4 H&N Baracuda Pellets

Air Rifle Pellet Review.

Air Rifle Pellet Review, part 1 of several parts covering pellets from .177 through to .30 calibre. This section of my website I am concentrating on air rifle pellet reviews whereby I will test them and provide you with speeds and energies as well as performance using both a springer and a PCP air rifle. This has come about due to the high number of calls I am getting about pellet selection and the time it takes me to get the message through.

I hope to be able to show you the many factors that individualise and make each pellet type unique and to assist those of you who are new to air rifles, the correct pellet selection methods. Initially I shall be testing JSB and H&N air rifle pellets in .177, .20, .22, .25 calibres.

JSB Exact Air Rifle Pellet Tin

JSB Pellets

H&N Baracuda Pellet Tin

H&N Pellets

I will use the same air rifles in each calibre for all the pellet reviews so that I can establish a collective graph for comparisons, so you will get results from a springer (HW97K) and results from a PCP (HW100). There may be occasion whereby I do not have a PCP due to calibre restraints, such as .20 cal, then these results will be omitted until I can source a test gun.

Weihrauch HW97k rifle

Weihrauch HW97k (Springer)

Weihrauch HW100T PCP


This is not just a test of one pellet against another for speed, energy or accuracy, but a review of different pellet performances and what one can expect to a degree. All pellet types are unique as well as all air rifles and barrels, so look at it this way when you are tuning your rifle through pellet selection.

Caveat: Each air rifle has it’s own DNA so to speak and you will find that certain pellets work better in terms of accuracy etc., than other pellets. However, when looking at reviews of pellets it is not unexpected that you may want to emulate the performance of the pellet under review as it meets your requirements. In this case, may I suggest that you purchase from me a small pack of the same pellets at $4.00 + postage and if they are not suited to your rifle then you have saved yourself the cost of a full tin.

Due to the large amount of work involved in reviewing, testing and writing these articles, I am hoping to put up at least 1 review a week. This will cycle through different calibres and manufacturers based on popularity of my pellet sales.

Air Rifle Pellet Review Format.

I will commence the reviews by discussing the weights and available sizes within the calibre of the pellet being reviewed. This will include close up macro views of the pellets so you can see first hand the quality or in some cases, the lack of quality in the pellet, as below:

Good quality air rifle pellet


Poor quality air rifle pellet


I will the test fire the pellet type being reviewed in a Weihrauch HW97K so that speeds and energies are relevant. I will also test fire the pellets in a Weihrauch PCP as performance in spring powered air rifles and PCPs varies drastically.

For those of you into hunting with air rifles, I will include close up images of spent pellets so you can see and compare the mushrooming effect of the pellets. This will assist you in selecting the most lethal pellet by way of spent energy expansion that will contribute to a quick, clean and effective kill.

I will embed suitable videos that relate to the pellet test in question and you may find that over time I will add or edit some features that will improve the content of each pellet review.

Pellet Manufacturers.

As the reader probably knows, there are many different types of air rifle pellets on the market and it is not my intention to test them all. I shall predominantly be testing JSB Pellets and H&N Pellets that I sell. The JSB air rifle pellets are made in the Czech Republic while H&N pellets are made in Germany, with both manufacturers providing what I would think are the best air gun pellets on the market.

I do have several smaller manufacturers air rifle pellets in stock and will no doubt get around to reviewing them by and by. However, my main considerations are for the JSB and H&N pellets that I know will give you the accuracy and energy you want once you have selected the correct pellet or tuned your gun to suit.

Air Rifle Pellet Review Feedback.

I would like to get feedback from you guys if you have anything to add or that you may want to share with others. I will post it under the relevant air rifle pellet review. I will only provide your first name and guarantee anonymity by withholding your email address.

Once these reviews come up and I get into a rhythm doing them, I would like some feedback on any aspect that you may feel should be included so I can improve the reviews. Hopefully at some stage if you were to type in ‘JSB Australia’ for example, this website’s category Air Rifle Pellet Reviews will come up and guide new viewers through to this page where they can manoeuvre through the site and research various aspects of air rifles and air rifle pellets.