Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle Angled

Air Rifles in stock at Gunroom for the year of 2019

Air Rifles for 2019.

Air Rifles and scope purchasing this last year has been a nightmare, both for the customers that ordered and us at Gunroom. Our UK order of air rifles took 7 months and USA order; though still not here after 8 months, is due to leave the wholesaler by December 30. They didn’t say which year so maybe they mean 2018.

Air Rifles Freighted from the USA has gone up from $120/gun to about $480/gun. This has resulted in us using DB Schenker who have come in and slashed the prices from both the USA and UK to Australia rates. You will see these price reductions when we upload the new pricing of air rifles in January – ignore earlier prices that are on the website at the time of writing this (December 21, 2018).

We currently have a shipment of Daystate and Brocock air rifles in Customs right now. These air rifles include the Daystate Huntsman, Renegade, Red Wolf, TSAR, and Wolverine plus the complete range of Brococks including the Snipers and Commanders. This stock order has only taken 2 months and a bit, which is good by historical standards.

Daystate’s Special 40th Edition; the Genus PCP Air Rifles.

We have 2 of the Daystate Genus PCP airguns allotted to us with a possible additional 2 units should we get orders for them. If you are interested in getting one of these numbered 40th Edition PCPs, please contact either Rob or me by email.

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Edition Air Rifle

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Edition

These PCP air rifles come complete with Gold trim, shroud and silencer. However, any that we sell here will be modified so that the shroud is only cosmetic with a blank silencer – it will look identical but will provide no noise reduction. Sorry about that guys…

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary PCP Air Rifle

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary PCP

Current Air Rifles in our Stock Order.

The following air rifles are currently in Customs (22nd December 2018) and are the line up we wish to stay with for a while at least.

Daystate Huntsman.

The new Daystate Huntsman is in the stock order in both .22 and .25 calibres. These PCP air rifles are by far the most popular Daystate available presently, partly popular due to their price that allows them to compete with Weihrauch’s HW100 and Brocock’s Sniper and Commander, but also due to its accuracy and reliability.

Daystate Regal HR PCP Air Rifle

Daystate Regal HR PCP

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifles.

Alongside the Huntsman air rifles, we also have the now famous and sought after Red Wolf PCP air rifles after their outstanding debut in the USA. While this is a rather expensive Daystate PCP air rifle, it does NOT disappoint in looks and performance. Having sold our first Red Wolf to Darren Burgess, the interest it aroused while it was here was unbelievable.

I am part way through an article on Red Wolf air rifles and should have it published by mid-January. It is a multi-part article with a heap of images that should keep you interested. With great accuracy and a shot count of 270, this PCP air rifle will take some beating. We now have the Red Wolf in Black (70%) and Red (30%) laminate and also in the Walnut for the conservative buyer. Calibres coming into stock are the .22, .25 and .303 cal.

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle facing left

Daystate Red Wolf PCP

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle Angled

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Angled

Daystate Wolverine (Laminated)

We have both the Wolverine R air rifles in High Power format and standard FAC, together with the laminated versions of the Wolverine R and Wolverine P in both .25 and .303 calibres.

Daystate WolverineR Grey Laminate PCP Air Rifle

Daystate WolverineR Grey Laminate

Daystate TSAR (12 Fpe) Target Air Rifles.

No Daystate line-up is complete without the Daystate TSAR, with each gun named after a Russian Emperor. This is only available in .177 and 12 Fpe, though I think I can probably re-rate it to 18 Fpe if someone wants to go that way.

Daystate TSAR PCP Target Air Rifle

Daystate TSAR PCP Target Air Rifle

The gun has obviously been designed, if not built, by Ataman air rifles out of Russia. The similarities between the Daystate TSAR and the Ataman M2S Match can be seen here.

Ataman M2S Match Laminated Air Rifle

Ataman M2S Match Laminated

Daystate Renegade Hunting Air Rifles.

Last on the list from Daystate is the Renegade HP HR in .25 cal. HP stands for High Power obviously with HR refers to the PCP having a Huma Regulator.

Daystate RenegadeR HP PCP Air Rifle

Daystate RenegadeR HP PCP

As can be seen, the Daystate Renegade PCP air rifles also come in a dark green synthetic. Presently at the time of writing this, I am not sure whether the stock order has a green or black synthetic. I do have a Pulsar stock in a green laminate that should fit this gun if a customer so wishes to swap the stocks. The calibre of this air rifle in .25 cal and power is stated as 60 Fpe.

Daystate Pellets.

We are also carrying a range of Daystate pellets in .177, .22, .25 and .303 calibres. Due to the high cost of air freighting these pellets, we will limit the number per order to 5 tins.

Daystate Air Rifle Pellets

Daystate Air Rifle Pellets

Brocock PCP Air Rifles.

Currently in Customs are the following Brocock PCP air rifles, that will mean we have the whole range in stock:

Brocock Compatto MKII and Compatto Sniper PCP air rifles.

These 2 Brocock Compatto PCP air rifles are definitely the best volume sellers we have. Why? Simply put, they are short, slim, well balanced, reliable and accurate, on top of that they are also cheap in the big picture. There is a Brocock Compatto Review on this site.

Brocock Compatto MkII Air Rifle

Brocock Compatto MkII

Brocock Bantam Sniper PCP Air Rifles.

This model of the Bantam Sniper is producing great shot counts coupled with accuracy as it is basically a Compatto with a large air tank, different stock, and Huma Regulator. It comes with a redesigned synthetic stock that handles very well indeed.

Bantam Sniper MKII PCP Air Rifle Left Facing

Bantam Sniper MKII Left Facing

Brocock Commander.

The Commander is the all-new model from Brocock that comes with a tactical appearance that will appeal to the cowboys out there. The action is the same as the Bantam Sniper, just in a different stock with a Cerakote option.

All Brococks are available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres and come with Huma Regulators where stipulated. However, we only have the .177 cal in the Compatto presently due to limited demand for this calibre.

Brocock Commander PCP air rifle

Brocock Commander PCP Air Rifles are available in Tan.MTC Scopes for air rifles.

MTC Scopes for air rifles.

At the time of writing this, we have the complete range in stock with plenty of the Viper Pro MTC Scopes in 5-30×50. To give you a better understanding of stock levels with MTC, if you want a large stock order for November, you have to place the order by February.

MTC Viper Pro 10 x 44 suiting a PCP air rifle

MTC Viper Pro 10 x 44

Air Rifles: Summary.

We currently stock PCP air rifles by Brocock, Daystate, Cometa and Weihrauch, with AirForce, Marauders and Dragon Claw .50 cal on the way (after 8 months…) here with DB Schenker, so you can be sure they get here this time.

I am off to the Las Vegas Shot Show on the 19th of January this year. Admission is restricted to the Gun Trade only, so hopefully, I can come away with some additional agencies and better pricing.

Gun shops wishing to sell our range of air rifles can do so via drop-shipping. We take over the sale and supply the customers (via the gunshop) and commission the dealer. The dealer has no issues with spares, service or warranty, as we warrant and test all our air rifles sold here.

We will carry a range of AirForce, Benjamin, Kral and Sam Yang (Eun Jin aka Seneca) air rifles over the next year. Now that there are 3 of us working here, we may just be able to stay ahead of the curve with air rifles, sales and servicing.


Ian McIntosh.