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JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy air rifle test results.

Blog #29 Weihrauch HW110

The Weihrauch HW110 Testing a Weihrauch HW110 carbine in .177…
Cometa Lynx side image

BLOG #6. Cometa Lynx MKII – first impressions

First Impressions The Cometa Lynx MKII PCP air rifles arrived…
Weihrauch HW77SE and ScopeGunroom Pty Ltd

Blog 28. Choosing a spring airgun at Gunroom in Brisbane.

  Buying a new spring-piston airgun. Getting a new airgun,…
Brocock Compatto Cut-away

Blog #27. Air Rifle Warranty

Blog #27. Extended Air Rifle Warranty. New air rifle purchases…

Blog #26 Air Rifle testing of new spring and PCP air rifles in 2019.

Air Rifle Testing at Gunroom. Testing each air rifle sold has…
Storage Safes at Gunroom

Safe Keeping of Firearms and what you should know

Safe-keeping of Firearms in Australia. The term Safe-keeping…
Daystate Pulsar Synthetic Green Air Rifle

BLOG #25. Brisbane Air Rifles Gun Room

Hi again guys, the move is hopefully still on to 9/32 Spine St,…
Daystate Tsar PCP Air Rifle 01

BLOG #24 Ordering Air Rifles

When we order in air rifles from overseas, we wait until we can…
H&N Extreme Target

BLOG #23. Testing New Air Rifles Explained

Hi once again guys, I want to cover testing of new air rifles,…

Blog #21. Brocock Compatto and MTC Scopes

The Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50x60 Scope. This Hawke Sidewinder…
Brocock Commander PCP air rifle facing right

BLOG #20. Air Rifles Australia

Supplying Air Rifles Australia wide. Reading this blog you will…

BLOG #19. Leapers Bug Buster and Airmax Scopes for controlling Vermin

With many of my customers buying an air rifle for vermin control…