Weihrauch HW77K part 2

Part 2 of buying a Weihrauch HW77K Air Rifle. I will continue here with the second part of this series of 4 articles on the Weihrauch HW77K spring powered air rifle. In this article I will discuss the HW77K in .20 calibre and other features that are common to the remaining 3 calibres. The .20

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Weihrauch HW77K part 1

Buying a Weihrauch HW77K Air Rifle, part 1. There’s a better than even chance that you are reading this article as part of researching the Weihrauch HW77K with the view of purchasing the same. This is the 1st of 4 articles on the HW77K range and will deal with the .177 calibre specifically, with each

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October Newsletter 2014-10-15

Hi Guys, This is an interim newsletter to cover a couple of topics that could well be of interest to you. Weihrauch HW77 and HW77K. After over a year or so of waiting I now have confirmation that Weihrauch are sending my back- orders over by air at the end of this month in time

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