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Blog #42. High Pressure Compressors are here

High Pressure PCP Compressors are here! The High-Pressure PCP Compressors have finally arrived after many months being held up in China following the CCP Virus outbreak. In fact, many of our orders from China, Europe and the USA are taking up to 7 months to arrive here, so expect delays on accessories and air rifles. […]

Weihrauch Air Rifle Videos

lection of Weihrauch air rifle videos Weihrauch air rifle videos are presented below with a selection of the extensive range of Weihrauch air rifles we stock at Gunroom Australia, in our Brisbane premises. At Gunroom I stock the entire range of Weihrauch air rifles that are bought into Australia; that is, I have them here […]

End of Financial Year for Gunroom

End of the Year wrap up for Gunroom. Hi guys, it is now the end of the financial year and we will be implementing a bunch of changes as follows. The financial landscape has changed somewhat due to the mess left by the Major, and that included putting all Gunroom P/Ls EFTPOS payments into his […]

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WEBSITE DOWNTIME. Apologies to all for the downtime with the website (16/12/2019 – 17/12/2019). This site has gone over its bandwidth and crashed. It was then put on a dedicated 1TB server and overloaded that the same day. Now it is on yet another larger server and hopefully will handle the bandwidth here on. PLEASE […]

Blog #40. Gunroom update after the Virus.

Air Rifles sales have increased at a level unseen in 16 years I have had Gunroom. Those of you with orders for air guns pending, rest assured that I am getting through them at the rate of 2 guns a day. Heather only works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays each week and some Saturdays. Kurt […]

Blog #39. Gunroom update

Blog #39. Gunroom Australia Those of you who have followed Gunroom over the past years, will be aware of the fact that our experiment with Captain Australia as a partner did not go well. I will be introducing Gunroom Australia over the coming months as a result of what has happened here. We are 5 […]