Blog 28. Choosing a spring airgun at Gunroom in Brisbane.


Airgun help when researching.

A new airgun, whether it is your first gun or an additional rifle, still takes some forethought. Jump this step and you are likely to walk away with an airgun that the dealer stocks and not one that fills your need.

Here in Australia, the majority of gun dealers tolerate air rifles and stock a cheap line up so as to satisfy the novice buyer to the world of airguns. If this describes you as a ‘newbie’ into air rifles, then you are on the right website, we ONLY deal in airguns, ones that we know and service.

The entry-level spring powered airgun.

Most of us who shoot air rifles started off with a spring-piston airgun, commonly called a “springer”. From the small springers, we moved up to larger springers or made the transition to a PCP air rifle. Not to get ahead too quickly here, I will cover the spring powered airguns to begin with.

If the new air rifle is for a youngster or a woman, the priority would be to get a correctly sized rifle by weight, length, power and comfort. In saying this, I am not advocating buying a cheap gun or an expensive one, but a rifle that will be both accurate and reliable. You seldom see these two words in the same sentence as a cheap airgun.

We currently stock 2 brands of spring-piston airgun and will shortly be adding another 2 brands of air rifle to the mix. In the meantime, the cheapest of the entry-level springers we sell is the Cometa and from their line-up, we only stock 4 models. These models I consider value for money as they are cheap, shoot pretty well and so far have proven to be reliable. Cometa has been around for a long time and is a well-established airgun manufacturer from Spain. The best value for money from Cometa, in my opinion, has to be the synthetic Galaxy model that is light, powerful, ergonomically comfortable and very accurate.

Cometa Galaxy Airgun

Cometa Galaxy Airgun

Moving up from the Cometa range of airguns, we are now looking at Weihrauch from Germany. Often described as over-engineered and heavy, but always reliable and accurate. The ‘heavy’ description does apply in fact to the more powerful spring air rifles such as the HW77, 97K and 80 models, so please bear that in mind if looking at a larger Weihrauch.

In the entry level, I would probably recommend the Weihrauch HW30s for someone with a slight build or young, followed by the marginally larger Weihrauch HW50. Neither gun is as powerful as the Cometa Galaxy but both are ahead on quality, reliability and market acceptance.

Weihrauch HW30s spring Airgun

Weihrauch HW30s Airgun

Larger spring air rifles.

Presently, the only large spring airguns we have are the Weihrauchs, being the HW77, HW97K and HW80. Of these three springers, the HW80 is commonly referred to as a “break-barrel”. Simply put it means that one has to pull the barrel down towards the action to cock the rifle, while the HW77 and HW97K have fixed barrels. To cock these two models, one has to release the under-lever by pressing a button just under the muzzle. This releases the detent and the loading lever comes free, ready to be cycled in the cocking the gun.

The HW77, HW77K and HW97K share most of the same parts in the action and compression cylinders. The only difference is the HW77 comes with a 470mm barrel, the HW77K with a 370mm barrel and the HW97K with a 300mm barrel. By default, the longer barrel of the HW77 lends itself to target work with the HW97K more popular in hunting circles due to the shorter overall length and slightly lighter gun.

If you are new to the air rifle sport and physically capable of carrying around one of these heavy guns, they come well recommended with a solid following and a reliable history. Further to this, if you are looking for a powerful spring-piston air rifle without going to the expense of buying a Pre Charged Pneumatic rifle (aka PCP), the HW77, HW97K or HW80 could fit the bill.

Weihrauch HW97K Blackline spring airgun

Weihrauch HW97K Blackline Air Rifle

What makes an airgun good choice?

Starting with the Cometa Galaxy, this airgun is simple and easy to maintain and service. It has minimal moving parts and compatible spring and seals making parts readily available. Best of all it is $100 cheaper than the HW30s which should appeal to those on a budget.

The Weihrauch spring-piston airguns are well supported by after-market suppliers such as Vortek and Maccari, both of whom make tuning kits that further enhance the already enviable accuracy of the Weihrauchs including the HW30s and HW50.


The brief above tells you why the airguns are considered suitable as entry-level air rifles but I haven’t covered why you should by from Gunroom.

Air rifles are all that we do, no powder burners or shotguns, just the good old air gun. We do the warranty on all the air rifles that we sell, including the 3 year extended warranty that is often taken up. We have a fully equipped Service Centre where we tune, service and rebuild air rifles, both spring-piston and PCPs. Alongside is a 25 metre Test Range with chronograph and a SIUS 25/50 Target System where we test fire and conduct a pellet selection test on every airgun sold at Gunroom.

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