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Air Rifle Testing

Pellet Selection Tests.

Due to the increase in sales we are left with little time for post-editing target images from pellet testing. I have had to modify the supplied test results but NOT the testing, which will remain as always. Bottom line guys, there are only so many hours to the day and past performance has shown that post editing is costing me in time that is best spent in other ways.

Spring Air Rifle Pellet Selection Test.

With Springers, I will fire a minimum of 50 shots to establish the best performing pellet for the air rifle under test. I will shoot a series of groups using a minimum of 6 pellet types and record the best group along with the pellet performance results. You will be notified of the best performing pellet and its output as follows:

Sample Pellet Selection Test for Spring Powered Air Rifles (aka Springers).

Spring Air Rifle Test

Spring Air Rifle Test

There are NO images that accompany these results.

There are NO costs for this test.

The above is what you get with your air rifle.


PCP Air Rifle Pellet Selection Test.

All PCP air rifle tests with the exception of Daystate and Air Arms PCPs, will receive the following test results. The highlighted results in YELLOW indicate the best preforming pellet in the test.

Sample Pellet Selection Test for PCP Air Rifles.

PCP Air Rifle Test

PCP Air Rifle Test

There are NO images that accompany these results.

There are NO costs for this test.

Daystate and Air Arms PCP Air Rifle Pellet Selection Test.

With ALL Daystate and Air Arms PCPs purchased you will get the following spreadsheet, graphs and target images.

NOTE: Grouping is calculated on the SIUS Target System as the OUTSIDE Diameter of the group and NOT the Centre to Centre that some clubs and individuals use.

Sample Pellet Selection Test for Daystate (and Air Arms) PCP Air Rifles.

Daystate air rifle Pellet Test

Daystate Air Rifle Pellet Test

The following Graphs accompany these test results:

Daystate Pellet Test Graphs

Daystate Pellet Test Graphs

The following SIUS Target Results are included:

H&N Baracuda Pellet TestH&N Baracuda Pellet Test  

H&N Baracuda Hunter Pellet TestH&N Baracuda Hunter Pellet Test

Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellet TestH&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellet Test

JSB EJH Pellet TestJSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Pellet Test 

H&N Terminator Pellet Test

H&N Terminator Pellet Test

JSB EJH ed Pellet TestJSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Red Pellet Test

The above Format of results is available for ANY air rifle, be it a springer or PCP, for the charge of $90 including GST. This charge covers the post editing of the Target Images and Excel Results.

Air Rifle Testing Conclusion.

All Target results are what I am achieving with a brand-new air rifle that has no barrel leading or action bedding. There are many of you out there that will undoubtedly shoot better than I do (with eyes 69 years of age), so do not take these results as the best the air rifle will do. On the other hand, I have said this before, if you shake like a Moma at a Christening, then these results may be hard to emulate.

As these results refer to brand new air rifles, then expect the grouping to improve as the actions beds-in, barrel leads up and you, as the shooter, develops muscle memory attuned to the rifle over time. All these factors will go into improving the grouping as it is presented in the test.

The reader of this should also note that the results I give you, there is no need to stop there. You still have the options to size the pellets, lube them, try other pellets (that are not in the test results), tune the rifle by reducing the power, resetting the regulator and hammer spring etc., etc.

The air rifle, no matter what the cost, is sold as per factory default settings and these are NOT necessarily the best settings for each individual rifle, so be prepared to do some tuning should you wish to improve the grouping. Remember, these are Pellet Tests and NOT Tune ups of your new air rifle.


Ian McIntosh


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