Blog 28. Choosing a spring airgun at Gunroom in Brisbane.


Airgun help when researching.

A new airgun, whether it is your first gun or an additional rifle, still takes some forethought. Jump this step and you are likely to walk away with an airgun that the dealer stocks and not one that fills your need.

Here in Australia, the majority of gun dealers tolerate air rifles and stock a cheap line up so as to satisfy the novice buyer to the world of airguns. If this describes you as a ‘newbie’ into air rifles, then you are on the right website, we ONLY deal in airguns, ones that we know and service.

The entry-level spring powered airgun.

Most of us who shoot air rifles started off with a spring-piston airgun, commonly called a “springer”. From the small springers, we moved up to larger springers or made the transition to a PCP air rifle. Not to get ahead too quickly here, I will cover the spring powered airguns to begin with.

If the new air rifle is for a youngster or a woman, the priority would be to get a correctly sized rifle by weight, length, power and comfort. In saying this, I am not advocating buying a cheap gun or an expensive one, but a rifle that will be both accurate and reliable. You seldom see these two words in the same sentence as a cheap airgun.

We currently stock 2 brands of spring-piston airgun and will shortly be adding another 2 brands of air rifle to the mix. In the meantime, the cheapest of the entry-level springers we sell is the Cometa and from their line-up, we only stock 4 models. These models I consider value for money as they are cheap, shoot pretty well and so far have proven to be reliable. Cometa has been around for a long time and is a well-established airgun manufacturer from Spain. The best value for money from Cometa, in my opinion, has to be the synthetic Galaxy model that is light, powerful, ergonomically comfortable and very accurate.

Cometa Galaxy Airgun

Cometa Galaxy Airgun

Moving up from the Cometa range of airguns, we are now looking at Weihrauch from Germany. Often described as over-engineered and heavy, but always reliable and accurate. The ‘heavy’ description does apply in fact to the more powerful spring air rifles such as the HW77, 97K and 80 models, so please bear that in mind if looking at a larger Weihrauch.

In the entry level, I would probably recommend the Weihrauch HW30s for someone with a slight build or young, followed by the marginally larger Weihrauch HW50. Neither gun is as powerful as the Cometa Galaxy but both are ahead on quality, reliability and market acceptance.

Weihrauch HW30s spring Airgun

Weihrauch HW30s Airgun

Larger spring air rifles.

Presently, the only large spring airguns we have are the Weihrauchs, being the HW77, HW97K and HW80. Of these three springers, the HW80 is commonly referred to as a “break-barrel”. Simply put it means that one has to pull the barrel down towards the action to cock the rifle, while the HW77 and HW97K have fixed barrels. To cock these two models, one has to release the under-lever by pressing a button just under the muzzle. This releases the detent and the loading lever comes free, ready to be cycled in the cocking the gun.

The HW77, HW77K and HW97K share most of the same parts in the action and compression cylinders. The only difference is the HW77 comes with a 470mm barrel, the HW77K with a 370mm barrel and the HW97K with a 300mm barrel. By default, the longer barrel of the HW77 lends itself to target work with the HW97K more popular in hunting circles due to the shorter overall length and slightly lighter gun.

If you are new to the air rifle sport and physically capable of carrying around one of these heavy guns, they come well recommended with a solid following and a reliable history. Further to this, if you are looking for a powerful spring-piston air rifle without going to the expense of buying a Pre Charged Pneumatic rifle (aka PCP), the HW77, HW97K or HW80 could fit the bill.

Weihrauch HW97K Blackline spring airgun

Weihrauch HW97K Blackline Air Rifle

What makes an airgun good choice?

Starting with the Cometa Galaxy, this airgun is simple and easy to maintain and service. It has minimal moving parts and compatible spring and seals making parts readily available. Best of all it is $100 cheaper than the HW30s which should appeal to those on a budget.

The Weihrauch spring-piston airguns are well supported by after-market suppliers such as Vortek and Maccari, both of whom make tuning kits that further enhance the already enviable accuracy of the Weihrauchs including the HW30s and HW50.


The brief above tells you why the airguns are considered suitable as entry-level air rifles but I haven’t covered why you should by from Gunroom.

Air rifles are all that we do, no powder burners or shotguns, just the good old air gun. We do the warranty on all the air rifles that we sell, including the 3 year extended warranty that is often taken up. We have a fully equipped Service Centre where we tune, service and rebuild air rifles, both spring-piston and PCPs. Alongside is a 25 metre Test Range with chronograph and a SIUS 25/50 Target System where we test fire and conduct a pellet selection test on every airgun sold at Gunroom.

Brocock Compatto Cut-away

Blog #27. Air Rifle Warranty

Blog #27. Extended Air Rifle Warranty.

New air rifle purchases at Gunroom, may have the option of an extended warranty to 3 years. This includes our main agencies, Daystate, Brocock, Kral, and Weihrauch, and also includes air rifles such as AirForce, Marauder, Sam Yang, Eun Jin and Air Arms that are purchased on what is commonly called, the “grey” market: that is we are buying directly from a Wholesaler in the USA.

Daystate Red Wolf Gunroom

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle

There is a Caveat, and that is we ONLY warranty, Factory or Extended warranties of air rifles sold by Gunroom. There are exceptions, and these apply to Weihrauch where we will do the factory warranty of 12 months on any Weihrauch, regardless whether we sold it or not. All other air rifles have to have originated from Gunroom, such as imports of Brocock, Daystate etc., that may have been on-sold to a Dealer. In a nutshell, we warranty ALL of our imports.

What is covered on a spring air rifle Extended Warranty?

On a spring air rifle, such things as a broken spring, busted seal or trigger issue is all covered. All you need do is call Rob at Gunroom, and he will send you a Booking in Form, that you fill in and return by email. You will then be advised to send the action and barrel, (everything except the scope and stock) to us and we will do the repair at no cost of parts or labour. The gun will then be tested and returned to you at your cost using the cheapest freight we can find.

Weihrauch HW77KSE

Weihrauch HW77KSE Spring Air Rifle

You need to understand that the air rifle will be repaired to shoot as close to the default speed as possible. It will NOT be tuned or accurised, just repaired to shoot safely and at the design speed. This warranty is good for 3 years providing your purchase has qualified you for an extended warranty. If you have purchased your air rifle with no pellet selection test, then you will not be offered an Extended Warranty period.

Extended Warranty conditions on a PCP air rifle.

PCP air rifles require more TLC than the average spring powered air rifle as they are generally more complex and require some maintenance. General issues we find with PCP air rifles are air leaks, corrosion issues and factory settings dropping out for one reason or another. This issue applies to all models of PCPs, from Brococks through the high-end Daystate PCPs.

Before you go charging off an send us your PCP under warranty, please call first because, in a large percentage of the time, we can affect a repair over the phone. In the event that this cannot be done or you doubt your ability to make any adjustment or repair, please refer the matter to us.

Warranty issues on a PCP include air leaks, faulty triggers, loss of power or general inaccuracy that may have developed. Providing you haven’t dicked about with the gun, please contact us and arrange for me to look at it and do the repair.

Brocock Compatto Cut-away

Compatto Cut-away showing internals.

If you have been “at it” to some degree, all is not lost as long as I am told what you have done, I will in all probability still cover it by warranty. Just make sure you send ALL the parts if you have disassembled the gun.

The timeframe for warranty and repairs.

During the first 16 months that I have been in Brisbane, air rifle repairs have overwhelmed me, many of which were just sent in without prior notice. As I was on my own during this time period, I struggled to match the demand, but that has now changed with the addition of Rob Marx joining Gunroom as a partner.

Further to this, Lewis Reinhold who many of you would remember from times gone by is now doing the spring air rifle repairs. I am now only doing PCP repairs of air rifles that we have sold or those belonging to established customers.

All warranty work and repairs are now booked in and done in a ‘first come, first served’ basis, with the intent of minimising the time the air rifles are in our care. Spare parts are of course an issue and that is something beyond our control. With spring air rifles, we do carry a large range of Maccari and Vortek seals, springs and service kits to suit most airguns.

In summarisation guys, I am posting another article shortly describing what maintenance can be done at home on your own air rifle. Many of you are getting this wrong and dosing your springers with oil that leads to ‘dieseling’ and the early destruction of the piston seal. In PCPs I am seeing quite a few homegrown repairs coming in and quite a number of these guns with corrosion issues leading to an early retirement of the air rifle.


Ian McIntosh


Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle Angled

Air Rifles in stock at Gunroom for the year of 2019

Air Rifles for 2019.

Air Rifles and scope purchasing this last year has been a nightmare, both for the customers that ordered and us at Gunroom. Our UK order of air rifles took 7 months and USA order; though still not here after 8 months, is due to leave the wholesaler by December 30. They didn’t say which year so maybe they mean 2018.

Air Rifles Freighted from the USA has gone up from $120/gun to about $480/gun. This has resulted in us using DB Schenker who have come in and slashed the prices from both the USA and UK to Australia rates. You will see these price reductions when we upload the new pricing of air rifles in January – ignore earlier prices that are on the website at the time of writing this (December 21, 2018).

We currently have a shipment of Daystate and Brocock air rifles in Customs right now. These air rifles include the Daystate Huntsman, Renegade, Red Wolf, TSAR, and Wolverine plus the complete range of Brococks including the Snipers and Commanders. This stock order has only taken 2 months and a bit, which is good by historical standards.

Daystate’s Special 40th Edition; the Genus PCP Air Rifles.

We have 2 of the Daystate Genus PCP airguns allotted to us with a possible additional 2 units should we get orders for them. If you are interested in getting one of these numbered 40th Edition PCPs, please contact either Rob or me by email.

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Edition Air Rifle

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary Edition

These PCP air rifles come complete with Gold trim, shroud and silencer. However, any that we sell here will be modified so that the shroud is only cosmetic with a blank silencer – it will look identical but will provide no noise reduction. Sorry about that guys…

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary PCP Air Rifle

Daystate Genus 40th Anniversary PCP

Current Air Rifles in our Stock Order.

The following air rifles are currently in Customs (22nd December 2018) and are the line up we wish to stay with for a while at least.

Daystate Huntsman.

The new Daystate Huntsman is in the stock order in both .22 and .25 calibres. These PCP air rifles are by far the most popular Daystate available presently, partly popular due to their price that allows them to compete with Weihrauch’s HW100 and Brocock’s Sniper and Commander, but also due to its accuracy and reliability.

Daystate Regal HR PCP Air Rifle

Daystate Regal HR PCP

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifles.

Alongside the Huntsman air rifles, we also have the now famous and sought after Red Wolf PCP air rifles after their outstanding debut in the USA. While this is a rather expensive Daystate PCP air rifle, it does NOT disappoint in looks and performance. Having sold our first Red Wolf to Darren Burgess, the interest it aroused while it was here was unbelievable.

I am part way through an article on Red Wolf air rifles and should have it published by mid-January. It is a multi-part article with a heap of images that should keep you interested. With great accuracy and a shot count of 270, this PCP air rifle will take some beating. We now have the Red Wolf in Black (70%) and Red (30%) laminate and also in the Walnut for the conservative buyer. Calibres coming into stock are the .22, .25 and .303 cal.

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle facing left

Daystate Red Wolf PCP

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Air Rifle Angled

Daystate Red Wolf PCP Angled

Daystate Wolverine (Laminated)

We have both the Wolverine R air rifles in High Power format and standard FAC, together with the laminated versions of the Wolverine R and Wolverine P in both .25 and .303 calibres.

Daystate WolverineR Grey Laminate PCP Air Rifle

Daystate WolverineR Grey Laminate

Daystate TSAR (12 Fpe) Target Air Rifles.

No Daystate line-up is complete without the Daystate TSAR, with each gun named after a Russian Emperor. This is only available in .177 and 12 Fpe, though I think I can probably re-rate it to 18 Fpe if someone wants to go that way.

Daystate TSAR PCP Target Air Rifle

Daystate TSAR PCP Target Air Rifle

The gun has obviously been designed, if not built, by Ataman air rifles out of Russia. The similarities between the Daystate TSAR and the Ataman M2S Match can be seen here.

Ataman M2S Match Laminated Air Rifle

Ataman M2S Match Laminated

Daystate Renegade Hunting Air Rifles.

Last on the list from Daystate is the Renegade HP HR in .25 cal. HP stands for High Power obviously with HR refers to the PCP having a Huma Regulator.

Daystate RenegadeR HP PCP Air Rifle

Daystate RenegadeR HP PCP

As can be seen, the Daystate Renegade PCP air rifles also come in a dark green synthetic. Presently at the time of writing this, I am not sure whether the stock order has a green or black synthetic. I do have a Pulsar stock in a green laminate that should fit this gun if a customer so wishes to swap the stocks. The calibre of this air rifle in .25 cal and power is stated as 60 Fpe.

Daystate Pellets.

We are also carrying a range of Daystate pellets in .177, .22, .25 and .303 calibres. Due to the high cost of air freighting these pellets, we will limit the number per order to 5 tins.

Daystate Air Rifle Pellets

Daystate Air Rifle Pellets

Brocock PCP Air Rifles.

Currently in Customs are the following Brocock PCP air rifles, that will mean we have the whole range in stock:

Brocock Compatto MKII and Compatto Sniper PCP air rifles.

These 2 Brocock Compatto PCP air rifles are definitely the best volume sellers we have. Why? Simply put, they are short, slim, well balanced, reliable and accurate, on top of that they are also cheap in the big picture. There is a Brocock Compatto Review on this site.

Brocock Compatto MkII Air Rifle

Brocock Compatto MkII

Brocock Bantam Sniper PCP Air Rifles.

This model of the Bantam Sniper is producing great shot counts coupled with accuracy as it is basically a Compatto with a large air tank, different stock, and Huma Regulator. It comes with a redesigned synthetic stock that handles very well indeed.

Bantam Sniper MKII PCP Air Rifle Left Facing

Bantam Sniper MKII Left Facing

Brocock Commander.

The Commander is the all-new model from Brocock that comes with a tactical appearance that will appeal to the cowboys out there. The action is the same as the Bantam Sniper, just in a different stock with a Cerakote option.

All Brococks are available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres and come with Huma Regulators where stipulated. However, we only have the .177 cal in the Compatto presently due to limited demand for this calibre.

Brocock Commander PCP air rifle

Brocock Commander PCP Air Rifles are available in Tan.MTC Scopes for air rifles.

MTC Scopes for air rifles.

At the time of writing this, we have the complete range in stock with plenty of the Viper Pro MTC Scopes in 5-30×50. To give you a better understanding of stock levels with MTC, if you want a large stock order for November, you have to place the order by February.

MTC Viper Pro 10 x 44 suiting a PCP air rifle

MTC Viper Pro 10 x 44

Air Rifles: Summary.

We currently stock PCP air rifles by Brocock, Daystate, Cometa and Weihrauch, with AirForce, Marauders and Dragon Claw .50 cal on the way (after 8 months…) here with DB Schenker, so you can be sure they get here this time.

I am off to the Las Vegas Shot Show on the 19th of January this year. Admission is restricted to the Gun Trade only, so hopefully, I can come away with some additional agencies and better pricing.

Gun shops wishing to sell our range of air rifles can do so via drop-shipping. We take over the sale and supply the customers (via the gunshop) and commission the dealer. The dealer has no issues with spares, service or warranty, as we warrant and test all our air rifles sold here.

We will carry a range of AirForce, Benjamin, Kral and Sam Yang (Eun Jin aka Seneca) air rifles over the next year. Now that there are 3 of us working here, we may just be able to stay ahead of the curve with air rifles, sales and servicing.


Ian McIntosh.

Brocock Compatto Synthetic PCP air rifle

Brocock Products

Hi Guys,

Please use the link below to download Brocock’s latest Brochure on their PCP Air Rifles. Note the size of the download is 12.5MB.

Download Here (12.5MB)


Blog #26 Air Rifle testing of new spring and PCP air rifles in 2019.

Air Rifle Testing at Gunroom.

Testing each air rifle sold has always been our goal here at Gunroom, but with the increase in sales, I have found the transfer of data in hard-copy a time-consuming exercise. What is also evident is that many new air rifle buyers do not follow or take notice of this data.

As most of you are aware, the testing is done using a SIUS 25/50 Target System that provides extremely accurate shot placement and together with our CED Chronograph, they provide a complete ballistic report.

The only caveat here is that as the air rifles are new when tested, their performance will change to some degree once the barrel has ‘leaded up’ and springs together with seals have settled in. That said, when the air gun is handed over, the new owner will be given the best performing pellet for the air rifle as it is in its’ present form.

The new Air Rifle Testing Regime.

Until further notice, new air rifle purchases will receive the following pre-delivery and testing format, regardless of the cost of the air gun. I will test fire each gun using a minimum of 6 pellet types and based on grouping, will select the best performing pellet.

The pellet will be expected to achieve what I consider to be the anticipated speed for the given weight and ballistic coefficient of the selected pellet for the given rifle. A 6-shot group will then be shot and the chronograph results will be recorded and plotted to a Microsoft Excel Spread-sheet File that has the following information:

The Target results from the SIUS will be provided as follows:

H&N Extreme Target

H&N Extreme Pellet Test Target

Note that the image is zoomed to 300% with the actual grouping at the bottom right of the image, in this case, CLD: (Outer Diameter) 8.4mm. These results will be emailed to the buyer and not reproduced in hard copy.

Optional Testing Results.

Now there are going to be a number of you who want more than what I provide above and for that Gunroom offers the following service at a cost of $60:

A full 6 shots of 6 pellet types on a Spread-sheet as below:

The Spreadsheet comes together with the following graphs for those of you who prefer the visualisation of results:

Pellet Speed Graph

Average Pellet Speeds                                                            

Pellet Energy Graph

Pellet Energies


H&N Power Target

H&N Baracuda Power

 H&N Hunter TargetH&N Baracuda Hunter

 H&N Extreme TargetH&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme

 H&N Sniper TargetH&N Sniper Magnum

 H&N Terminator TargetH&N Terminator

 JSB Test TargetJSB Exact Jumbo Heavy

So we are clear here guys, a ‘Pellet Selection Test’ is just that, a “test”. It is NOT a tune-up, though if the air rifle was shooting below its’ rated capacity, then I would retrofit it with a Vortek or Maccari spring and seal at no cost to you.

The idea of a Pellet Selection Test is to short-circuit the time and expense that it would take for you to do the same task. We are well equipped to handle all types of air rifles, from springers to PCPs, with the equipment and experience to do the job. By testing the air rifle prior to delivery, you can immediately start shooting with the results that you would expect for the outlay that you have made.

With most of the calls I get about guns not performing, the customers blame the supplying Gun Dealer, when in fact, the problem is that the gun has not been tested. I do not know of any Gun Dealer who pre-tests the air rifles before they are shipped out and that is the main cause of problems when the customer cannot hit what he is aiming at.

PCP Air Rifles.

I would seriously recommend buyers of Brocock, Daystate, Kral and Weihrauch PCPs who buy from Gunroom, to get the full Pellet Selection test done. Given the higher costs of these PCP air rifles, you need to squeeze out everything you can that will give you accuracy and power: a full pellet selection test is a good start.

For those of you who decide to get the full Pellet Selection test, let me know what you intend to use the PCP air rifle for and that will affect the pellets that I test. I will probably make some minor adjustments that I consider beneficial for the intended use of the air gun.

Air Rifle Testing Summary.

By testing your new air rifle here, I can also adjust your trigger for you if required. All you need do is let me know what pressure you want it to ‘break’ at and I will set it up for you. There is no cost for this.

If you have purchased your air file from another dealer and it is not performing, providing it has originated from Gunroom (i.e. Brocock, Daystate, Kral etc), then I will look at it and fix the issue for free. You will need to pay the freight back and forth.

However, if the air rifle is another brand or one purchased on the ‘grey market’, you are basically on your own. I can look at it, but please call me first and do not just send it to me. I will price the task for you and you can then decide what you want to do.

At the time of writing this, Lewis Reinhold is tasked with looking after most of the springers that come through here while I do the PCP air rifles and machining/polishing work. When sending us an air rifle, please call first and it HAS TO BE LICENSED, OK? Seriously guys, please don’t send me anything that is not licensed. It is not me that has an issue with that, but Weapons Licensing here in Queensland are not the most congenial public servants that I have ever met….

This brings me to the issue of testing springers that have been worked on. Unless you have specified that you want your springer tuned after a repair, it will only get a test fire to check the speed and energy. Changing a spring and seal is just that, a swap out with some polishing and shimming. It does NOT include a tune-up, please realise this, guys. We will always do the best we can to keep pricing down and affordable in an effort to promote the air rifle fraternity in Australia.


Ian McIntosh