JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy air rifle test results.

Blog #29 Weihrauch HW110

The Weihrauch HW110

Testing a Weihrauch HW110 carbine in .177 calibre recently, resulted in some interesting results. The air rifle in question is a Weihrauch HW110 carbine that is seldom seen in airgunning circles with most guys preferring the longer barrel version. Having tested both models, the long and the short, I did not see one being better than the other. As I test in a 25 metre range that may be the reason why, as I imagine the longer barrel may have the edge over a longer distance.

Weihrauch HW110 PCP Air Rifle Carbine in .177 cal

Weihrauch HW110 Carbine in .177 cal

Weihrauch HW100 FAC PCP Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW100 FAC PCP Air Rifle in .177 with softouch stock and Ballistic Polymer action.


The Weihrauch HW110 on Targets.

I am hoping this article will explain to you guys just why I test every air rifle prior to delivery. I shoot down a Test Facility that has a 25 metre tunnel of a high density plastic as used in culverts. Due to the angle of the rifle in relation to the side walls, a pellet cannot penetrate it, neither can a .357 or a .44 magnum, been there, tried that.

The target itself utilises real cardboard targets positioned in front of the SIUS 25/50 Target System. The results you see below are zoomed up 300% and so some of the shots can look a bit errant, but in fact that is not the case. The bottom right of the target shows the outside diameter of the group. During the testing stage, all I am interested in is the group, I do not care where abouts it is on the target, just so long as I get a group.

On PCP air rifles, I shoot 6 shots for each pellet, with 6 pellets on test. If by chance none of the 6 pellets work out, I will try another couple and if that is a negative, I will pull the gun down.

The Weihrauch HW110 on test belongs Ms. Sarah Cooper who has graciously allowed me to use the results of her air rifle in this blog.

H&N Baracuda Test Target for a HW110

1st Target testing Baracuda Pellets in the Weihrauch HW110 .177

H&N Baracuda Hunter air rifle test results.

2nd Target testing Baracuda Hunter Pellets in the Weihrauch HW110 .177

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme air rifle test results.

3rd Target testing Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets in the Weihrauch HW110 .177 (Note: The word ‘Extreme print ran off the target’

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy air rifle test results.

4th Target testing JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Pellets in the Weihrauch HW110 .177

H&N Sniper Magnum air rifle test results.

5th  Target testing Sniper Magnum Pellets in the Weihrauch HW110 .177

H&N Baracuda Match air rifle test results.

6th  Target testing Baracuda Match Pellets in the Weihrauch HW110 .177

The above is a pretty standard test result, however, I left ONE target out.  On this target below I started out by shooting the H&N Terminator Pellets that went very wayward, so far in fact, I was concerned that maybe I had bumped my scope. After 5 shots, I then put through another 5 shots IMMEDIATELY using H&N Baracudas. The Terminators are the large group on the top left while the Baracudas are surrounding the bull. The lesson to take home here is simple, should you select the wrong pellet for your air rifle you can expect a poor performance from it. That usually ends up blaming the air rifle or dealer and not the pellets.

Weihrauch HW110 Test Target

Weihrauch HW110 Test with Terminators outer group and Baracudas inner group

For your information, I have had good results from Terminators in the past in exactly the same model PCP air rifle, so you cannot globally discount Terminators based on one target result. You need to bear this in mind when testing your air rifle or purchasing a new one: Pellet selection is crucial.

Another factor to be aware of, and that is the results are from a NEW air rifle, clean barrel etc and one not bedded in yet. Once the barrel has had 500+ shots through it, you will find the accuracy improving. In part it is due to the rifle settling in and the other part is the shooter becoming more comfortable with the rifle, i.e., developing muscle memory.

As for my shooting, I tend to rush these tests a bit as time is my enemy here. The results still indicate the best pellet whether I bench rest it or snap shoot it like above. The quest is not to get the ultimate score, it is to compare the pellets to each other. That is the end result.

Weihrauch HW110 Test Summary.

For those of you who maybe anticipating buying a 12Fpe Weihrauch HW110, the results of the pellet test are below:

Weihrauch HW110 Pellet Test Results

Weihrauch HW110 Pellet Test Results Spreadsheet

As can been see from the highlight, the JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy pellets performed the best, despite have a poor Standard Deviation. This is probably due to a deformed pellet skirt that is often the case with JSB. here in Australia. The HW110 owner, Sarah Cooper went on and shot this target below with her second round with the air rifle, having not shot a PCP before.

Weihrauch HW110 test shot

Sarah Cooper personal test target

I think this Blog demonstrates the need to get your air rifle tested prior to picking it up. I personally test every air rifle prior to shipping and only charge the customer if they want the results as it takes some time in post processing. This little Weihrauch HW110 is a great little performer that wouldn’t embarrass the shooter at their local club competition:  it is quite possibly a giant killer.


Ian McIntosh


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