Brocock Bantam

Brocock Bantam PCP from Gunroom, Part 1 of 2.

Brocock Bantam PCP now available in all calibres.

The Brocock Bantam follows closely in the footsteps of the Brocock Compatto PCP air rifle with several added features, with the most prominent being an adjustable Cheek plate, and a larger cylinder and hence a better shot count. By using a larger cylinder on the Brocock Bantam the power output has been increased on several models, most notably the .25cal that is now fitted with a solid hammer and is rated at 40 Fpe.

The Bantam HiLite Soft-touch.

Brocock has released the 480cc air cylinder as a carbon wrapped version that is lighter than the 500cc model that we bring in by 100 grams. Sporting the Brocock Compatto logo on the side of the action, one can see the Compatto DNA has influenced this design markedly.

The first thing we noticed about the Brocock Bantam HiLite is the apparent slight shift in weight towards the shoulder, a wider fore-end grip and what feels like a lighter gun than the Brocock Compatto, when in fact the weights are fairly close. The Compatto weighs in at 3.17 Kgs and theBrocock HiLite at 2.9 Kgs plus scope, mounts and accessories.

Below you will see the Brocock Bantam HiLite fitted with an MTC Viper Connect scope on a Soft-touch stock. The stock is NOT synthetic but actually, a wood stock coated with a rubber compound that actually feels soft to touch and makes carrying and shooting this a dream.

Bantam HiLite Soft-Touch

Brocock Bantam HiLite Soft-touch viewed on the right right side.

 HiLite Soft-touch

Brocock Bantam PCP HiLite Soft-touch viewed on the left side.

The Brocock Bantam HiLite Soft-touch also sports the fill gauge on the left side of the stock making it quicker and easier to use; safer too for those clowns that insist on sticking their heads directly over the barrel of their PCP Air Rifle with gauges mounted at the end of their cylinders. The filler on the Brocock Bantam is directly under the fore-grip just forward of the trigger guard and is accessed by removing a magnetic cover. The probe under this is a typical Foster fitting, however, accessing this easily is best done using the extended sleeve provided with the air rifle as your fingers will have trouble releasing the fitting when full.

The Brocock Bantam PCP air rifles come with an adjustable check rest on all models coming into Australia and an adjustable butt pad, making these rifles extremely comfortable to shoot. The low weight of the Brocock Bantams is immediately evident when you pick one up, thanks again to some unique engineering in both the frame and stocks. They also use the same 10 shot magazine that comes with the Compatto.

The HiLite in Beech.

Those guys of you out there who are not into synthetics or soft-touch rifle stocks will be pleased to know that Brocock Bantam also has the HiLite in Beech. Weight is the same as the soft-touch with the only differences being the feel and of course the aesthetics.

Both the Beech and the Bantam PCP HiLite stocks are still subject to marking and denting through careless handling whereas the Brocock Compatto with the synthetic stock can withstand abuse with less visible damage. Repairing the Beech stock in the event of scratching or denting it is much like any other rifle stock and a quick search of YouTube will give you a wealth of information. The Soft-touch Brocock Bantam stock is slightly more complicated and I shall follow up shortly with repairing this rubberised finish for those of you unfortunate enough to damage one.

Bantam with Beech Stock

Brocock Bantam HiLite Beech Stock right side.

HiLite in Beech

Brocock Bantam HiLite Beech Stock viewed left side.

Brocock Bantam PCP 500cc Model.

This Brocock Bantam below is fitted with a Beech stock and a 500cc cylinder making it fractionally cheaper than the carbon wrapped bottle that is marginally smaller in capacity. Having recently sold one in .177 cal FAC that produced several hundred shots per fill you begin to appreciate the Sling-Shot hammer fitted to these Brococks.

Bantam with 500cc Cylinder

Brocock Bantam 500cc Beech Stock viewed right side.

Bantam 500cc Beech Stock left side.

Brocock Bantam 500cc Beech Stock viewed left side.

This Bantam PCP 500cc model featured above is in stock in .25 cal with a solid hammer delivering 40Fpe and in .22 cal delivering 30+Fpe with a slingshot hammer. You need to bear in mind that the models of Brocock that we import are FAC rated and take a charge of 240 Bar and not 200 Bar as printed in the literature that comes with them.

I can, of course, supply you with a Bantam PCP 500cc model with a soft-touch stock should you be chasing a .25 cal PCP Air Rifle. As this Bantam 500cc model is around $200+ cheaper than the Bantam PCP HiLite models I will also hold a limited number of .177 and .22 in this configuration. The Soft-touch features below.

Brocock Bantam 500ccc Soft-touch

Brocock Bantam 500cc Soft-touch right side.

Soft-touch Bantam 500cc

Brocock Bantam 500cc Soft-touch viewed left side.

While Brocock also makes a 400cc version as above, these will only be imported as a special order and that will also apply to those of you chasing a 12Fpe Bantam or Compatto in a similar configuration.

Note that the Brocock Bantams and Compattos in FAC come out at 18Fpe in .177 calibre and then you still have the option of dialling the power down to Medium or Low. What power you get then will depend largely on your selection of pellet as the power tends to vary a bit gun to gun through this selector. Should you buy a .177 in 18Fpe and definitely want the option of shooting in <12Fpe competition and still have the available 18Fpe for hunting in high mode, let me know at the time of purchase and I will adjust and set up the rifle specifically for you – no cost.

Brocock Bantam Summary.

The Brocock Bantam PCP air rifles will suit those of you into hunting as they not only have the power and accuracy, but the ergonomics of this PCP allows for comfortable carrying over extended periods of time. Put that together with the lightweight and semi bullpup configuration of the Bantam mounted with one of the MTC Scopes and you have a very versatile package that is competitively priced.

Tuning the Brocock Bantam air rifle for accuracy will be covered in future articles as I will show you what options you have and the effects of adjusting the slingshot hammer. I am also developing a Special Edition Brocock Bantam model that will be available as a fully tuned PCP package complete with pellet test results, an MTC scope and hard-case that comes ready to compete or hunt with.