Umarex Hammer .50 cal PCP air rifle

Air Rifle Sales

Our Air Rifle sales strategy has recently been ironed out in an effort to make buying an airgun, especially a PCP Air Rifle easier and cheaper than previously. A number of factors have come into play to achieve this, including volume purchasing, competitive shipping and close working ties with suppliers and manufacturers. In the end, you, as a potential customer will benefit in an easy transaction process with an extended warranty as well.

Shipping of air rifles.

In the past I have shipped air rifle purchases with who ever I could get to move them. This came at a cost of anywhere from $120/air rifle up to $450 a gun! If you have read ‘AIR RIFLE INVENTORY AT PRESENT’ would know that we now use DB Schenker to move our air rifles. They are also consolidating our shipments to reduce the cost per item. On top of this, we are bringing in more air rifles at once than ever before. We currently have 31 Brocock air rifles at Customs awaiting clearance and another 80 Kral PCPs on the way.

At the time of writing this, February 21, 2019, we have just received our Daystate order that includes Huntsman, Renegade, Wolverine, Tsar and Red Wolf in laminate and Walnut. Calibres include .177,  .22, .25 and .303 cal. Our USA order that was initialised in March last year has finally turned up (I sh*t you not…) with 2 x Sam Yang Dragon Claw in .50 cal, .25 cal Sumatra, Benjamin Marauders in .22 and .25 cal, AirForce Texan .308.

Shot Show 2019 in Las Vegas.

I spent a week in Las Vegas attending the January 2019 Shot Show that is open only to Dealers, Defence and Security Agencies. It was a massive show and given a week that I was there, I found it impossible to view all the stands. My good buddy Joe Tonga went with me and together we sourced some great products at the right prices.

I also met with numerous International Managers representing some big names in the airgun industry. One such a meeting was with my USA supplier who frigged me about for 7 months or more. The outcome now, is that upon receipt of the payment, the orders will be shipped to us within 7 days and not 7 months as presently. Let’s hope.

To capitalise on consolidating freight, we will be ordering from the USA every 3 months. So, you guys wanting to purchase an obscure air rifle will be assured of prompt delivery. Air rifle orders from the UK and Turkey will also be made every 3 months as well and notification will be given on this website some 4 weeks in advance. Air Rifle orders will require 50% deposit upon confirmation the order is available and ready to ship.

Air Rifle Scopes.

Currently we are carrying the complete range of MTC Scopes and their Rangefinders as well. We are going to supplement these scopes with a new brand that we signed up for at the Shot Show, called Mark IV. These are great scopes and newly developed with Side Focus, Illuminated Reticle, Etched Glass and ED lenses in some models. The initial range of Mark IV scopes are:

5-30x56SF 1st Focal Plane. 30mm Tube, ED Lens.

3-12x44SFIR    2nd Focal Plane. 30mm Tube, Illuminated  Reticle, ED Lens.

6-24x56SFIR    2nd Focal  Plane. 30mm Tube, Illuminated  Reticle, ED Lens.

8-32x56SFIR    2nd Focal Plane. 30mm Tube, Illuminated  Reticle, ED Lens.

3-9x40AO    2nd Focal Plane. Multi coated lens. (Suit Spring powered air rifles).

All the Mark IV scopes have a lifetime warranty.

Mark IV First Focal Plane Air Rifle Scope

Mark IV First Focal Plane Scope 5-30×56.

Kral PCP Air Rifle Packages priced to sell.

Putting together customised PCP purchases is a time-consuming exercise that we are attempting to overcome.  To do that, we have bulk ordered 100 compressors from China together with a large order of Mark IV scopes to establish better pricing that we can pass on to you in a package deal. To that we have 96 Kral PCP air rifles coming in together with parts and accessories.

The package deals on PCP air rifles will be priced from $1535 upwards, depending on the rifle chosen. Kral PCPs will be the fore-runners allowing you to buy a Kral PCP, Mark IV Electric Compressor,  Mark IV 2nd Focal Plane scope, Gun bag, cleaning kit, 3-year warranty  and 3-year service plan on the air rifle. All that with prices starting at $1535. Tell me where you can equal that deal in Australia and I will bare my bum in Spine street…

The PCP air rifles will be pre-tested with a spreadsheet and scanned targets. This has been made possible by a friend of mine, Nick Green, who wrote a program for me that integrates Photoshop, Excel and SIUS software into one package. This effectively saves me over an hour of post editing on photoshop which has caused many delays in the past.

Each Kral will have a couple of modifications done to it prior to testing and shipping. On that note, I need to remind the reader that only air rifles sold or originating from Gunroom will be serviced or repaired from herein due to commitments to our own customers. We have reached that point in the road where service work is not viable for work done on air rifles originating from other dealers.

If you are one of those guys who has unfortunately purchased a PCP or spring air rifle elsewhere and you need work done on it, you will need to take it up with your supplying dealer. Sorry about  that, but we did try and assist everyone who came here and got burnt a few times in the process.

Big Bore Air Rifle Models.

You read that right, big bore air rifle sales are where we are currently moving too. While we have in stock the Sam Yang Dragon Claw in .50 calibre, aka Seneca Dragon Claw, we have on order the new Umarex Hammer 50 cal that we are told will be available in late March to ship to us. This Umarex PCP air rifle is a beast and boasts 700+ Fpe making it the most powerful PCP in the world presently, eclipsing the AirForce Texan .457 cal.

Hammer PCP big bore air gun

Umarex Hammer .50 cal PCP Air Rifle

What is exciting is the price, that makes this a really affordable PCP big bore air rifle. Once we confirm the freight, we will put this online. However, if you are interested, please email and he will contact you once the product is shipped and he can confirm the price. We have 6 units only as demand has rationed supply somewhat.

Umarex Gauntlet PCP air gun

Umarex Gauntlet air rifle in .22 cal

The Umarex Gauntlet above will in all likelihood be the smallest of the Umarex PCP range that we aim to carry.

Seneca Dragon Claw .50 cal PCP Air Rifle

Seneca Dragon Claw .50 cal PCP Air Rifle

We shall also be stocking the Sam Yang big bore PCPs in .50, .45 and 9mm, tother with the AirForce Texan in .308, .357 and .457 calibres. I shall be reviewing each of these big bore air rifles as time allows, so watch this space.

AirForce Texan .457 PCP Rifle

AirForce Texan .457 cal air rifle.

Testing Big Bore Air Rifles.

Presently our back-stop maybe insufficient to repeatedly stop the Umarex Hammer’s 700 Fpe so we are fitting intermediate slug cushions to slow down the slugs and dissipate their energy. So, it will not be until March, 2019, that we can target test these hard hitting PCPs, so those of you buying a big bore air rifle before then will only be getting a comprehensive Pro-Delivery of the air rifle.

Future Air Rifle Shipments.

Our next shipment of PCP air rifles is from the UK where we have a current order of Air Arms, both spring and PCP air rifles. Close to that shipment will be another from Daystate and some of the Patagonia laminated PCPs from Brocock.

Daystate Red Wolf PCP facing left


Daystate Red Wolf .303 cal air rifle.

If you have an interest in any of the 3 air rifle manufacturers above, please get onto us earlier rather than later so we can get your rifle made. That is correct, most of the PCPs by these big three in the UK are only made to order. True story.


Air Rifle Pellets.

We have yet to ship an order of JSB pellets due to shipping and handling costs on an order weighing up to 2 tonnes. Airfreight is not an option and so we are looking at various options presently together with DB Schenkers.

While we will continue to hold H&N and JSB pellets in .177 cal, our main thrust will be from .22 upwards where we want to cater for the big bore fraternity up to .50 calibre. We will of course be stocking the Air-Arms Pellets and Daystate Pellets (Kaiser) up to .303” cal.


Daystate Pellets

Daystate air rifle pellets up to .303 cal.

Air Rifle Warranty.

At the time or writing this, we have in stock the full range of Brocock PCPs, the Daystates mentioned above together with Sam Yang, Marauders, AirForce, Weihrauch PCPs and springers and a few orphaned air rifles like the Walther Rotex.

Given my introductions at the Las Vegas Shot Show, there are few air rifles that I am unable to purchase overseas, with FX being one (though Hermann’s sell FX to me anyway, so not a big deal). At this point I want to reiterate our Warranty Policy for all air rifles bought into this country, unless otherwise specified, is 3 years. If you buy an air rifle from or through another dealer, providing it has originated from Gunroom, the 3-year warranty will apply.


Ian McIntosh