocock that comes with a tactical appearance that will appeal to the cowboys out there. The action is the same as the Bantam Sniper, just in a different stock with a Cerakote option.

Brocock Commander 480cc Carbon Bottle Air Rifles

Brocock Commander 480cc Carbon Bottle Air Rifle

Brocock Commander 480 Air Rifles

Brocock Commander 480 Air Rifle with MTC Scope

Brocock Commander 500 Black air rifles

Brocock Commander 500 Black Air Rifle

All Brococks are available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres and come with Huma Regulators where stipulated. However, we only have the .177 in the Compatto presently.

Mark IV Scopes.

We have an order of Mark IV Scopes coming that includes the best sellers of their range, some with the new ED lenses. For those of you unfamiliar with Mark IV, they come with a 5 year warranty and specialize mostly in the larger style of scopes like this 5-30×56 First Focal Scope below:

Mark IV First Focal Plane Scope

Mark IV First Focal Plane Scope 5-30×56.

MTC Scopes.

At the time of writing this, we have the complete range in stock with plenty of the Viper Pro MTC Scopes in 5-30×50.

MTC Viper Pro 10 x 44 scope for Air Rifles

MTC Viper Pro 10 x 44

Air Rifles Summary.

We currently stock Brocock, Daystate, Cometa and Weihrauch, with AirForce, Marauders and Dragon Claw .50 cal on the way (after 8 months…) here with DB Schenker, so you can be sure they get here this time.

We will carry a range of AirForce, Benjamin, Kral and Sam Yang (Eun Jin aka Seneca) air rifles over the next year. Now that there are 3 of us working here, we may just be able to stay ahead of the curve with air rifles, sales and servicing.


Ian McIntosh.

Air Arms Galahad Carbine Walnut PCP

New Air Rifle Stock

Air rifle inventory at present.

Air rifle sales, associated inventory, service and tuning are what sets Gunroom apart for other gun shops. Why? Because air rifles are the only firearms we stock, sell and service. This is a one-stop air rifle shop in Spine St, Sumner, Brisbane, Australia.

When it comes to buying a new airgun, you, as the buyer, need to establish the following:

  1. Can I get service from this gun shop?
  2. Do they have a qualified armourer?
  3. Do they do factory warranty work at the shop or is the gun sent away?
  4. What warranty do they offer?
  5. Do they test the gun before I get it?
  6. Do they have the experience to not only sell airguns but be qualified to advise me?
  7. Can the gun shop supply all the accessories I may require?
  8. What happens if I am not happy with the gun I purchase?
  9. Can the dealer supply me with an air rifle that he is not an agent for?

These and other questions I hope to answer fully in this introduction to Gunroom and what we do.

Air rifle services.

At gunroom, we have a fully equipped service centre to handle PCP air guns, spring air rifles and PCP compressors.

At the time of writing this, Lewis Reinhold handles servicing and tuning of the spring airguns. I handle the PCP airguns, tuning them, air rifle testing on our test range and compressor servicing. I am Gunroom’s licensed Armourer, licence #51001277.

Air rifle warranty.

At Gunroom we do the warranty on ALL the guns sold by ourselves. We also do the Weihrauch air rifle warranty work in Australia. We do not send out any air rifles for warranty work on our branded agencies.

Gunroom also offers a 3-year extended Warranty to PCP air rifle buyers at a very reasonable rate. Also under offer is a 3 year Service Warranty, whereby Gunroom will do periodic servicing of your airgun each year over 3 years to keep it in good shape.

Air rifle Testing at Gunroom.

We have a SIUS 25/50 Electronic Target System that gives you unmatched tolerances replicated on the computer screen. This system is employed in the Olympics for accuracy, reliability and durability. This is the system we test air rifles on, in-house.

With a new air rifle being tested, we do not expect 100% accuracy out of the box, as the barrel is new and unleaded, the action and components are yet to be seated. A result showing a group of around 11mm outside diameter at 25 metres on a new PCP is acceptable. The owner of the rifle will find that over 1000 shots the accuracy will improve too, let’s say down to 9mm.

Remember that the pellets used are unsorted and to improve the rifle further, you would need to sort the pellets by weight, size and lube. Try different weights in the gun and resize the pellets and try them. Then try different lubes. Try different hammer settings and even different regulator settings. That is what it takes to tune the gun. It is not a 5-minute exercise, but the results are well worth the effort.

Air rifle experience at Gunroom.

Between Lewis and myself we have probably close to 40 years experience on air rifles. Hence we feel qualified in what we offer and our ability to match you with the correct air gun.

We stock quite an extensive range of air rifle accessories to help customise your air rifle and improve its performance and aesthetics. We source after-market parts and performance accessories that we test before we market them. You are getting air rifles sourced, selected, sold and set up by air gunners, period.

If you were to buy an air rifle from us that you later felt was not suitable for you, then bring it back sooner rather than later. I think we would want the gun back within 2 weeks and unmarked. We will then willingly set you up in another model of air rifle at no cost other than the price differential.

Sales and admin are now handled by Rob Marx while I assist with sales and do the technical and website. With 3 of us here you should experience a drastic improvement on timing, repair turnover, shipping and service compared to when I was running this alone.

Air Rifle Brands supported.

At Gunroom we support the following air rifle brands:

  • Air Arms – Spring and PCP air rifles
  • Benjamin Marauder and Armada only
  • Brocock – PCP air rifles
  • Daystate – PCP air rifles
  • Kral – Spring and PCP air rifles
  • Sam Yang (aka Seneca & Eun Jin) – PCP air rifles
  • Benjamin (Marauder & Armada only) – PCP air rifles
  • Weihrauch – Spring and PCP air rifles

Below we have the Brocock Commander in Cerakote with an MTC Scope.

Brocock Commander 480 Black PCP Air Rifle

Brocock Commander 480 Black Left Facing

As I suspect most of you are familiar with what we stock apart for Kral and Sam Yang, below you will find a cross-section of their air rifle models:


Kral Puncher S Bullpup Synthetic Air Rifle

Kral Puncher S Bullpup in a Synthetic Stock

Kral Puncher Nemesis Bullpup Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Nemesis Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Jumbo PCP Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Jumbo PCP Air Rifle with a wood thumbhole stock

Kral Puncher Breaker S Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Breaker S Marine with a stainless action

Kral Puncher One Bronze PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher One Bronze PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher One T Black PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher One T Black PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher Armour Black PCP air rifle

Kral Puncher Armour Black Bullpup PCP air rifle

No line up is complete without the black sheep of the family. This should suit you cowboys out there.

The Kral order is large and as a result, we will have most of their models and calibres. As many of the actions are the same, I will be doing a modification to all the actions prior to dispatching them. This will ensure you get a quality tested and modified PCP air rifle that shoots well and is reliable.

Of course we still stock and sell Weihrauch PCPs, both the HW100 and the HW110:

Weihrauch HW100T PCP Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW100T with Hawke Sidewinder 8-32 x 56 Scope.

Below you can see a couple of the Sam Yangs coming in.

Eun Jin Sumatra 2500 PCP Air Rifle

Eun Jin Sumatra 2500 PCP Air Rifles in .22 and .25 Cal

Dragon Claw 50 Cal PCP Air Rifle

Dragon Claw 50 Cal PCP Air Rifle Dual Tank

We can buy in just about any make and model of air rifle providing it is in stock with the supplier at the time of ordering. We had major hold-ups (out of our control) during 2018 where one order took 7 months to get here and the other nearly 9 months. This resulted in many cancelled orders and frustrated customers, not to mention us.

You will see our air rifle stock, especially PCPs, will eclipse previous holdings coming into the early months of 2019. Our stock orders of Brococks and Daystate PCPs have arrived into Customs and we are awaiting delivery as I write this (9/1/2019).

Scope stocks are presently up with the entire range of MTC scopes in stock. We also have an order of Aeon Scopes and another order of a new brand that has just entered the marketplace – more on that later this month. Bottom line is that we shall shortly have at least 40 models of scope to choose from, all in stock.

Over the next 2 months, you will see a shift in our marketing as we will be offering package deals of PCP air rifles with scope and compressor all together at a saving to you. Most of this has been made possible with bulk buying and a shift to more competitive freight services; DB Schenker.

Air rifle freight.

The year 2018 saw prices for shipping air rifles into the country and in fact, across Australia too, sky-rocket out of control. This has resulted in us using DB Schenker to import all our air rifles at a large saving that we will pass onto you. This will be reflected in the prices of air rifles and scopes from hereon.

I hope that we can serve you better now there are three of us and we have hopefully sorted out the supply issues. We can presently ship you an air gun Australia wide within 2 days providing we have stock. A PCP air rifle and compressor package would be shipped within 3 days maximum.

Storage Safes at Gunroom

Safe Keeping of Firearms and what you should know

Safe-keeping of Firearms in Australia.

The term Safe-keeping of Firearms refers to the storage of firearms, air rifles included, for a prolonged period. Having recently received two air guns that were stored in a safe for just under a year, the owner was surprised to see the rust on them; to the point that even ‘breaking the barrel’ to insert a pellet was difficult. So, what went wrong?

One problem was humidity and the resulting damage that moisture can do. Another problem was the safe was situated in a basement area with poor ventilation and a damp atmosphere. Now, these air guns had been kept in this safe for years without any problems since they were used regularly, moisture was minimised by handling and outdoor activities. Then once they were left for a long period in a damp container, rust got hold of them.

The regular use of your firearm(s) and placement in a safe etc, may not alert you to the potential damage that humidity can do, so don’t let that fool you into leaving your guns unattended for a lengthy period. To show you just what I mean here, I placed these 2 disposable humidity canister traps (below), one in each 66-gun safe at my shop in Brisbane, for 6 weeks. Now my safes each were nearly full of guns and there were no large void areas, yet the following images show you just how much water was pulled out of the inside of each safe, and no, the doors were not left open for any prolonged periods of time.

Those of you living in Queensland who want to know more about storing your guns go to the safe-keeping of firearms Qld Police.

Disposable Humidity TrapsHumidity Traps with approx. 50mm of trapped water[/caption]

Yup, I know Brisbane gets humid but so do other places, some less and some more. Humidity can also be formed in warm weather in cooler areas of the house, such as a basement, so don’t overlook that possibility. Cold climates can also produce air-borne moisture producing rust within a gun safe, so don’t for one minute think that because your guns are locked away, they are potentially safe from rust.

The correct Safe-keeping of Firearms and Air Rifles in general.

Guys, while many of us look after our guns and wipe them down after use, the vast majority do not! Fingerprints containing oils and moisture are often visible on guns coming through Gunroom with the resulting breakdown, minimal at first, of the bluing.

Dust and dirt are other issues as some of these absorb moisture and transfer the resulting chemical action into and through the bluing. Bluing incidentally, for those of you new to guns, is a controlled oxidisation (rusting) of the steel. It is imperative to wipe down the bluing after use with a clean cloth or one that has a small residue of oil in it to take off marks. The gun does not need to be dripping in oil, a light smear polished back is sufficient.

There is another element to protecting your firearms and that is the correct safe size. As most safes are made in China, their method of calculating how many guns a safe will store, is bizarre, to say the least. In my opinion, a 7 Gun Chinese Safe will hold 5 guns at a squeeze and 3 or 4 comfortably, allowing you to remove them without scratching or marking the neighbouring firearms on each side.

It appears to me that the Chinese have not allowed for the rifle bolts sticking out the side nor have they allowed for scopes that seriously risk getting damaged when packing a gun safe to the marked capacity. I have 66 capacity gun safes that will hold around 40 air rifles without scopes and around 36 guns with scopes. Go figure….

Long Term Storage and Safe-keeping of Firearms.

Those of you considering Safe-keeping of firearms need to take storing them one step further than the above. That is, you need to wipe down the gun and put it in a heavy plastic tubular bag welded at one end, then squeeze out the excess air and wrap it tightly around the barrel securing it with a heavy rubber band. You can pick up a bag(s) free of charge when visiting my shop or when ordering any products online.


Storage Safes at GunroomStorage Safes at Gunroom[/caption]

Guns placed in a firearm safe without being crammed tightly together with sufficient air space between each firearm will minimise puncturing the bag and the possible frictional damage between guns. The safe used for Safe-keeping of firearms should also contain an efficient humidity trap to further reduce the risk of air-borne moisture.

Be careful with rags that have been soaked in oil or kerosene or similar as these can self-ignite when bundled tightly together. I put kerosene rags in an open coffee tin and oiled rags in a separate open coffee tin. I also place them where they will do little if any damage should ignition take place.

So, to summarise, long term air rifle storage or the safe-keeping of firearms for an extended period, you need to:
ensure the guns are wiped down,
place them in heavy tubular bags,
seal and store them in a moisture controlled gun safe with sufficient air space between each gun.
At Gunroom we individually check each air rifle, handgun or high powered rifle that has to be stored, prior to following the above 3 steps. The safe-keeping of firearms requires some attention to detail and due diligence if you are to avoid some of the above-mentioned pitfalls.