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Air Rifle Discounting

Air Rifle Specials Explained Due to Gunroom’s Air Rifle expansion into other brands, our buying power has also increased, so we are constantly reviewing our Price List in an endeavour to stay ahead of the competition. The air rifle Price List will be online and updated as frequently as necessary. We are attempting to put […]

Air Rifle

Air Rifle Evaluations. Air rifle makes and models are popping up  every week with some manufacturer or other, making claims of excellence. We look at every air rifle that comes our way and most of them are either crap, over-priced or are not supported by a bona-fide company that will still be around when they […]

Blog #29 Weihrauch HW110

The Weihrauch HW110 Testing a Weihrauch HW110 carbine in .177 calibre recently, resulted in some interesting results. The air rifle in question is a Weihrauch HW110 carbine that is seldom seen in airgunning circles with most guys preferring the longer barrel version. Having tested both models, the long and the short, I did not see […]

BLOG #6. Cometa Lynx MKII – first impressions

First Impressions The Cometa Lynx MKII PCP air rifles arrived over a week ago but due to pressures of my business, I did not get around to testing them until now. The Cometa Lynx MKII PCPs come in a quality cardboard box with the air rifles supported fairly well, minimising any transport damage. Included in […]

Air Rifle Stock Orders

Air Rifle Orders and Stock Air Rifle Orders at Gunroom have reached unprecedented levels as we are going through a massive expansion over the next 3 months. There are over 200 air rifles due into stock before the end of June, 2019. Incoming Orders and Stock are a fluid component of Gunroom as they are […]

Air Rifle Sales

Our Air Rifle sales strategy has recently been ironed out in an effort to make buying an airgun, especially a PCP Air Rifle easier and cheaper than previously. A number of factors have come into play to achieve this, including volume purchasing, competitive shipping and close working ties with suppliers and manufacturers. In the end, […]

New Air Rifles

Air Rifles update. Air Rifles ordered this last year has been a nightmare, both for the customers that ordered a Brocock PCP and us at Gunroom. Our UK order took 7 months and USA order; though still not here after 8 months, was due to leave the wholesaler by December 30. They didn’t say which year so […]

PCP Compressor Review and Maintenance Tips

PCP Compressor Review and Tips. Setting up your own PCP Compressor correctly will prolong the longevity of this great little High-Pressure PCP Compressor that we take for granted to fill our PCP air rifles. This PCP Compressor has the words Yong Heng Air Pump printed on the blue and sometimes black electric motor housing and comes […]