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BLOG #16. Air Rifle Ordering from Gun Room

I recently read on an air rifle forum several comments that I have taken issue to, and basically it was this, “my friend ordered and paid for an air rifle 4 months ago from Gun Room and he still hasn’t received it…”. Words to that effect. I do not know what the writer was trying to say but maybe if he can get stock quicker than me then I have a job for him….. I thought not.

I have looked through my records and I do not see anyone who has waited 4 months. There are a number of guys who have paid DEPOSITS and they have been waiting 3 months and a couple of guys have paid in full, the longest was 3 months ago approximately. So what is the problem?

Ordering Guns.

Let me give you an idea of what is involved when we order guns into the country here in West Australia. Firstly you need to be sure that the Police will grant you a B709 permit to import the weapon(s). You can go ahead and order them and when you have paid for them, the seller issues you with the serial numbers. You then apply for a B709 along with the serial numbers and when the police get around to issuing you the B709, you have to hope that they have not rejected any firearms you have paid for at this stage. That being the case you have a problem.

I don’t have any faith in the WA police firearms approval guys who are just too negative in my opinion and as the firearms act is archaic to put it mildly, too much is left to the interpretation and discretion of the issuing officers. To get an idea of what they are like, visit my Blog #12 where I have put a list together of what I want to bring into Australia and they have gone ahead and rejected several items: because in their “opinion” the guns look like “military” weapons. What about the Mausers and Enfields that have fought numerous wars, they are true “military” weapons but the police don’t ban Winchesters, Remingtons etc. I see two standards here and then again, we are only talking Air Rifles FFS!

They let in the AirForce (below) but not the Benjamin Armada (2nd image down) into WA. Go Figure…..

AirForce Talon PCP Air Rifle

AirForce Talon

Benjamin Armada PCP

Benjamin Armada

Once you get the B709 issued to you, you forward it to the seller and they then apply for a permit to send it out of their country and to ours. This does NOT happen overnight. Then when it does happen the guns either come by sea or air. Guns coming by sea take 6-8 weeks before landing in Customs where there are further checks and delays.

Guns coming from the EU by airfreight must go by an air carrier that does not land in Singapore or Dubai, good luck with that. More cost.

The Delays.

Ordering from the manufacturer does not assume that your order will be processed immediately. In all the cases where I have dealings, even through wholesalers, the orders get processed when a “manufacturing run” is scheduled for a particular model.

An example in this I refer to AirForce where I was told at the Brisbane Shot Show in August 2015, that new stock was due in November 2015. I sold out my stock at the Brisbane Shot Show and took orders for more. I managed to buy a couple of Condors from another dealer who had stock a few months later and it is now the end of April, 2016, and the AirForce guns have only just arrived into Customs.

If you don’t have a calculator or calendar handy, that is 8 months I have been waiting. So pray tell me just how do I supply someone with an AirForce Condor in a timeframe less than this? From what I am told the AirForce delay was due to their back orders of Texans and the new development of the .308 and .357 Texan variants.

I have also waited 18 months for some Weihrauch HW30s a couple of years ago and over 2 years for some Smith & Wesson handguns. I am currently waiting for some Weihrauchs (HW30s again and the HW100TK Laminate) that were ordered around 6 months ago. Getting firearms and accessories is not exact science and we are probably at the bottom of the food chain for these goods, just above North Korea I would think.

Orders for air rifles and how they are handled.

When it comes to ordering an air rifle, there are three options, and here they are:

  1. Option #1. Order your air rifle and pay for it upfront and an agreed price.
    1. You are guaranteed to receive that air rifle at the price agreed, no more or less, even if it has cost me more.
    2. You are first on the list when the order arrives.
    3. If you change your mind you will receive a refund with a 10% ‘return to stock’ fee if the air rifle is a model we stock. If the rifle is a different model than we carry, there is no refund unless it is damaged or whatever.
  2. Option #2. Order your new air rifle and pay a Deposit.
    1. If there are any guns left over after supplying those of you who used the Option #1, then you are next on the list.
    2. Your price is NOT set and if there has been a price rise, then you have the option of paying it or receiving your deposit back.
    3. You are not guaranteed to get an air gun from the stock order as priority is given to Option #1 buyers.
  3. Option #3. Place an order without a deposit.
    1. This will mean that I will call you once the orders have been dispatched and providing there is stock left over.
    2. No price is guaranteed.

Please note this: In 2014, I ordered a bunch of Weihrauch HW77Ks in various configurations and they were not shipped with the order that left by sea (no reason was given). Instead they were flown here weeks later and the price increases ranged from around 18% through to 29%, which will tell you that I lost money on ALL the air rifles in that order.

Weihrauch HW77SE Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW77SE with Hawke Sidewinder Scope

You cannot anticipate scenarios like this, nor can you anticipate being told the air rifles on your order have ‘been shipped’. When the order gets here, guess what, some of your order is missing. I have also ordered and paid for several air rifles from an Australian Wholesaler who told me he had them in stock. No prizes for guessing what happened next, he did NOT send the air rifles and after quizzing him, said that they were sold ‘that day’ by accident. I am ugly, not stupid… He couldn’t repay me because he had ‘cash flow problems’ and so after 3 months I managed to get alternative air rifles that I didn’t actually want. After 2 years I still have them in stock!

Summary on importing air rifles.

So you guys on forums, before you go and crucify your local gun dealer, just think about it carefully as we are up against the police, customs, wholesalers, import agents, freighters, suppliers and or manufacturers, whereby any one of them can damage your credibility as a gun dealer.

On top of that, we have antiquated firearm regulations, overzealous public servants trying to justify their jobs and Greenies who in most cases know FA about firearms but want to be seen as being politically correct. So the last thing we need to do is fight amongst ourselves as gun dealers, suppliers or end users of air rifles, as there are many that want this sport illegalised at best or made even harder as a compromise.

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