Blog #2. Weihrauch HW100 PCP Air Rifles.

I was going to archive this Weihrauch blog due to the age and history point of view but have decided to leave it as there are still some interesting facts to be gained. So please excuse the “past tense” application of this blog, though I am sure you will still gain something from it as the air rifle is still available as presented today.

The Weihrauch HW100KT in Laminate and Synthetic.

The Weihrauch HW100KT air rifle is due into stock within a couple of weeks and I will have them in wood, black/brown laminate and synthetic. Those of you who missed out last time please register your interest now as I do not expect these rifles to hang about long. Following the last shipment I had, people came up to me as late as March to say they wanted a HW100KT but hadn’t known about my shipment and so they missed out.

I will be doing some package deals with a Hawke Scope (new model), Pellet Testing and SCUBA filling valve set or Hill Hand Pump. So if you are serious about getting a laminate model or a synthetic, and this includes the HW100T as well as the KT, then please reach out to me.

Calibres and Bling with the HW100KT.

I am only getting the HW100KT air rifle in .22 calibre but I can do you a HW100T or HW100S in .177 calibre in laminate or synthetic. I have a shipment of H&N  pellets coming in at about the same time and this includes so newly designed H&N pellets that I am keen to test on the HW100KT and 100T.

I have a good range of Rowan Engineering accessories in stock at present so those of you purchasing a HW100KT would do well to get some of these performance accessories included in a package price.

HW100KT side profile

Weihrauch HW100KT showing accessories.

This HW100KT above is fitted with an adjustable brass trigger, brass barrel band and black air stripper with a brass cone. These air rifle options together with aftermarket air cylinders are also available  for this KT model as well as the larger HW100T.

Weihrauch HW100KT

Weihrauch HW100KT accessorised.

The HW100KT PCP air rifle models came into Australia with the muzzle shroud last year which surprised us all as we were informed by Customs that they considered the shroud an “incomplete silencer” if you can believe that. The fact that it would be easier to make a silencer from scratch than to dick around and modify this one, obviously hasn’t entered into anyone’s head. Furthermore, this shroud is too short and narrow to make an effective silencer.

Below I have an image of the Weihrauch HW100KT as it came into Australia the last time, so here’s hoping that they let this shipment through too.

Weihrauch HW100KT facing forward

Weihrauch HW100KT PCP Air Rifle Summary.

For reasons unknown to myself, the HW100KT has not been stocked by the wholesalers on its merits alone and it has only been available by ordering specific numbers for myself that they actually got here. This is a shame as the carbine model, being the KT (Thumbhole and carbine version in a Sporter stock) would seriously rival the sales of the larger HW100T and HW100S if left to the market place.

While not everyone wants a carbine version air rifle but when you look at the sales of the HW77 versus the HW77K (carbine version), you will see that the HW77K outsells the HW77 many times over. There also used to be a large following of air gunners for the HW97K which is also a carbine air rifle but 100mm shorter than the HW77K.

I’m guessing here, but it looks like none of this was taken into consideration when it was decided to go 100% with the Weihrauch HW100T as opposed to the HW100KT PCP air rifles that were omitted.

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