Daystate Pulsar Synthetic Green Air Rifle

BLOG #25. Brisbane Air Rifles Gun Room

Hi again guys, the move is hopefully still on to 9/32 Spine St, Sumner Park in Brisbane where we will sell our air rifles and operate out of a small shop that has a warehouse behind it. That is once I have managed to get through all the red tape and bullshit that has been put in place by bureaucrats that know SFA about firearms and even less about small businesses. Anyway, providing I don’t cut my throat before I get these bloody permits, I will get there.

The move will allow us to do tuning and testing indoors, regardless of weather: an issue that really affects us at present in Yanchep. I anticipate working Tuesdays to Saturdays with time out on Sundays and Mondays, let’s see if I can get that to work….

Business online will not be affected and with the improved ADSL/NBN in the Sumner area will allow us to capitalise on our integration of a Cart into the website. Effectively it will free us up from writing invoices and spending hours trolling bank records trying to decipher those of you who do not write anything on their payments through the bank. (Thanks Guys, I need the extra work…)

There will be a change in the website landscape over the coming months as we will add all our products together with our air rifles and prices. Navigation will be easier and I shall be updating all my articles to bring them in line with current air rifle development. Product research covering Huma Regulators, Vortek Tuning Kits, extensive Pellet Testing together with video clips on new PCP air rifles will be featured as I will have more time. We also have some new scopes on the horizon that will be featured, so watch this space.

Payments will be made through PayPal or direct debit using a Card, this will update our MYOB accounting and speed up the order through to shipping process.

Daystate Air Rifles.

It is early October 2017 as I write this, so I am pleased to tell you that the Daystate Wolverine2 PCP range of PCP air rifles are now available with a few units in Customs at present. Those of you who have asked about the Daystate Wolverine2 in the past will shortly be able to view the full test results.

Daystate Wolverine2 HiLite HP

Wolverine2 HiLite available in FAC and HP (High Power)

I have both the Wolverine2 in FAC mode and in HP (High Power) mode in this stock order. As I am getting a lot of requests for larger calibres, you can be assured that I will be carrying the Wolverine2 in .25 and .303 calibres.

Daystate Pulsar HP

Daystate Pulsar HP – Note the longer barrel.

I will also be testing the Pulsar HP .25 calibre Bullpup shortly before I depart for Brisbane. I have also included in my next order a Pulsar HP in .303 that should be enough to make your eyes water.

Air Rifle Tuning.

I will still be tuning air rifles, only now I will have a lot more space and hopefully be better organised. Tuning offered will cover the Weihrauch range of springers from HW30 throughout to the HW110 PCP. Brococks and Daystate air rifles will be able to be tuned and serviced as I have a comprehensive range of parts and after-market accessories for these PCP air rifles. The Ataman PCPs will be here soon (expected date mid-December, 2017) and parts and service kits are expected to follow shortly after. I anticipate Ataman PCPs developing a sound following here in Australia as these are a quality air rifle fitted with non other than the Lothar Walter barrels.

Ataman M2R Carbon Stock Carbine

Ataman M2R Carbine with a Carbon Stock

Air Rifle Testing.

We will be testing ALL the air rifles we stock, tune or sell on behalf of, only this time Peter shall not be the only one doing the tests along with myself. My niece, Jane Mann, will be working full-time and be doing the bulk of air rifle testing and assist me in the photography side of the website as well.

While we have tested all the air rifles we sold in the past, we recently had a software glitch that cost us some 40 test results over the busy January/February period. I am hoping that the introduction of the SIUS HS25/50 Hybridscore Target system integrated with our current program will not only provide a superbly accurate diagnostic of each shot in a target, but be a reliable platform as well. As Jane will be doing the update into the computer after each test, the likelihood of losing bulk records is negated as she will have the ability to retest any suspect results immediately. You can view the SIUS handbook here.

Air Rifle Sales and Office Management.

The counter air rifle sales will be handled by myself and my partner, Dusanka Owczarek, that should raise the efficiency of what until now has been virtually a ‘one man show’. I will also do the website the articles and social media that is mandatory for websites these days together with the photography along with Jane.

Dusanka will assist with the Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), After-Market Product Research and the Accounting/daily finances. With the 3 of us working here I think that you will see a positive impact on service with a massive shift in website material, structure, images, videos and articles in the near future, that until now was done mostly by myself. The website management will now be handled by Naresh Kumar in India.

So there you have it, a new shop and new team and I welcome any suggestions or comments that can ultimately assist in providing a competent sales and service business for you and your interest in air rifles.

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