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BLOG #24 Ordering Air Rifles

When we order in air rifles from overseas, we wait until we can have a reasonable number to send as that reduces the air freight substantially. Air freight basically relies on economies of scale, so air freighting in 1 air rifle will cost substantially more than bringing in 15 on a pro rata basis. In our air freight orders, I also bring in Pellets, Spare parts and Accessories, again to reduce the cost of freight pro rata on all the goods.

Ataman Soft Touch M2R Bullpup

Daystate Tsar

The delays getting Air Rifles.

With more expensive PCP air rifles such as Daystate, Brocock and Ataman, many of the orders need to be built or at least assembled. Because a model of Daystate for example, appears on You Tube in the USA, that does NOT mean it is available in Australia. The Daystate Wolverine2 is a classic example where this PCP air rifle was tested on You Tube weeks prior to the Las Vegas Gun Show. Why? So they can create demand prior to the show where in all likelihood more air rifles are sold to dealers in a few days that all of Australia in a year. Supply and Demand, simple.

Brocock Compatto

Ataman M2R Type 2 Bullpup

So those of you who gave me static about the Wolverine2 not being available in Australia now know that the ones coming here this month (May, 2017) have only just been built. I cannot get them quicker than that.

Then there is the fact that I am required to supply serial numbers to the Police prior to them issuing me a B709 import permit, even for air guns. Then some of these air guns have to be built first.….. Then it takes a week or three before the permit arrives wherein it is sent to the UK (or Russia or the USA) and the order is actioned. I have also had air guns sitting in Customs in the UK for 3 weeks for reasons unknown. These issues guys, are beyond my control and annoy me more than you; I can assure you of that. The world as we knew it 10 years ago has changed dramatically and legitimate firearm owners, including air gun enthusiasts, now find themselves on the pointy end of bureaucratic bullshit.

Air Rifle Parts.

Ordering in air rifle parts is a slightly different situation due to the size and quantity ordered. I have received a bit of static in the past because I couldn’t find some small part for various customers who have obscure guns. I think you need to be realistic here guys, if I email my 5 main suppliers about some obscure part, then if they do not reply I think you can be assured that they don’t have it. I could of course call them and get put on hold for 15 minutes only to be told that they don’t have it: problem here is that the call costs more than the part.

So to fix this, I am only ordering in parts for air rifles that I represent or actually sell, that way I can mostly guarantee a quick service at a cost effective price. There is only one of me and I am time poor to put it mildly, so servicing MY customers who frequent Gun Room and owners of guns I represent are my priority. That comes at the expense of someone who buys some oddball air rifle and gear elsewhere. Sorry about that. So if you have an air rifle that I stock or bring into Australia, then by all means I will source the part(s) for you but they will need to be paid for prior to ordering unless you have already purchased an air rifle from me.

Customers new to Gun Room however, should you order a part for an air rifle, you will be asked to pay for it in full prior to us doing so. Simply put guys, I have a heap of small orders here that have not been paid for or picked up for reasons that are beyond me. Once you establish yourself as a customer at Gun Room, be it for an air rifle or just pellets, then I am open to credit terms whereby I will order in for you prior to payment.

Gun Room in Brisbane.

If you don’t know by now then please be aware that I am moving to Brisbane in the coming weeks and will get established at 9/32 Spine St, Sumner Park, 4074, and should be trading there by July 1, 2017. Don’t expect my shop to be finished as that will be a ‘work in progress’ but I will have on hand a reasonable stock of Daystate, Brocock, Ataman and Weihrauch PCP air rifles together with MTC Scopes.

With more room and 2 people to assist me in the office, sales, testing and air rifle tuning, the service can be expected to improve greatly. One of the biggest improvements will be seen in ordering and supply as I will have an internet service that is more stable than where I am presently in Yanchep. I am working with an internet service (Telstra) that is off-line more than on, drops out consistently in 2 minute frequencies and is slower than Dial-up the majority of the time.

Those of you who have ordered parts, MTC Scopes and even air rifles and received no response, this is the reason. The last few months we were off line so much that we had over 2500 emails when we finally got them through and I am still working on them. I am even receiving emails over the last few weeks that were sent months ago, it is a nightmare service though I am not sure that “service” is an apt description.

MTC Viper Pro Scope

MTC Viper Pro 5-30×50

I will follow up this Blog with another that will over-view the Brisbane business and give you a better understanding of how we hope to improve your experience with us. I will also start the new shop off with a range of Special Deals that I am getting supported by the Suppliers and these will include Daystate, Brocock and Ataman PCP air rifles, so I hope to see or hear from you then.

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  1. william ambrey
    william ambrey says:

    Hi Ian, I’d like to buy a Vortek tune kit for a recent Weihrauch 95 – it is the 12FPE spring – can you get it for me & how would i pay for such – I thought you were starting a Paypal system?

    Hope to hear from you.

    regards William Ambrey.

    • Ian
      Ian says:

      Hi mate,

      Paypal is too expensive for us and we are looking at another way of doing it at present. The IT guy is working on it as I write this.

      I will need to check if I have a HW95 kit, otherwise it will be another 6 weeks or more before we order in more kits. The demand has evaporated presently. We cannot order just one kit, we have a minimum order level.

      I will look through the kits over the next few days.


  2. william ambrey
    william ambrey says:

    Hi Ian, Just checking up to see if you found a Vortek (or similar) Spring Kit for a Weirauch HW95 in your stock.

    If not, how long will the next shipment take to arrive in country? It’s not an emergency – but the twanging is this rifles only let down.

    thanks William.


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