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Blog #18 Barrel Droop in air rifle barrels

Barrel Droop has nothing to do with the ageing of your air rifle, because you droop with age it doesn’t mean that your rifle does too. I constantly get guys telling me that the barrel on their air rifle droops because it’s old and due to constant cocking (no pun intended) action while loading. Bottom

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Blog #16 Air Rifle Orders

I recently read on an air rifle forum several comments that I have taken issue to, and basically it was this, “my friend ordered and paid for an air rifle 4 months ago from Gun Room and he still hasn’t received it…”. Words to that effect. I do not know what the writer was trying

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Blog #8 Air Rifle and Accessory Orders

My online ordering for air rifle accessories has had a few bumps in the road over the last few months, mainly due to orders being given verbally or via text and then not followed up with an email as requested. This has resulted in orders falling through the cracks. Then there is my existing system

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