Blog #22 Quotes for Air Rifles.

I am getting a large number of requests for quotes for the Brocock Compatto, Weihrauch HW100, Daystate PCPs, MTC Scopes and Accessories. All very nice but a lot of them are tyre kickers and this effectively wastes a lot of my time, so much so, that it is impacting on my ability to process my

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Blog #11 Air Rifle Scope Selection.

Selecting the correct air rifle for your needs is a headache in it’s own right, but choosing the correct scope is where a large number of mistakes are being made. This brief blog will hopefully give you some food for thought on the subject. In the excitement of purchasing a new air rifle the selection

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Hawke Scopes and Accessories.

Australia’s Leading Supplier of Hawke Scopes and Accessories Gunroom is now stocking a range of Hawke Scopes and Hawke Accessories on this site that are available ex-stock as listed. While we deal predominantly in Air Rifles we are aiming at catering across the board for all firearms when it comes to supplying Hawke products. Hawke’s

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