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Blog #44 Air Gun and Compressor SALE

Blog #44  Air Gun and Compressor SALE.

Hi Guys, this is my Air Gun Sale for the first time since 2004.  The sale is to reduce the number of guns I have to ship to WA is it is an expensive move and so by quitting many of these air guns this will reduce my relocation costs. I will be available through this website as usual and will re-establish myself over the coming months. Peter Watson who used to work with me in Yanchep is coming back on board.

The air guns are still here in Queensland and so are a bunch of new water-cooled compressors and air-cooled compressors. Those of you who follow my blogs will know that these compressors have only recently arrived and are selling extremely fast, so fast in fact, that I will be ordering another 50 in the following days.

That said, if you want a compressor, best order one now as shipping from WA to the eastern states is quite expensive. Of course, those of you who have contacted me from WA will be able to purchase the compressors once I set up there.

Compressors on sale.

The price for the Water-cooled Mark IV compressor is currently $635 including GST, and the air-cooled compressor is $715 including GST. If you buy or if you have already bought a compressor from me in the last few weeks, you will get $80 reduced off any of the following air guns we are discounting.

PCP Air Rifle Compressor

PCP Compressor

Buy the compressor now and then select one of our specials and you can discount the already crazy prices by a further $80! If you do not need a compressor, then you can buy the air gun listed at a special price anyway.

Air Cooled HP air gun Compressor

New Warrior air cooled compressor

I can arrange shipping through my associate for both the air rifle and/or the compressor within days of payment being made, or alternatively, if you are in Queensland you can pick it up personally from a Dealer I will nominate.

Air Gun Specials.

Guys, the following air guns are discounted below cost in some cases and are offered at prices never seen before. I anticipate a bit of a rush to get some of the more poplar airguns so it will be on a “first come, first served” basis.

If you require a PTA, then let me know and I will organize for your air gun(s) to be stored at no cost until you pick it up.

New PCP Air Rifles on SALE!

With regards to the Umarex Gauntlet air guns, please note the colours on this image below;

Umarex Gauntlet air gun display

Umarex Gauntlet air rifle display

The Umarex gauntlet Range of colours.

Guys, I have had to remove the Specials due to the extremely high volume of people wanting quotes, asking questions and still pushing for cheaper prices.

Those of you who have paid will get the guns sent to you if I can find the time to do it between a Police audit, pulling down the shop, packing etc. Bottom line is that we will offer the same guns when I get to WA and have both the space and manpower to assist me.

If you are looking for a package with a Compressor, you can order a Compressor at $635 for the water cooled and $715 for the air cooled 12 volt unit. The air cooled is now coming with an extension HP hose to allow you to not have to hover over the unit when filling your gun.

The deal is this, both compressors are shipped at the prices stated plus shipping. Should you decide the wait is worth it to get a reduced price on the guns I had listed, you will get an $80 discount of the already discounted guns from the list I have just pulled down.

I think I only have 6 air cooled and 4 water cooled compressors left. I have another shipment arriving in WA in January tat we will be keeping at the same price, but shipping from WA to the eastern states is quite expensive.

If you want a compressor, please put COMPRESSOR in the Subject line of your email. I will not be able to answer the phone today as I am involved in an audit. As I have most likely another week to 10 days getting my crap sorted here for shipping to WA, I will do my best to answer the phones. With over 80 calls a day presently, it cannot be done.

Once we are located in WA and setup, I will engage someone to trawl through all the emails, texts and missed calls. That person will make contact with you and do her best to fix any cock ups I have made in these last few weeks of extreme tension and anxiety.

Air Gun Warranty from hereon.

Should you have a warranty issue with an air rifle I have sold you, please call me first. I will discuss the issue and if we can get it done without sending it back, we will explore that option.

Even with an air gun warranty return of <1.5%, there will be the occasional warranty issue that cannot be fixed locally and that means you will need to send it back. The best way is to remove the barrel and drop the stock. You will be left with just the breach and all you need do it wrap in securely with bubble wrap or similar, then put it in an overnight Express Post bag.

I will rebuild it (yup, rebuild it is cheaper than mucking around looking for a leak(s) then fixing that, only to have another leak appear some weeks later). I will send it back the same way.

Should I need you to send the barrel, we will establish that prior to sending the breach.

Please DO NOT send me any air rifles without first discussing the situation with me. If you purchased your air gun elsewhere and it wasn’t me that imported it, then I am afraid I cannot work on it, I am just too busy with my own customers.

This is especially true with spring air guns. I used to engage an associate to work on springers but that has not worked out due to his other commitments. This has resulted in me getting bad reviews from frustrated customers when it is out of my control.

Buying in parts for springers and PCPs that have not originated from Gunroom, can and often is a frustrating exercise. All too often we are sent the incorrect parts that the owner won’t pay for and air freight of those parts, again that the owner will not pay for. Result: I have to pay for them.


Due to a massive change in landscape for me over the last month, the move back to WA has become a necessity to survive it. I am now returning to Yanchep, north of Perth. I have an associate that will be working alongside me under his Dealer’s License as we were doing up until 2017 when I came to Brisbane.

Kral Big Horn air gun

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP

The new Kral Big Horn in .357, .30 and 25 cal – arriving next order, submit your interest.

I am scaling back my air guns to only selling Krals, AirArms and Weihrauchs as far as air rifles go. I will be expanding my sales of Pellets and will concentrate on JSB with H&N Pellets just behind them. I will of course keep in stock Benjamin, RWS, Air Venturi and other miscellaneous brands.

As far as Scopes go, I will be selling Mark IV Scopes and a new range called Sniper III Scopes, these scopes will be supported by Hawke that I have sold with great success over many  years now.

To all my customers here in Brisbane, I will truly miss your custom and support that you have given me over the 3 years that I have been here. I will truly do my best to support you guys with a trimmed down dealership and reduced overheads with no screwballs working with me. Air guns are still my passion and I think with Kral and AirArms together with Weihrauch, I will have you covered.


Ian McIntosh