BLOG #17. AirForce Condor

Well guys, it is now May, 2016 and I have finally got my stock order of AirForce Condor, Talon and Texan PCP air rifles here at Gun Room, Yanchep, West Australia, after waiting since September 2015. You guys who have shown an interest in these high powered PCP air rifles over the last few months had best contact me while I still have stock if you are still in the market.

AirForce Talon, Condor and Texan

AirForce Talon, Condor and Texan PCPs.

Pre-shipment testing of air rifles.

Both the AirForce Condors and Talons have several issues that I correct prior to testing and shipment that can be a source of problems to the end user. These PCPs are excellent performers that lend themselves to tuning for accuracy, distance and power but even they have their idiosyncrasies.

I get calls every single week from guys who have just purchased an air rifle elsewhere and they have a problem with it, be it a malfunction or the fact that it lacks accuracy or whatever. The problem I have with this is two-fold, firstly these are not my customers but are another gun dealer’s…..

When I suggest they take it back to the dealer, I’m then told that the gun dealer who sold the air rifle does not know anything about them, he just bought it in on demand. Then it is still his problem and not mine, so if those of you who are reading this are looking at buying an air rifle from another dealer, please select a dealer who knows air rifles and can give you the after sales support.

Secondly, my responsibility is to my customers and given that I am always chasing my tail here, I do not have the time it takes to get into long-winded conversations with guys who do not purchase from me. You should also know this: I do not get paid for warranty work, I get the parts (sometimes…) required at no cost but it is generally quicker and cheaper to just repair the air rifle myself and get on with life.

This is an on-going problem with some new air rifles, regardless of make or model, and it has prompted me to test every gun I sell prior to shipment. It is Sunday, May 8 and I am writing this after finishing testing a Weihrauch HW77k for Stuart P. of Tasmania who purchased a Blackline from me.

The air rifle lacked accuracy out of the box and had a rough feel loading it that resulted in my stripping it, polishing the piston, sleeve and housing inner, re-greasing it and re-assembly. This is what it took to bring the gun up to speed and it is done at no cost to the customer, saving him time, money and patience in the long run. If I can do this with a new gun prior to shipment at no cost to the customer, then other gun dealers can do the same and not pass the buck to me because I specialise in air rifles.

Weihrauch HW77K Nickel Blackline

Weihrauch HW77K Blackline.

AirForce Condor and Talons.

I am carrying the AirForce Condor and Talon PCPs in .22 and .25 calibres and with the Texan I have the .457 calibre in stock. I have on order the Texan in .308 and .357 calibres for those of you chasing large bore PCPs, so please let me have your interest if this is you. If you wish to order a new Texan in .308 or .357 or any air rifle at all, please go here to see what options you have available to you when ordering.

For those of you who buy an AirForce PCP from me I also have the following after market Tuning parts available:

  • Hammer Springs
  • Hammers with anti slap seals
  • 3 styles of Top-hats
  • M14 Grips with extended trigger guards
  • Trigger Shoes
  • Wok Butts
  • ‘Z’ Valves
  • Gauges
  • Carbon Wrapped cylinders
  • Tri Rail Risers
  • Air Strippers
  • Barrels etc.
AirForce Wok Butt

Wok Butt to suit the AirForce Range of PCPs.

As the cost of purchasing and holding AirForce after-market parts is both expensive and time consuming sourcing the accessories from the USA, I presently only make them available to my own customers that support me. In the past I have sold tuning accessories for these AirForce PCPs to anyone who ordered them and later regretted this when stock was difficult to get and I had my customers waiting.

AirForce Talon with Hawke Scope

AirForce Talon with some3 aftermarket accessories.

Summary of AirForce and other big bore PCPs.

I am moving into stocking and tuning high powered PCPs like the AirForce Condor and Talon together with the Evanix Blizzard in .22, .25 and .357. These PCPs lend themselves to performance increases that are not over the top expensive while providing a truly custom air rifle in the process.

Big bore PCPs are now making headway into the air rifle market and this has lead me to order in the Sam Yang Dragon Claw in .50 calibre and the Recluse in .357 from the USA. Again, if you are looking for such an animal, then please contact me.

Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 Cal

Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 Calibre PCP Air Rifle

The order also includes ammo in .357, .457 and .50 calibres in support of those of you getting into big bore PCPs. I am sourcing reloading dies and accessories for these 3 models that will allow you to mold your own slugs at a saving. Shortly expect to see more big bore PCPs like the Sam Yang Dragon Claw and Recluse in stock, not just the AirForce Texan, supported by tuning accessories and ammo.

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