Weihrauch HW77K part 3

Part 3 of buying a Weihrauch HW77K Air Rifle. In this article I will cover the .22 calibre HW77K in a bit more depth as this is probably my best selling air rifle. With 95% of my customers being predominantly hunters with the occasional target shooting foray, the .22 calibre with its’ large range of

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August Newsletter 2014-08-31

Weihrauch Sales. Well guys, Weihrauch sales are very good at the moment which is a bonus for us all as I have pretty good stocks at present. However, I am hearing down the grapevine that Weihrauch only want to ship to Australia twice a year…hmmm…. It seems to me that we are at the lower

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Air Rifle Tuning to Stage 1

Air Rifle Tuning of the Weihrauch HW77, HW77K and HW97K models regardless of stock styles is the subject of this article. To avoid repetition of each model I shall use HW97K as the subject and the reader is to assume that this applies to each of the WeihrauchWeihrauch models above. V-Mach Tuning Kits At Gunroom

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