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Welcome to my Gunroom website.

Hi and thank you for visiting my air rifle website, Gunroom, dedicated to air rifles, namely Weihrauch, Evanix, Cometa, Benjamin, SPA and AirForce where hopefully you will find either the information or the products you are after. I cover Weihrauch spring powered air rifles in-depth with tuning and accessories for those of you who are just entering air gunning or who are dedicated followers of ‘springers’ and follow up by stocking the entire range bought into Australia.

With the increase in demand for PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) air rifles that have come to prominence lately due to their high degree of accuracy, large calibres and very high output power, I now supplement the Weihrauch HW100 series PCP air rifles with those from Cometa, Benjamin, Evanix and AirForce.

I am supporting my air rifle sales with Hawke and Leapers Scopes and Optics, V-Mach Air Rifle Tuning accessories and Rowan Engineering after market parts. On a lesser scale I also stock H&N and JSB Pellets in .177, .20, .22 and .25 calibres, Wilkins Pouches together with general accessories such as gun bags and cases, cleaning kits and similar.

Air Rifle Accessories

Air Rifle Accessories

Weihrauch Air Rifles.

Weihrauch air rifles are arguably one of the leading manufacturers of air guns available today with a large range of spring guns through to their top of the range PCP air rifle models. Here here in Australia the wholesalers do not import the entire range of their air rifles, only the most popular models so what you see on the UK sites is not necessarily what is available here.

With consignments of Weihrauch air rifles only coming in around 3 times a year, stock control at Gunroom is extremely difficult. Unlike some dealers that do not carry stock but rely on the wholesalers keeping the inventory, Gunroom is far removed from the Eastern States and so I carry every model of Weihrauch air rifle in stock, subject to availability. That is right, each model is in stock or on back-order here at Gunroom depending on the volume and frequency of sales.

Weihrauch HW100KT with Custom Barrel Band, Trigger and Air Stripper.

Weihrauch HW100KT with Custom Barrel Band, Trigger and Air Stripper.

Weihrauch HW77K

As you guys in Australia know by now, the Australian Customs service has stopped the import of the HW97K with the Shroud and so we now have to work with the HW77K. As you will see by the images below of the HW77K it adapts well to the V-Mach Race Brake and really looks the part.

It should be noted that the Race Brake has a 3 slot air shredder that provides marginal downward pressures when fired with no other benefits apart from aesthetics. There is no power loss, speed or noise loss with the fitting of the Race Brake, it is predominantly there for looks.

Weihrauch HW77K Blackline with Race Brake

Nickel Weihrauch HW77K with V-Mach Race Brake and Loading Arm Grip.

HW100S with 3-12 x 50 Sidewinder

HW100S with 3-12 x 50 Sidewinder


I have in stock the Evanix Windy City and Blizzard in .22 and .25 cal. These are hard hitting PCPs with energy levels of  52 and 65 Ft. Lbs. respectively. They come with carbon fibre shrouds and carbon fibre and/or alloy air cylinders making them very light for the size. All in all they are extremely well finished with great accuracy to go with it.

Evanix Windy City PCP

Evanix Windy City High Power PCP

Evanix Blizzard PCP

Evanix Blizzard High Power PCP

AirForce Condor and Talon.

These 2 models come in a variety of sizes though I only stock .22 and .25 calibre at the time of writing this. They are very spartan in finish with a decidedly military look and finish about them, but do not let this fool you as they shoot exceptionally well. I am so impressed with them that I personally have a Talon .25 and a Condor .25, grab that.

These are a single shot PCP that are very fast loading, accurate and extremely powerful, with energy ratings for the Condor up around 100+ Ft. Lbs. for those wishing to tune them to the max. Otherwise expect to get 37 and 43 Ft Lbs. from the Talon and 63 and 82 Ft. Lbs. from the Condor is standard form (.22 and .25 calibres).

These are well suited for hunting due to their small size, light weight and ergonomics and can be accessorised with a large number of after market parts, tuning or dress up gear. These are the easiest air rifles to tune that I have ever seen and with great performance too. Much like Barbie for Men.

AirForce Condor PCP

AirForce Condor with Hawke Airmax 30 Scope


AirForce Talon with Bi-Pod

AirForce Talon with Hawke Airmax 30 6-24 x 50 Scope.

AirForce Talon with Sports Scope

AirForce Talon with 2.5-30 Sports Scope


V-Mach Tuning Kits and Weihrauch Accessories

I can supply Tuning kits (ex my stock) for the following Weihrauch Air Rifles:

HW77, HW77K, HW97K, HW80, HW85, HW95 and HW98 Ex Stock.

Race Brakes are available for the HW77, HW97 and HW95 ex stock limited supply to customers buying or who have bought an air rifle from me. Due to the shortage of supply and delays in procurement, I do not sell the Race Brakes to those who have purchased their Weihrauch elsewhere.

Air Strippers for the HW100 and AirForce Condors and Talons are now available and also air strippers to fit most other models by order only.

Air Strippers

Air Strippers to suit 16mm Barrel

Air Strippers for Weihrauch, AirForce and other 16mm Barrels



For the Weihrauch models, I also have 3 trigger designs in brass, aluminium and black, trigger guards the same, loading grips and barrel loops etc.

Weihrauch’s New 2016 Model HW110 PCP Air Rifle and HW95 Springer.

The video below covers the unboxing of the 2016 Model HW110 PCP air rifle and a general overview of the new features including the Polymer Breach Block and Rubber coated stock etc. You guys in Australia please NOTE: the models that come here will not have a silencer obviously. Furthermore, the current model 110 is only available in 12 Fpe which is not what we want here. I have ordered some HW110’s in FAC and they will be shipped when available. The date of writing this is 1st April, 2016 and if you keep track of my Blogs and/or Newsletters, you will get the heads up on pricing and availability prior to them being shown on this website. I have already taken several orders so supply may be a bit of an issue if this keeps up as it will mean that my order will be sold before it gets here.

The video also covers the HW95 briefly which I carry in stock as well. To supplement these two air rifles the video touches on the Hawke 2-7×32 Airmax scope and the 4-12×40 Airmax scopes, both of which I have in stock.

Hawke and Leapers Scopes and Optics.

I have been steadily increasing the range of Hawke Scopes and their accessories such as Scope Mounts into stock at Gunroom. At present we are carrying 17 models of their Scopes and if you find that we are not stocking what you are after, please contact me directly. You will also find that I am now carrying Leapers Scopes and now have a balanced range for you to select from.

Availability for these Scopes is generally very good and I can procure basically what ever Hawke or Leapers  Scope you need (if I don’t have it that is) within a short timeframe. With scope mounts however, I think I would have you covered as we have a great selection together with some of their more recognised accessories.

Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56

Hawke 8-32 x 50 Sidewinder Scope.

Hawke Airmax 30 Scope

Hawke Airmax 30


AirForce Texan .45 Calibre PCP.

For those of you who are tired on “Catch and Release” fishing, check this out for a big mongrel of an air rifle capable of 500 Ft Lbs or energy. I have them in stock together with the Talon and Condors and a fair range of tuning parts from Talon Tunes and similar after market vendors.

Please put the video actually in the article and not just the link please.

Here is a pic of the Texan:

AirForce Texan .45 Calibre

Texan .45 Calibre PCP


V-Mach Air Rifle Tuning Kits and Accessories.

Gunroom is working closely with Steve Pope at V-Mach in securing stock for the Weihrauch range of air rifles. These aftermarket accessories include Air Rifle Tuning Kits, Safety catches (resettable), Shrouds, Muzzle Brakes and the like.

As Steve makes all the V-Mach products at his premises, securing products is done by adding orders to manufacturing runs. This means that not all products are available off the shelf in the UK and are subject delays as they need to be manufactured. Presently I am stocking Tuning Kits, Safety Catches, Race Brakes and Muzzle Shrouds (to convert the HW77 back to looking like the old HW97).

Gunroom is not really that big into accessories as most gun shops and places like E-Bay tend to undersell one another anyway. My intention is to carry a range of associated products at Gunroom to suit only the Air Rifles I carry, such as Triggers, Trigger Guards etc.

HW77K Triggers

Weihrauch Rekord Triggers (HW77/HW77K/HW97K etc)

HW77K Trigger Guards

Weihrauch Trigger Guards



HW100 Barrel Bands

Weihrauch HW100 Barrel Bands



As we are getting into AirForce’s Condor and Talon models in a serious way, I am able to supply a good range of Tuning products for these hard hitting PCPs that can deliver over 100 Ft. Lbs. of energy. I will shortly have a custom stock, available in wood, black (or camo) or high quality coloured laminate stock from Finland to suit the Condor or Talon.

Air Rifle Pellets.

Air Rifle Pellet stocks are pretty good at Gunroom as we carry all the pellets that you see on the Products category, namely H&N and JSB Pellets. We stock a limited number of .20 and .25 calibre pellets but will be seriously adding to the list this year as we stock PCPs in 25 cal that are proving to be in great demand.

Baracuda Pellets

.25, .22, .20 and .177 Baracuda Pellets


I have taken it on myself to personally photograph 99% of all the images on the Gunroom site and that includes the Macro Photos of the Pellets. If you click on a pellet of your choice (in the Products Categories under Pellets) and then click again on the actual pellet beside the Pellet Tin image, it will open up to around half a page. By clicking on the top left arrows within the image, you will get a full screen view of the pellet so you will get a good idea of the finished product.

New Gun store.

Since moving to Yanchep I have outgrown my gunroom store and have moved into a larger store at the side of my house. This will allow me to hold additional stock and also store firearms for those of you going away on holidays or not wanting to keep your guns at home.

Gun Room Secure Storage

Gun Room Premises. Room 2 of 2


If any of you guys see a problem with my new site, loading times or a faux pas (screw ups) anywhere in my site, please flick me an email, I will appreciate it as I want to improve this site.

Rest assured that I shall be adding to this site weekly and you will see it grow over the next few months with more articles, videos and product tests.

Gunroom Summary.

Well guys, that is a brief overview of what products I carry and why I carry them. I value input from those of you who have taken the time to read this far, so please tell me what you think and how I can improve things that will benefit Weihrauch, Evanix and AirForce air rifle owners and if you like this Gunroom site, please give us a Facebook like.

Author: Ian McIntosh