Air Arms Galahad Extra PCP in Black

Blog #33 PCP Air Rifles in Stock

Kral Air Rifles and Stock update October 2019.

Our much sought after Kral air rifles turned up in September and only now have we actually sorted and assembled enough of them to put on the showroom walls. Our stocks all turned up at DB Schenkers, the shipper, over the same month, meaning we had over 160 air rifles to get through Customs. This turned out to be a mammoth ask and it seemed to take ages while B709A import permits were gathered and new ones authorized. You need to remember that a majority of these air rifles and pellets were ordered in January of 2019 and paid for at the same time. However, once they have your money the urgency to deliver seems to evaporate.

JSB Air Rifle Pellets.

We also put in an order in February for 1.7 tonnes of JSB air rifle pellets, including the new Hades Pellets. Actually, getting them made was the easy part of the equation, while getting them shipped was a nightmare. We could not find a shipping company willing to ship them by LCL (that is a part contained load). We were forced to hire a container and in it place the 2 pallets of JSB pellets. Once over that nightmare, the container was shipped directly to Brisbane via Holland at a cost of $1100 which was very reasonable. However, getting the air rifle pellets from the port to our shop was an entirely different matter. I will check the costs, but I think it was around $9,000. I will edit this in the coming days and post a copy of the actual invoice. Whatever, the costs within this country were at least 4 or more times the cost of getting the pellets to Australia. No wonder the economy is going down the crapper.

If you haven’t seen 1.7 tonnes of JSB pellets at once, here is the shipment below>

JSB Pellets on pallet

1.7 Tonnes of JSB  air rifle Pellets

Currently they are unpacked and sorted out on shelving ready for orders by email and not by phone thanks guys.

PCPs, Spring Air Rifles and Pellet Shipment.

We had 3 air rifle shipments arrive in quick succession and they all went through Customs at the same time. That is the short story, however, we incurred a $2000 storage charge as there was a delay in getting a B709A  issued. The Weapons Licensing here in Queensland are under the pump and way behind in servicing B709As and PTAs. We have been told that future B709As will take a minimum of 1 month, yup, 1 month. My lips are sealed. OK, so with our shipments now in, the Customs only seized 70 shrouds and 8 air rifles under their pet clause, “an incomplete silencer”. That is bullshit in any language. Anyway, I am appealing it to both Border Force and the Attorney General’s Office, we will wait and see…

Below are several images of the air rifle shipment being sorted, which proved to be a longer task than we had hoped for as many of the accessories were mixed up.

Air Rifle Display Gunroom

Air Rifle pre-delivery checks being made at Gunroom.

What you do NOT see is the left-hand side of this image, just as well I am guessing.

USA PCP Air Rifle Order.

From the States we purchased Air Force Texans, Seneca’s (aka Sam Yang), Umarex Gauntlets, Benjamin Marauders and Armadas. Shrouds for the Benjamin’s and Umarex air rifles were seized and so we are fitting Carbon Shrouds, some in different colours such as these Umarex Gauntlets. Some of the coloured air rifle shrouds can be seen in this image below at top right:

Air Rifle Display Gunroom

Air Rifle Display at Gunroom featuring the Umarex Gauntlet

To update you on these stock levels from the USA order, the Texans have sold out, the Seneca Dragon Claw and Recluse remain and we have around 10 Umarex Gauntlets left in stock at time of writing this (7/10/19).

UK Air Rifle Order.

From the UK we purchased our first Air Arms air rifle order that consisted of the TX200, Pro Sport, Galahads and various 510s. Sales have been good leaving us with only the springers and some Galahads left in stock. Some of these can be seen below:

Air Arms air rifles on display

Air Arms air rifle display at Gunroom

The Air Arms PCP air rifles are straight ahead with a lone Daystate top right next to an Air Arms S510.

Turkey order of Kral air rifles.

We purchased most of the different models available including the semi-autos that got seized. Those of you who have owned any early model Kral air rifles or even read about them, will likely respond with the fact that they are roughly finished, have a fragile loading arm and one cannot get service or parts for them. What most people agree on however, is that they are pretty accurate, nothing wrong with these barrels.

So here goes: I strip the action of EVERY Kral we sell, I de-burr the 4-part loading group, polish the components, lube them and rebuild the action. I also go over the entire air rifle, checking screws, the fit into the stock, check for leaks etc. The rifle is then extensively shot over our SIUS test range prior to handing over the weapon.

The results: After rebuilding the action group the loading arm is very smooth to operate and a change of spring has also lessoned the effort required to load the gun. Immediately you can feel how smooth the action is once de-burred and polished, so I cannot foresee any problems in future arising regards the loading arm.

As for the accuracy, I will say this guys, and some of you are going to moan or even threaten to cut my nuts off, but this is what I am getting. The accuracy is extremely good, and the rifles tested tend to run different pellets without too much deviation. Currently, a Kral PCP Mega .22 holds the tightest group over 10 shots down this range, followed by a Weihrauch HW110 and then a Kral Puncher Pro 500 in .22. Following that is a Daystate Huntsman and then a HW100. Now we have tested just about everything, including Dianas, FX’s and Hatsans etc.

What does that tell you? Well it should tell you that purchasing an expensive PCP air rifle does NOT guarantee accuracy as many of the Kral air rifles are 1/5 the price of some of our high-end PCP air rifles. Guys, you cannot argue with the results as they are obtained over a SIUS target system and therefore a force of fact.

Had anyone asked me 12 months ago about Kral air rifles, I would have said don’t bother, save your money, but now, following the upgrades that are coming through, these are highly recommended and won’t embarrass you in a competition. Of course, we all should realise that most people cannot shoot and achieve the best accuracy that their air rifle is capable of delivering.

We have now been appointed the Australian Importers for Kral and as such we are currently purchasing in spare parts, tooling and supporting literature for Kral air rifles. We will be able to supply you with 3 different barrels (calibres .177, .22 and .25) in most models and the choice of aluminium or carbon shrouds. Check out the image below:

Kral air rifles on display

Kral air rifle display at Gunroom

Presently the Kral Pro 500 air rifle, together with the Mega and Maxi are the best-selling full-size PCPs with the Knight being a semi-bullpup air rifle, very close behind in sales. The Knights come in synthetic and walnut as below:

Kral Knight PCP air rifles

Kral Knight PCP air rifles on display

PCPs and Package Prices.

It is possible to buy a Umarex Gauntlet or a Kral complete with a Mark 4 (Mark IV) Scope and Rings, Mark 4 Compressor and cleaning kit at prices starting from $1700, tested and ready to roll. We will package any of our air rifles, be they PCPs or Springers, to give you the best buying for your buck.

Air Rifle Service and Repair Work.

I am doing the modifications, shroud supply and fitting to new air rifles, together with general repairs and maintenance. However, I am probably 4 months behind with work, something that I cannot do anything about as finding someone competent in PCP work is difficult. In an effort to catch up with the repairs lined up here, we have engaged Jason who will take over testing each air rifle and generally help out around the shop.

If you have an air rifle that needs repair and it did not originate from Gunroom, please do NOT send it to me for repairs. We can only repair the air rifles we have sold and do not have time to repair air rifles sold by another dealer. If this is you, please refer your air rifle to the business that sold it to you.

Air Rifle Shrouds on PCPs.

A lot of bull is circulating the internet with regards to shrouds and whether or not they are legal. Here is the position as laid out to me by Border Force Officers.

Shrouds that silence or reduce muzzle noise are ILLEGAL.

Shrouds that support the barrel and have a large clear exit for the pellet are LEGAL. By a ‘clear exit’, I mean that there is NOT an ‘air dam’ effect between the muzzle end and the exiting hole through the shroud end fitting.

I realise it is a lot of crap guys but getting through this has cost us serious money and a lot of time. Hopefully in the future a more definitive definition will emerge in place of the term “incomplete silencer’, a term that we know can be applied to anything you want it too.


I need to mention this guys, and that is please do NOT order over the phone as I am either shooting, repairing or with customers, all of which make it awkward to stop and take details. As for my memory, it is not good as I have not met most of my customers and having a limited stock range, isolating orders in my head is a problem. Just email me at  and Heather will act on the order,

As for calling my phone, don’t bother leaving a message as I regularly look at my missed calls and respond from there, never do I listen to messages due to time constraints.

So, with our air rifle stock at capacity at present, expect to see a new order of Air Arms PCPs in the very near future together with Kral. Our stock of H&N, QYS and JSB is also complemented by Benjamin, RWS, Air Venturi, Air Arms and Snow Peak air rifle pellets, so I think we have you covered there. If you are in the market for a new PCP air rifle, please email me with your intended use if you do not have a specific air rifle in mind and I will get back to you.


Ian McIntosh