Blog #1 on Air Guns With Gun Room.

This is the first on many short articles or blogs if you prefer the term, covering our air rifle sport, tuning, purchasing and accessorising air rifles that should suit those of you researching air guns.

I will be covering air rifles, predominantly the ones that I sell for obvious reasons and those are Weihrauch, Evanix, AirForce and Cometa. Each blog will be short but very specific where I cover individual models, accessories and data that I feel is useful when doing preliminary research.

Future Blogs.

The following is a list of some titles of what to expect in these blogs which will be posted at the rate of 2 a week until I can get on top of writing them and then they will be posted at 1 a week. Larger and more informative articles will be posted regularly as soon as I can get around to them. With the air rifle blogs I will give you energy and speed results and I shall use Baracuda Pellets exclusively across the board.

Here is the list of what to expect:

Weihrauch Models:

  • HW25
  • HW30s
  • HW50s
  • HW77
  • HW77K
  • HW77KT
  • HW77K Blackline
  • HW77KSE & Blue Laminate
  • HW80
  • HW95
  • HW100T
  • HW100S
  • HW100TK and SK
  • Evanix Models
  • Evanix Windy City
  • Evanix Blizzard
  • AirForce Condor .22
  • AirForce Condor .25
  • AirForce Talon .22
  • AirForce Talon .25
  • AirForce Texan .45 Cal
  • Cometa Air Rifles
  • AirForce Tuning Accessories
  • Rowan Engineering Accessories
  • V-Mach Tuning
  • Hawke Sidewinder Scopes
  • Hawke Airmax 30 Scopes
  • Clone 4D Stock Duplicator
  • Laminated Stocks by Gun Room
  • H&N Pellets
  • JSB Pellets
  • The Gun Laws
  • Sighting In

If there is a specific topic you would like to see covered then just flick me an email and I will get to it, easy as that.

Air Rifle types and availability.

I have a good range of spring air rifles in Weihrauch and Cometa with every model stocked that is imported into Australia. However, that can’t be said of the Weihrauch PCP range where stock is hard to come by with the last order of HW100TKs and SKs taking over 18 months to get here.

I can’t survive financially with just Weihrauch due to these delays in procuring stock and as a result I have taken on Evanix and AirForce PCPs due to their easier availability and ever increasing range of new models and innovations coming to the fore.

I am presently trying to get some semi-auto Evanix air rifle models into Australia and for those of you who are into powerful PCPs, these are the ones on order at present:

Evanix GTK290 Semi Auto

Evanix GTK290

Evanix GTL480 PCP

Evanix GTL480

Evanix Sniper Semi auto air rifle

Evanix Sniper

I will of course continue to stock the Windy City, the Blizzard and quite possibly the GTL480S (Carbine version) that can be viewed here.

The Evanix range comes in .177, .20, .22, .25 and in .357. I will predominantly focus on .22 and .25 with only a few in .357. Those of you who are interested then please contact me for updates.

The AirForce air rifle range has a number of shrouded barrel models that we can’t import into Australia and that gives is the AirForce Condor and Talon. Later I will have the AirForce Texan, a big bore air rifle with 500 foot pounds of energy from a .45 calibre projectile doing 1000 fps. This air rifle is a max’d up version of the Condor with a 300mm longer barrel (860mm) and weighs in at around  3.6 Kgs. Definitely not for pussies.

AirForce Texan .45 Cal Single shot PCP

AirForce Texan .45 Cal

The AirForce range of air rifles are not to everyone’s taste due to the black military and minimalistic looks of these single shot PCPs, but their performance is where it counts. Heaps of power and accuracy too boot with no wasted cost on cosmetics and MOST importantly, the price is right.

However, I have a Clone 4D stock duplicator sitting in my lounge room at the time of writing this (April 24, 2015) and I also have a custom thumbhole stock nearing completion sitting on my workbench. This custom stock will be available for the Condor, Talon and Texan PCP air rifles in black, wood or laminated colours of your choice. The kit will include a thumbhole stock with a choice of fore-end grips to suit. The Clone 4D will also duplicate any of the air rifle stocks I have on the floor or what I get sent, in whatever choice of wood you want as long as it is for an air rifle.

Air rifle blog summary.

OK, that is going to give you an idea where I am going with Gun Room and why I am only marketing air rifles and not any powder burners with the exception of some old clearance stock.

I will also be testing and quite possibly stocking a new range of First Focal Plane Telescopic sights as Hawke are dropping quite a large number of their scope range and replacing them with some new models and new prices to go with them….

As for new stock, be it accessories or a new model air rifle, I will preview it here on the blog prior to writing any full-blown article on it; thank you for reading this blog,


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