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Air Rifle Buying Online.

An Air Rifle is an A Class weapon in Australia and what model…

BLOG #25. Brisbane Air Rifles Gun Room

Hi again guys, the move is hopefully still on to 9/32 Spine St,…

BLOG #24 Ordering Air Rifles

When we order in air rifles from overseas, we wait until we can…

BLOG #23. Testing New Air Rifles Explained

Hi once again guys, I want to cover testing of new air rifles,…

Blog #21. Brocock Compatto and MTC Scopes

The Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50x60 Scope. This Hawke Sidewinder…

BLOG #20. Air Rifle Orders

Reading this blog you will know that I supply Air Rifles Australia…

BLOG #19. Leapers Bug Buster and Airmax Scopes for controlling Vermin

With many of my customers buying an air rifle for vermin control…

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