Covid 19

Blog #40. Gunroom update after the Virus.

Air Rifles sales have increased at a level unseen in 16 years I have had Gunroom. Those of you with orders for air guns pending, rest assured that I am getting through them at the rate of 2 guns a day.

Heather only works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays each week and some Saturdays.

Kurt works Mondays through to Fridays in the workshop and on the test range.

Business Hours.

Monday > CLOSED. Texts and emails only.

Tuesday to Thursdays >             7:30 am ~ 5:30 pm

Fridays >                                     7:30 am ~ 3:00 pm

Saturdays >                                7:30 am > 12:30 pm

Sundays Closed

Air Rifle Sales, Orders, Parts and Accessories.

Guys, please do NOT phone through orders to me, you need to email them to me as I am in the workshop most of the day. Air Rifle sales are currently causing issues as the orders are coming in at a rate faster than we can pre-deliver, strip, rebuild and test them. Once Kurt comes on-board on Wednesday 24th June, I will have an uninterrupted daily process of setting up new air rifles to meet the demand.

On the days that Heather works you can phone her as she is on the desk. My preference is that all orders and confirmations be done in writing so we can follow a timeline. The days of sticking yellow STICK IT notes all over the desk as the Major used to do, are gone. No wonder we had so many things fall through the cracks.

I am turning this business around now that Heather is onboard and any assistance, comments or complaints that are genuine and constructive, we would like to hear them. We have a tough road ahead to climb out of the damage the Major did and the 8 week hiatus caused by the CCP virus. I do not need anymore crap for a while at least so we can reconstruct this business.

As you can see from Blog #39, my emphasis is on selling our slow moving stock and staying with AirArms, Kral and to a lesser extent, Weihrauch for our air rifle sales. We are also taking on a new range of PCP air rifles in the coming months, so watch this space as we test each model. In the meantime stay safe.


Ian McIntosh