BLOG #14. Air Rifle Scope Selection

With the landscape changing with procurement of Hawke Scopes and the prices increasing at a steady rate, I have finally decided to stock Leapers Rifle Scopes due to their quality, cost and suitability as Air Rifle Scopes.

Presently they are being sold faster than I can get stock but hopefully over the next few weeks this will change as more supplies come in. So if you are looking for a Scope for your air rifle, or any rifle come to that, I have the following range in stock of Leapers Scopes.

My Range of Scopes.

Here is the initial range of Leapers Rifle Scopes I am carrying:

Leapers 2-7x44 Scope

AA2502 Leapers UTG Accushot 2-7×44 – 30mm Tube – L E R – SWAT – Illuminated Mil Dot ** above.

3-9x32 Bug Buster Scope

AA2503 Leapers UTG New Gen Bug Buster 3-9×32 – 25mm Tube – Illuminated Mil Dot * above.

Leapers Accushot 3-12x44 Scope

AA2510 Leapers UTG 3-12×44 – 30mm Tube – Compact – SWAT – Illuminated Mil Dot ** above.

2-16x44 Scope by Leapers

AA2522 Leapers UTG Accushot 2-16×44 – 30mm Tube – SWAT – Illuminated Mil Dot ** above.

Accushot 4-16x44 Leapers Scope

AA2524 Leapers UTG 4-16×44 – 30mm Tube – Compact – SWAT – Illuminated Mil Dot ** above.

Leapers 6-24x56 AO Scope

AA2530 Leapers UTG Accushot 6-24×56 – 30mm Tube – SWAT – Illuminated Mil Dot ** above.

Leapers Accushot SWAT 8-32x56 Scope

AA2540 Leapers UTG Accushot 8-32×56 – 30mm Tube – SWAT – Illuminated Mil Dot ** above.


All Leapers Scopes come with your choice of Picatinny or 11mm Scope Rings.

* This is a dedicated Air Rifle Scope for Springers with the adjustable objective at the front, it is Red/Green illuminated, has a focus from 3 yards to infinity, it comes with sunshade, scope rings and a total length of 205mm. For you guys who shoot rats, maybe worth looking at the 3-9×44 with its close up focus.

** These Leapers Rifle Scopes have the option of fitting a Side Wheel for parallax adjustment and Ranging. You can choose between 60mm, 80mm and 100mm Side Wheels at extra cost. Illumination is 36 colours.

  • SWAT – Side Wheel Adjustable Turret.
  • L E R – Long Eye Relief – For rifles where the optics cannot be mounted directly above the action and must be mounted forward.

Presently these are the 7 scopes I have selected for my range of Leapers Rifle Scopes as they cover my current best selling range very well.

First impressions of Leapers Scopes.

If we look at the compact models, being the 2-7×44, 3-9×32, 3-12×44 and 4-16×44 they appear to be a very sturdy scope with the 30mm scope tube and short overall length. This will appeal to many who are now shooting carbine air rifles and short length springers.

When we look at the 2-16×44 it is a much different scope in length and cost with an etched glass reticle the same as the 6-24×56 and the very large 8-32×56. These three Leapers Scopes are on the large side and feel very strong indeed. The only criticism here is that these Leapers Scopes generally tend to feel a bit heavier than the Hawke range, if that can be a problem, please note.

All Leapers Scopes come with Picatinny mounts that I will swap out for you to regular scope rings at no extra cost.

Summary on the Leapers Rifle Scopes at Gun Room.

With the exception of the 3-9×32 Bug Buster, all the Leapers Scopes I carry have Side Wheel Adjustable Turrets (SWAT). By fitting a large wheel, this allows you to make range finding and parallax adjustments using your left hand without releasing the support of the air rifle. For those of you reading this who have never used a Side Wheel adjustable objective, you will not look back once you have mastered the fine adjustments made available by the large wheel.

Warranty on the Leapers is a Lifetime Limited Warranty that is applicable to the initial purchaser of the scope. I will be loading a sub category under Articles/Reviews titled Scopes & Optics. There will be 2 further categories, one for Hawke Scopes and the other for Leapers Scopes. I will test and review each scope that I stock and provide you will a full technical breakdown and large images of each scope. If you want to look more closely at the workings of these Leapers Rifle Scopes now, click here and this will take you to the Leapers Manual that covers all their scopes.

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