BLOG #9. Increasing my range of PCP Air Rifles

Regular viewers of my website will know that Weihrauch, AirForce, SPA, Evanix and Cometa represent my line-up of PCP air rifles. I am often asked why don’t I stock other makes as well as these. The answer my friends is two fold, for one, my supplier of Weihrauch and Cometa have been with me since I started focusing on air rifle alone and they do provide very good service.

Secondly, being predominantly a web based business, suppliers such as NIOA and several others here in Australia will not supply me as I am, quote, “a back yard business”. How TF would they know that is beyond me as none of them have ever stopped by here. I do get a regular stream of customers calling into Gun Room though most of my sales are done online. So, where to next?

PCP Air Rifles from the USA.

I am now importing PCP and spring air rifles from 2 suppliers in the USA and so I will be offering you a wider range to select from. This also includes Leapers Scopes and Accessories to go together with my range of Hawke Scopes, all dedicated to air rifles.

My pellet range is shortly being increased by 28 more types of pellets in .177, .20, .22, .25, .30, .35,

.45 and .50 calibres. The following models on PCP are in the order process – Customs – Police etc…

Sam Yang.

The Sam Yang PCPs from Korea are exceptionally well finished Pre Charged Pneumatics, rivalling many of the big brands out there. They specialise in Big Bore PCPs with custom scroll work on their rifles together with great finish on both the steel and wood work. Furthermore, and most importantly, they shoot very well indeed and complement my existing range for the serious hunters out there. Below I have the Sam Yang Recluse in .357 followed by the Dragon Claw in .50 Cal that I shall be stocking shortly.

Sam Yang Recluse PCP

Sam Yang Recluse .357 Cal PCP Air Rifle

Eun Jin.

Eun Jin’s Sumatras are the smaller calibre brothers of the Sam Yang tied to them through some Korean inter-company structure I think. These are very similar PCP air rifles in .22 and .25 calibres. I shall be carrying the Sumatra Carbine and the Sumatra 2500 with a 500cc Reservoir.

Eun Jin Sumatra Carbine

Eun Jin Sumatra Carbine PCP Air Rifles in .22 and .25 Cal

Sumatra 2500 PCP by Eun Jin

Eun Jin Sumatra 2500 PCP Air Rifles in .22 and .25 Cal

Benjamin Armada.

I will be stocking the Benjamin Armada in .22 and .25 calibres for those of you chasing this style of rifle that is based on the Benjamin Marauder that is tried and tested with very favourable shooting characteristics. Presently this PCP air rifle is not allowed in West Australia because it “looks like” a Cat D Firearms (Military). Further to this, I am not even allowed to stock it here in WA for that same reason, even though these air rifles can be sold over the counter in the Eastern States. Can you believe this crap? I am sure if the regulations were bought up to date at least dealers in this state could carry these air rifles if they can sell them over East.

The problems here lie in the fact that the Firearm Regulations are not current with firearm design, consumer demand, evolving firearm culture, technologies and Internet Commerce and are left to the interpretation of a few in Police Licencing. While my experience with officers in the WA Police Firearms Branch has been very positive with some very helpful guys working out of there, there is unfortunately an element of negativity there which pisses me no end. Not helpful at all, they just play it safe by saying ‘NO’, as to how they interpret the law, with no regard to gun businesses trying to make a living in a somewhat hostile environment stirred up by ‘greenies’.

Any of you legal guys reading this know of a ‘fix’, then please call me or drop me an email.

Anyway, I am getting them and holding them with another dealer in the East who can ship them out as required until I get it sorted or an exemption to hold them.

Benjamin Armada air rifle

Benjamin Armada PCP Air Rifles in .22 and .25 Cal


Ask me a year ago if I would stock Hatsan and I would probably have said I would rather poke myself in the eye with a blunt stick. How things have changed… and I am the first to admit it.

Basically Hatsan has moved ahead with demand and the changes in market technology, producing some nice Spring, Vortex and PCP air rifles. Expect to see these on my floor shortly:

Hatsan BT65 PCP air rifle

Hatsan BT65 Elite PCP Air Rifles in .22 and .25 Cal

Hatsan AT44 PCP air rifle

Hatsan AT44PA PCP Air Rifles in .22 and .25 Cal

PCP Summary

So if any of you are interested in a PCP as above, please contact me so I can adjust my air rifle shipment volume from the USA. I also have a shipment of Weihrauch PCP air rifles due in late April so if any of you are chasing HW100Ts in Laminates, you had better move your butts and contact me soon as most have already been taken.

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