BLOG #4. Gunroom and changes

Over the next few months you will see a large number of changes with Gunroom, including Air Rifles in stock, Pellets, a new website, different online purchasing of products and so on.

I am moving my stock into a 20 Ft Container (9’6” High) so I can better see my air rifle stock rather than delving through a number of safes doing stock takes and searching for specific air rifles. My accessories will also be stocked differently so I can keep better stock records etc.

The month of May.

This has been a particularly shitty month as I stood on a rusty nail that penetrated my work boot and went into the ball of my foot behind my big toe. It hit the bone on the way in as a result I have a bone infection that has seen me hospitalised after bone scans etc, etc. My language is colourful at the best of times but I was lost for a suitable adjective to explain the pain, as the ‘F’ word seemed somehow inadequate in understating my agony.

If that isn’t enough, I took 2 orders by text while I was in hospital on my brand new IPhone 6+. Well I guess you know what is coming next, between the hospital in Perth, a shopping centre and arriving home in Yanchep, the phone went missing. 2 weeks old and $1300 with no insurance cover. “Fffffar out….”

Well I would like those 2 guys in Queensland who texted orders for Scopes and Pellets to please reorder them as I have no idea who you are as your details are on my Phone. Apparently one of you was recommended by an existing customer of mine if that is any help.

On top of this I have 4 air rifles to go out this week (16th – 23rd May_) that have not gone. To those of you affected you have my apologies.

Air Rifle Pellets.

I send out air rifle pellets on a regular basis but of late I have been receiving complaints about dented tins and deformed pellets. This has resulted in me replacing these pellets at my cost including freight and hence I am going backwards.

I am going to only ship out a MINIMUM of 10 tins at a time as I feel that the handlers are throwing the parcels around on their way to the customers. A heavier box with additional packaging and a minimum of 10 tins of pellets will be more difficult to handle and hopefully this will cure the problem.

I now know why quite a few dealers do not send pellets via online orders as this problem is not confined to Gunroom, but everyone who sends pellets by mail.

With the advent of 25 cal PCPs and the interest that they are attracting, I am ordering various new brands of pellets to supply this niche of the market. I hope to start photographing the new stocks so that they can be displayed on the new website shortly.

Gunroom and the new website.

My new website is well under way and is being built by my web guy, Ray in the Philippines. He felt that the existing site was too ‘square’ and old fashioned and has come up with a new theme. Ray is in his early 20’s and so expect a vastly different style of site to what we currently have.

This new site will allow me to drop a number of products such as some of the Hawke Scopes that have been discontinued and make way for more tuning accessories for the Talon and Condor PCP air rifles together with associated accessories.

Purchasing on line.

I have quite a large number of customers who owe me small amounts of money, say between $20 and $60. Despite my constant reminders to them about the overdue invoices they still remain unpaid.

With the EXCEPTION of established customers who do pay on time, I will be asking for payment prior to sending the goods as my margins do not cover this type of overhead. I will repeat this, if you are an ESTABLISHED customer, say someone who regularly buys stuff or who has purchased an air rifle etc, then it is business as usual. Unfortunately, any new customers that come along will be required to pay for goods prior to shipment until they have established a regular patter of payments.

As usual, it is only a small percentage that stuff it up for others….

Air Rifle Makes and Models.


As you all know, I carry all the Weihrauch models that are bought into Australia plus the Weihrauch HW100KT when I can get them. For those of you looking at getting a HW100KT then please email me (don’t text me as you know what I am like with phones….”. I will have the HW100KT in Brown/Black laminate and in Synthetic in .22 cal. If you want one in .177 then sing out now as I only have a couple of those coming in.

Weihrauch HW100KT With Custom Barrel Band Trigger And Air Stripper.

Weihrauch HW100KT


Those of you in the Target shooting fraternity have obviously heard about the great performance of the Evanix Blizzard in .177 calibre. I stock the .22 cal in the Blizzard but not the .177 cal at present though I should have one with the next shipment.

I am carrying various hammer springs for the Blizzard and Windy City and so will be able to provide you with some tuning assistance in both these models.

I have also heard on good authority that the Customs has approved the import of some semi automatic air rifles from Evanix, see here. If you are even slightly interested, then please email or call me and I will call you back and we can discuss these models coming in.

The Evanix Blizzard with Airmax 30 Scope.

The Evanix Blizzard with Airmax 30 Scope.

AirForce Condor and Talon.

Some of the tuning parts are arriving over the next few weeks for the Condor and Talon. To help you guys that are still sitting on the fence, I am doing another article this week on the Talon .25 cal and .22 cal that will cover accuracy and shot count at 3 different settings. This will be followed by another article covering tuning the Condor and Talon and what to expect from different products when modifying either of these models.

AirForce Talon with Hawke Scope setup

AirForce Talon with Hawke Scope setup

I have 2 AirForce Texans in 45 cal on order, if you are interested then you should know the drill by now.


Guys, don’t forget the Cometa range which I stock. I haven’t done much with this range of air rifle but following the recent sale of a Fenix 400 that is about to change as I was quite impressed by the accuracy and power of this air rifle.

Help with feedback for Gunroom.

If there are other products that you would like to see being available online, then please reach out to me about it. I do not know what you guys want for the most part but until you tell me I can’t help you.

If there is a particular model of air rifle that you feel would fit in well with what I am offering then let’s hear about it. For example, I am considering stocking the Marauder and the FX Bobcat in .25 and .30 cal. Interested?

Articles and Testing.

Here again, what do you want to know about? I am prepared to test anything that I stock and give you the scoop without the bullshit, be it good or bad, but I need some feedback.

At Gunroom I stock Weihrauch, Cometa, AirForce and Evanix air rifles and will look at other leading brands providing they are good quality and fill a niche, all I need from you guys is feedback.

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