Kral Dazzle PCP air rifle

Blog #37 Kral Air Rifles

Our new Kral Air Rifles are being sold at a rate that has exceeded any other brand I have imported.  The orders have reduced our stock by half in 2 weeks and our new model, the Kral Puncher Reaper Synthetic has sold out completely! Our next order is already in awaiting permits etc., so if you missed out on a Reaper, please contact Heather on and get your name on one.

Puncher Reaper Air Rifle

Kral Puncher Reaper PCP Air Rifle

The Kral Pro 500 stock is low on the Pro 500 Match, The Pro 500 S Pack stock level if good as is the standard PCP. Those of you who showed interest in the Pro 500 PCP please get onto Heather to guaranteed you supply. The stocks to the Kral NP500 are ok at present and so are the Kral Super Jumbo and Kral Mega W. We have more new Kral air rifles on order, so look for the list in Blog #38 that is going up shortly.

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP

Kral Puncher Super Jumbo PCP air rifle

Puncher Mega Wood stock air rifle

Kral Puncher Mega W (Wood stock)

Ordering New Kral Air Rifles.

I have been through this business of ordering an air rifle, be they Kral or any other brand. We give priority to those who have paid in full for their order, that is we give them 1st choice of stocks. Their orders are first to be pre-delivered, tested and shipped.

Those of you who put a deposit with your order come next with choosing your stock and getting your rifle pre-delivered and shipped. Last off the ranks are those who ordered but did not confirm their order with a deposit. Note that orders are actioned in the order in which they were received.

I know this has all been said before, but we still had customers coming in once the stock order arrived, wanting to select a stock. That is before those of you who had paid or put down deposits! Realistically guys, this is not fair to those who have paid all or some, this is why you were denied a selection priority. Please, if you want one of the next order, consider paying for it or at least a deposit which is 50%.0

Those of you who pay or put down a 50% deposit are guaranteed the reigning price from your quote. While I know the prices of the air rifles coming into the country, the handling fees vary drastically, and this impacts on the final pricing. The handling charges are out of my control.

The next order of Kral PCPs.

I have placed an order for the next stock shipment:

    1. 10 x Big Horn 7.62 cal
    2. 10 x Big Horn 9mm cal
    3. 10 x Dazzle  (camo) .22 cal
    4. 20 x Reaper (black) .22 cal
    5. 10 x Mega   W .22 cal
    6. 10 x Mega S .22 cal
    7. 10 x Breaker S .22 cal
    8. 10 x Auto .22 cal
    9. 10 x Reximex Throne .22 cal

The Big Horn and Reximex Throne are the 2 new Kral air rifles coming in.

Big Horn PCP air rifle

Kral Big Horn with their Big Bore entry in 7.62 and 9mm PCP

Reximex Throne air rifle by Kral

Reximex Throne PCP air rifle by Kral and sold in Australia by Gunroom.

If you have missed out on a Reaper or some other model, please consider getting a quote now, fixing the price and paying a deposit. This will ensure that you get what you want and can choose your stock if it is in walnut.

The Reaper comes in black and the Dazzle comes in Camo as below:

The Dazzle PCP

Kral Dazzle PCP air rifle available in Camo and comes with 2 air cylinders for maximum shot count.

Ordering Summary

Getting Package deals with Krals is by far the most economical way forward so please consider this option. It also allows me to forward plan stock levels of not just air rifles, but compressors, scopes and accessories.

Compressors take a while to come in and so we need to identify orders ahead of time if possible. As Gunroom is currently sitting on around 280 air rifles with another 100 of Kral PCPs on order and some others from AirArms. We anticipate having in excess of 400 air rifles within 6 weeks or so. Due to the lead times I am already preparing our next Kral order (after this one above) along with compressors and scopes.

Kindly consider ordering and paying a deposit if you want to secure an order for a Kral air gun from the next shipment. In the meantime we have 120 new Kral air rifles in stock looking for homes.