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Due to Gunroom’s Air Rifle expansion into other brands, our buying power has also increased, so we are constantly reviewing our Price List in an endeavour to stay ahead of the competition. The air rifle Price List will be online and updated as frequently as necessary. We are attempting to put ALL our pricing online to save you calling us as this ties up not only the phones, but us physically as well.

Air Rifle Package Discounts

We will be publishing package prices for an air rifle with a scope, and compressor etc., once the bulk of our orders arrive here. With more than 150 air rifles, 500 scopes, 100 high pressure compressors (built to our spec)  plus literally many 100s of accessories and more than 2 tonnes of pellets due, we will be chasing business.

Some of the new Mark IV scopes have arrived as I am writing this, so if a 3-18×50 SF appeals to you, please email Rob at and he will be only too pleased to assist you.

Mark IV Scope 3-18x50SF

Mark IV 3-18x50SF

There are 4 basic options that apply to package discounting, and for those of you into crunching numbers, please work off the chart below.

Gunroom discount sheet

Discounting spreadsheet at Gunroom

The exception to this discounting, is where we package a PCP air rifle, a Mark IV Scope, Mark IV Compressor, Mark IV Cleaning Kit, Mark IV Alpha Bi-Pod (Brocock), Gun Bag and 1000 selected pellets from a Pellet Selection Test. In the pre-selected package above, the PCP air rifles are also discounted.

This package deal includes the percentages above and further discounts the goods when purchased as a pre-tested package. To buy the accessories separately, even at the 7% discount, you would not be able to better the price. At the time of writing this, 2/5/19, we have guns in the air, scopes, compressors and other accessories en-route or at Customs.

As you may be aware, we have a large consignment of Kral PCP and spring air rifles due here and some of them will be packaged with our Mark IV accessories together with 1000 pellets. By having our own brand now (Mark IV) and through buying in bulk, our ability to discount is greatly improved, so please take advantage of these deals that are set to start in early June.

Kral Puncher Knight Bullpup air rifle

Kral Puncher Knight Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

This Kral Knight will be offered in a one-time package deal together with our Mark IV accessories.

New Air Rifle Testing.

From today onwards, this is the testing template we will be using for all future air rifle purchases.

Test #1.

This is the default test for ALL guns sold at Gunroom, whether to a customer or another dealer. This cost is built in to the air rifle prices.

The airgun is fired at our indoor range using a SIUS Target System and Chronograph. I will shoot a number of pellet types,  usually a minimum of 6 types, and select the best preforming pellet, after which I shall record the speed of that pellet.

As a customer, you will get a Test Result Sheet, that will have the following information only:

Spreadsheet Pellet Test 01

Pellet Test #1 Spreadsheet

You will not get the targets or the other pellet test results. This is the Basic Test that I do on EVERY air rifle as we have to extend the warranty of a lot of these rifles, so I do need to see that they meet specifications. This Basic Test applies to springers as well as PCP air rifles and used guns.

Test #2.

Test #2 is OPTIONAL and will provide you with a lot more information, and you would receive the following files (example only) at an additional cost of $90 including GST if you want to map your rifle’s performance. This Test #2 does NOT apply to Air Arms or Daystate PCP air rifles, as they get Test #3 standard, at no additional charge.

Gunroom Pellet Test 03

Pellet testing spreadsheet 03


Gunroom Target Scan o1

Gunroom Target Scan 01


The above target image  is the format you will get, with a minimum of 6 images. You should note that the SIUS Target System zooms up the images by 300% and that the grouping (as  bottom right in image) is calculated as the OUTSIDE diameter of all 6 shots. This is irrespective of calibre, so when looking at the image above, all 6 shots were within 11.8 millimetres.

Test #3.

Test #3 only applies to PCP air rifles and comes standard at no extra cost with Daystate and Air Arms. On occasion we may offer this test at a discount or even include it in a pre-package deal or new air rifle model. For those of you who want more information, then this package is available for $110 including GST. In short, if you purchased a Brocock Commander for example, and you wanted 6 targets printed together with a spreadsheet with the 6 target results, it would cost you an additional $90. Should you want a Pellet Decay test done complete with printout, the charge is an additional $110 including GST.

The Daystate Red Wolf Midnight special edition is en-route to us.

Daystate Red Wolf - Midnight Air Rifle

Daystate’s Red Wolf Midnight PCP Air Rifle

There are only a limited number of these Daystate beasts, so if you want one, register your interest with Rob now.

Test #3 includes what is shown on Test #2, with images and spreadsheet and also includes a set of 6 Graphs and a Pellet Decay Test.  The graphs are self-explanatory and the Pellet Decay test shows the owner the resulting Bell Curve (aka parabolic curve). The Bell Curve is done with the best performing pellet from a full tank until the effective energy is in free fall. You will be able to see the number of shots you will get from your PCP  air rifle before it loses effective accuracy.

Gunroom Pellet Decay Test

Gunroom testing a PCP air rifle  Bell Curve.

Before you go thinking that $110 is too much,  please bear in mind that some air rifles such as 12 Fpe will get over 450 shots to the fill. The novelty of shooting 450 shots in succession has long worn off me…

Air Rifle Accuracy

When you get a new air rifle, please do NOT expect to get the best out of it until you have put through maybe 500 – 1000 shots. It takes that much to settle springs, seals and triggers etc and to “lead” the bore. I have often found when doing a Pellet Decay test, that by the time I was well into the shooting, that the grouping was getting better and more consistent. Point made.

Air Arms Galahad Extra PCP in Black

Air Arms Galahad Extra PCP in Black

We have a few Galahad PCP air rifles due in both Synthetic and Walnut.

As for the ability of each customer, this changes dramatically from an ardent air rifle shooter who can group <7mm @25 mtrs to a guy who can only just hit an A4 target at that distance. So before you call me up and query the airgun’s performance, think it through.

It often worries me that a customer will purchase an air rifle of a high quality in an attempt to shoot better. So if your shooting is marginal, then tell us and we will not recommend something that is going to leave you wanting. It is in OUR INTEREST that you get the right air rifle that will fulfill your requirements. If you shake like a mama at a christening, then no amount of test targets from me are going to improve your lot, and that goes for buying an expensive PCP air rifle. It does not make you an accurate shooter unless you have developed a competency that you feel can be improved upon by a better air rifle, then by all means upgrade.


Ian McIntosh


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