Daystate Wolverine R
Weihrauch HW110 PCP air rifle
Daystate Renegade .25 cal PCP air rifle
Daystate Red Wolf PCP air rifle
Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle
Daystate Huntsman .25 cal PCP air rifle
Daystate Tsar Target PCP air rifle
Brocock Compatto MKII PCP air rifle
Brocock Compatto Sniper PCP air rifle

Welcome to Gunroom

Hi Guys,

Thank you for dropping into our Website where I am hoping we can assist you with your air rifle needs.

Gunroom tests ALL air rifles sold prior to shipping or collection by the customer, this insures that when you actually take possession of your air rifle, it will perform well and within manufacturers specifications. You will also be advised of the best performing pellet for your airgun at the time of collection.

Air Rifle Warranty.

Should you buy your air rifle here, be it a springer or a PCP air rifle, we will endeavour to look after your investment. We do all the warranty work in house and even do the warranty work on Weihrauch air rifles Australia wide. With the exception of Weihrauch, if you did not buy your air rifle from Gunroom and if the gun in question did not originate from us, then we cannot assist you with service work. Basically guys, we are too busy and our focus is on our own customers and not the customers of other dealers.

We have our own range of Scopes that will shortly be available online. We have worked closely with the manufacturer so as to complete and effective range of high quality scopes, many of which are using ED lenses. This close working relationship with the manufacturer has enabled us to offer you a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser and at a price that is more than competitive. These scopes are under the brand of Mark IV that includes the scopes and HP compressors. We also have  our own scope rings in 25 and 30 mm in high, medium and low settings, plus springer-certified scopes and shock absorbed 1 piece mounts, all under Mark IV.

Air Rifle Package Deals.

I need to bring this up guys, and that is you will save time and money if you buy your rifle here in a package deal. For one, you will understand that all the components will work together well and be tested together so they complement each other. Our PCP air rifle compressors are now bulk purchased in 100 unit lots and this has resulted in a massive saving that we are passing onto you, the customer.

Left side facing of the Mark IV PCP Compressor

Left side facing view of the Mark IV PCP air rifle Compressor

Marek IV Compressor Right Side facing

Mark IV Right Side facing with large air filter as standard

Our purchasing hasn’t stopped at scopes and HP Compressors, but has moved on to include 2 tonnes of JSB pellets plus the whole range of H&N, many Air Arms, Benjamin, Daystate and some other smaller brands too. These have been purchased through Pellet Warehouse, a division of Gunroom Pty Ltd, that is purchasing in bulk to allow us to discount to you the customer and to other dealers.

Kral PCP and Spring air rifles will be packaged out of our company with prices starting at $1500 that includes the PCP, Scope, Mounts, HP Compressor, large air filter, fittings, cleaning kit and gun bag. I do not think that anyone in Australia can match that price.

Kral Puncher Kral Puncher Knight Synthetic

Kral Puncher Knight in Synthetic Stock (formerly known as the Nemesis)

Following the Kral PCP and Springer air rifle discount packages, we will include package deals on Daystate PCPs such as the Daystate Red Wolf Midnight below:

Daystate Red Wolf - Midnight Air Rifle

Daystate’s Red Wolf Midnight PCP Air Rifle

Air Arms will also be available in a package deal such as the Air Arms FTP500 target air rifle:

Air Arms HFT 500 Target Air Rifle

Air Arms HFT 500 PCP

To start with we are offering the Brocock Compatto MKII PCP air rifle on special as per the Slider at the top of this page.

Air Rifle Discounts explained.

When you buy an air rifle at Gunroom, you automatically get a 6% discount on everything you buy for the next 3 years if you buy a springer, and if you buy a PCP air rifle, you get a 6% discount for 6 years from the date of purchase.

What this DOES include:

Scopes, scope rings, cleaning kits, gun bags pellets and labour will all attract a 6% discount.

What it does NOT cover:

A new air rifle, freight and shipping costs, special orders in from overseas and package deals.

That my friends is the short story, and hopefully both Rob and I can effectively service your air rifle requirements and provide you with a website that will support our air rifle sport into the future.


Ian McIntosh


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