Blog #47. New Year with Gunroom Australia

Happy Returns for the New Years guys.

By the time you read this it will be 2021 and hopefully a better year than this disastrous year we have just experienced, with Covid calling the shots and massive job losses. I am still concerned that after March the Government has said it will stop some of these ex-gratia payments, that there will be another turn-down. I think the country is running on credit at present, so hold your breath.


I can access the MkIV water-cooled Compressors and the New Warrior air-cooled Compressors BUT I cannot access the Foster Fittings yet.

So those of you who have ordered compressors and not yet received them, please contact me ASAP and I will send them out the same day but WITHOUT the Foster Fitting. I will send out the Foster fittings as soon as I can access them in my containers. Guys, I CANNOT do better than that, so abusive calls and threats do not help you or myself.

If you are after a Compressor, same deal, I can supply the compressors but NOT the Foster fitting yet. Note: my supply for Compressors is now getting low, so please contact me if you think you can obtain a Foster fitting elsewhere.

Air Rifles.

Much the same new here, I cannot access my air rifle stock until I can move into a warehouse. I have signed up for a warehouse but now the Realtor is on holidays, can you believe this shite? If I cannot access it within 2 weeks I have another warehouse, larger and more expensive that I can move into at short notice.

There is a shortage here of warehouses in the areas where I want to operate from and now the Shires have categorised units into warehouse, shop, factory, printers, food prep, etc, etc. The warehouse I want was originally categorised as a warehouse (what I want) and then a lessee changed it to Printers and now I have to change it back to warehouse. Cost $273, plus plans, business plan, etc, etc, and 60 – 90 days for approval. Another Shire money making venture.

Wholesaling and Internet

I am changing the working model of Gunroom Australia to wholesaling and Internet only, no shop, no walk-ins (unless by appointment). My experiment in Brisbane was hampered by fraud, then stealing, then lies that cost me plenty. I am not going through that again and will handle all the money myself.

Peter Watson who worked for me prior to moving to Brisbane is back with me again, a steady and reliable colleague I can count on.

The Future for Gunroom Australia.

I have negotiated 2 new suppliers of air rifles, a new air cooled compressor, 4 new Scope models and a new range of pellets. Over the next few months you will see a growth in the business that is unprecedented together with some new software, including ‘Build your own Gun’ which will hopefully reduce my time on the phone.

JSB Pellets are also on my shopping list together with some Slugs from the USA. I have FINALLY sourced the manufacturers of a great Gun Case, not unlike the Penguin Cases that are the standard they all aim for. The good news here is that they will be sold at the right price and included in package deals when required.

That is it guys, bear with me and we will come out of this OK. Take care over the Silly Season as there are too many idiots out there.