BLOG #5. Air Rifle Targets

When you initially get into air rifles the tendency is to go out and buy a pack of paper targets to hone your shooting skills. While this is OK there is an easier way that will give you much more enjoyment with less hassle and that is a resettable spinning target. This allows you to plink away and gauge your results instantly rather than scoring off a paper target card that needs changing at regular intervals. Save this type of target practice for when you have achieved a degree of marksmanship on a resettable target.

I have tried many types of these resettable targets and can assure you that there are varying degrees of quality out there as well as price. A few years ago any resettable target was acceptable but now with high powered spring and PCP air rifles, you need a high quality target that can absorb the power if you want it to last.

Double Spinner Targets.

This rotating double target spinner is the cheapest I sell (part# 2524) and in fact the most durable. The target faces are made of 9.5mm (3/8”) steel plate that rotate on a 10mm shaft, making this target spinner a durable accessory when used with any air rifle or rim-fire.

Weihrauch HW100TK with Hawke Airmax 30 Scope

Weihrauch HW100TK PCP with Hawke Airmax 30 Scope

Essentially you have 2 targets, the lower one that is 90 mm in diameter and the upper disc that is 55mm in diameter. They have a paper target stuck to the face of each disc that will last around 5 minutes if you are actually hitting the discs when shooting. Personally I do not worry about replacing the paper target stuck to the discs and just aim at either disc that will rotate partially or fully, dependent upon the power of the air rifle.

This spinner target is hammered into the ground whereby the 2 legs support the target. In soft ground you may have to knock the target legs in until they reach the cross piece just below the lower target disc, while in harder ground, I have found that pushing the legs in 100mm works fine.

Target specification.

The overall measurements are:

Overall Height including legs: 455mm
Width: 145mm
Depth of legs to cross bar: 160mm
Diameter of legs/shafts: 10mm
Distance between Discs (centre to centre) 190mm
Swinging arc (large disc) 95mm
Swinging arc (small disc) 90mm
Weight: 1.429Kgs

Double Target Spinner for PCPs Rifles


This spinner target is ideal for any air rifle up to and including PCPs to .25 calibre: that means if you own a Weihrauch, Cometa, Evanix or AirForce PCP or springer, this will work for you. When using a Rimfire, PCP or powerful springer I would keep the targets out to at least 25 metres as some lighter projectiles are prone to ricochets. I would hesitate to use an AirForce Texan on these targets as the power of these rifles will knock the shafts about.

Air Rifle Spinner Targets.

This air rifle target is just that, ‘an air rifle target’ (part #2523) and I would not recommend you using a PCP on it under 30 metres and then some, depending on power. A Weihrauch HW100 at around 30Fpe would most likely work OK at 40 or more metres out but I can assure you that any less and the target will deteriorate very quickly. An AirForce Condor .25 calibre is NOT the air rifle for this target as it will not sustain 80Fpe for long.

My advise is to only use springers on this spinner target and in the case of the Weihrauch HW77 and 80, don’t shoot at it under 40 metres. It is more suitable for the HW30s, 50 and 95 or the Cometa 220 and Cometa Galaxy in .177 calibre for sustained use and longevity.

Weihrauch HW50 Medium sized Spring Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW50

This target has a paper target holder on top that works quite well until you hit the holder itself a few times and then you have a problem. Best practice on the rotating discs first so that you can be assured of not hitting the frame would be my advice otherwise it will soon work out to be an expensive investment.

To the left and right there are 2 diamond discs 50mm across each face made of what looks to be 2.6mm plate. This is pretty light so you need to use an air rifle with 15Fpe or less in my opinion.

Below this top cross arm there are 4 spinning targets consisting of what looks to be a pig at each end with a duck and a chicken inside of them. Placed at 25 metres this would work well as each figurine is 45 x 25mm max with the lower discs at 35mm diameter.

With a small spinner target such as this, set out at 25 or more metres, one would achieve consistent results using telescopic sights, though there are those guys around who can do justice with open sights on a springer at better than these distances.

Specification of this Air Rifle Spinner Target.

Target Holder size: To suit 140 x 140mm paper targets
Upper Cross Arm 400mm x 10mm solid bar
Lower Cross arm 300mm with 4 bearing sleeves
Main Upper Centre Post 310mm x 15 x 15mm
Main Lower Centre Post with Spade end 400mm Post with120mm Spade at base
Overall Height assembled 980mm (top of Target holder to bottom of spade)
Upper Spinners 2 x Diamond 50 x 50 x 2.6mm
Lower Spinners 4 x 35mm Discs under small animal punch-out.
Weight: 1.730Kgs

Air Rifle Spinner Target

Summary of Targets.

The Double spinner targets are the most durable out of the pair reviewed here with minimal moving parts and heavy plate target discs. The air rifle spinner target has more to offer with a variety of individual targets that would suit a beginner or the owner of a medium to light powered air rifle (<12Fpe).

If however, the reader decides to purchase the air rifle spinner and he owns a high powered spring air rifle or a PCP, then I suggest setting it out at 40 metres or more. I would not recommend using a high powered PCP such as an AirForce Condor in either .22 or .25 calibre on these types of lightly constructed air rifle targets.

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