Air Rifle Buying Guide Online.

Purchasing an Air Rifle online.

An Air Rifle is an A-Class weapon in Australia and what model you can buy varies from State to State, so be warned.

Do your research online to gauge whether the air rifle you have in mind is suitable for the tasks ahead, this applies especially to what calibre you select. Then I seriously suggest you choose a dealer that KNOWS air rifles and is not just an agent that sells them. Get this part wrong and should you require a warranty, you will find yourself out of pocket at worst or inconvenienced bigtime at best.

This will negatively impact on your assessment of the rifle; a fact that is probably not warranted. Furthermore, without the experience and passion for air rifles, the dealer is unlikely to be able to offer advice about your intended airgun any further than the price – that’s a bit hard I know, but from what I hear it is pretty accurate.

Selecting your Air Rifle.

In a nutshell, you have to choose between a spring powered air rifle or a PCP air rifle. You then must select whether you want to be competitive or hunt with it, this again narrows down the field that you must choose from. Lastly, the budget, yup, how much do you intend to spend will ultimately play a significant role in your choice of air rifle.

Here’s a Tip: Don’t buy cheap and PLEASE choose from a respected manufacturer.

Scopes online.

Getting the correct scope for your air rifle is another key component that many get wrong; as most gun dealers have little experience with an air rifle, that in turn often leads to incorrect matching with your air rifle. Talk to someone who ONLY deals in air rifles and the scopes that work with them, namely Hawke and MTC Scopes, in other words, you can talk to us at Gunroom.

Test before you buy.

If you are looking at buying online, then being able to test an air rifle prior to parting with your money will seem an impossible ‘ask’. Well, not so. If you live close to Brisbane, you can come to my shop and actually test fire the gun of your choice prior to paying for it. If you can only get here on a weekend, no bigee, just talk to me and when can schedule you to test the air rifle of your choice.

“But I live inter-state” I can just hear some of you saying. Well, in that case, I will shoot your air gun for you and provide you with a Pellet Selection Test with Target results, chronograph results and extended warranty if you want it. This testing is now an extra cost due to time restraints here. Try getting all that from your local gun dealer. I can do it because ALL I deal with is air rifles, though I can buy in any type of rifle or handgun with an ‘order-in’ procedure.

My aim is to promote the air rifle sport, be it in hunting, competition or just plinking for fun, this is a great sport and basically untapped here in Australia.

Brocock Bantam Sniper MKII PCP Air Rifle

The Brocock Bantam Sniper MKII (a Giant Killer…)

We import the following air rifles:


Air Arms






and we are local agents for Weihrauch.

Second-hand airguns.

Like most gun dealers, we get trade-ins by way of old, cheap and nasty junk airguns that are then trashed. However, sometimes we actually get in a good air gun, and if you are lucky enough to buy one after it has been tested, you should save yourself some money. Of the brands that I feel offer good value for money, I would include but not limit them to these great brands in alphabetical order:

  • Air Arms
  • AirForce
  • Brocock (2017 onwards)
  • Daystate
  • Diana (careful here, though they do have some great guns)
  • Feinwerkbau
  • FX
  • Steyr
  • Weihrauch

I won’t list the crap guns here for want of legal action, plus the list is huge.

There are some other good air rifles out there and I haven’t included them due to poor parts supply, limited tuning accessories and a closed dealer network (i.e., they won’t supply me parts or drawings etc., so I don’t work on them).

Tip: Don’t make the mistake of buying some piece of crap with the desire to get it fixed up, because that won’t happen 9 times out of 10. Crap is crap even when you paint it pink. We will no longer work on old guns as the parts are scarce, expensive, and ultimately cost more than the gun is worth with labour involved: and then when they are not accurate after fitting new springs and seals, the customer sometimes squeals.

There is a DIFFERENCE between getting your gun REBUILT and getting it TUNED, and I don’t mean the spelling.

Gunroom Air Rifle Store Front, Sumner, Brisbane

Gunroom Store Front, Sumner, Brisbane

Air Rifle Pellet Selection.

With every Air Rifle I sell, I can do a Pellet Selection Test on it. This is NOT a tune-up, it is a test procedure that will let me know what pellets perform the best in the air rifle being tested. I pass this information onto the customer who can then purchase pellets with the knowledge that they will perform well in his/her air rifle. Get this wrong and your negative experience will likely be incorrectly directed to the gun and/or the dealer that sold it to you.

Weihrauch HW100 air rifle on an ACZ Stock

Weihrauch HW100 On An ACZ Stock

Note: Every air rifle is UNIQUE, so do not expect to use the same pellets as your mate who has the same model gun.

Testing these air rifles prior to delivery is a time-consuming process, even with the SIUS Target System that I use. In the past, this has caused many issues with delays and as I have identified the bottlenecks, I think my new software will speed up this process.

Testing a Budget Air Rifle.

Air Rifles costing $500 or less will have the following test if you want it at a cost of $50:

  1. Zero-in the air rifle and put around 30 shots down range to “set” the spring and overcome any dieseling caused by excessive lubrication left over from manufacturing.
  2. Fire 6 or more pellet types, including JSB and H&N pellets, in groups of 3 to ascertain the best-suited pellet. This test is not recorded, it is shown on the screen as the ‘Outer Diameter of the group’.
  3. Taking the best performing pellet, I then test fire 6 shots and record the following:
    1. Grouping
    2. Highest Speed in Fps
    3. Lowest Speed in Fps
    4. Average Speed in Fps
    5. Extreme Spread
    6. Standard Deviation
    7. Energy in Ft-Lbs
    8. Energy in Joules
  4. This information in a PDF File together with a scanned target generated by SIUS software will get sent with the air rifle.
  5. Should the gun not perform satisfactorily, then it is pulled down and a new factory spring or one from Vortek is retrofitted. I will work on the gun until it is within what I deem the performance base is for that air rifle. This is quite often the cause of delays.

Below is the budget-priced Weihrauch HW30s, one of the best performing air rifles under $500 that is very tune-able using a Vortek Kit.

Weihrauch HW30s Air Rifle

Weihrauch HW30s

Testing Performance Air Rifles

Air Rifles costing $501 upwards; this applies to springers and PCPs. The following test is optional at a cost of $90:

  1. The rifle is zeroed-in using around 50 shots to set the spring (higher power levels than sub $500 guns), adjust the scope, check for leaks (in a PCP) and develop a feel for the gun.
  2. Then 6 pellet types, made up of JSB and H&N Pellets, are selected and fired in sets of 6 shots, giving me 6 Sets of information as below:
    1. Grouping
    2. Highest Speed in Fps
    3. Lowest Speed in Fps
    4. Average Speed in Fps
    5. Extreme Spread
    6. Standard Deviation
    7. Energy in Ft-Lbs
    8. Energy in Joules
  3. This information is sent out with the gun, except this time you get a 6 Pellet test and graphs in one file. This will allow you to compare the pellets with one another using the graph set supplied. You also get 6 scans of the target as provided by the SIUS Software.
  1. SIUS Air Rifle Target Result

    SIUS Air Rifle Target Result

    Should the airgun on test fall below what I would accept, then I will fix it, simple. As the majority of air rifles in this price range are PCPs, the expected performance is higher than spring air rifles and budget priced airguns. Bottom line: you will get a good performing air rifle if you buy it from Gunroom.

Below is a fully adjustable HW100 on a Cerakoted ACZ Stock, full Mapped Regulator, FX Air Cylinder, Lothar Walther barrel prior to being accessorized with air stripper etc., for the owner.


Weihrauch HW100 air rifle On An ACZ Stock With Fx Cylinder

Weihrauch HW100 On An ACZ Stock With Fx Cylinder

Your Air Rifle Purchase Summary.

This new test procedure is current as of January 1, 2019, and supersedes earlier testing regimes as it employs new software and hardwired PCs to reduce double handling. I am doing my best here to provide you, the customer, with a timely and trouble-free buying experience and second to none after sales service, together with a great air rifle.

At the time of editing this, January 6, 2019, we are having trouble keeping abreast with the workload. So please take this into consideration when calling either Rob or me as doing so during working hours, only escalates delays. Best time to call in after 6:30 EST.

Brocock Commander PCP Air Rifle

Brocock Commander PCP Air Rifle

You will now get a 3 Year Warranty on ALL new PCP air rifle purchases that have been tested. Purchasers who buy a PCP Air Rifle from Gunroom will also get a 3 Year Service Warranty with their new air rifle purchase, does your local gun dealer offer you this?